My DMT Trip Report
Ever wonder what taking DMT is like This guy shows the trip from beginning to end using Visuals to guide you

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DMT occurs naturally in the human body. Check out the artists whose art I used:


AnDr3wFoWl3r : I will only do DMT if I can have that sassy voice happen.

YYYtentacion : Great video with great accompanying visuals. I subbed!

Mars_vzx : I'm what you would consider an agnostic atheist. I've done a fair amount of DMT research. Never actually tried it, not that I'm ready. But I honestly don't know what to believe anymore after finding out about peoples experience with it. I believe theyre genuine. I myself don't know if I can handle DMT at the moment but I respect it very much.Very strange. Could be a different level to reality

Gaunerchen : I can't judge the accuracy of this account, since I have never done DMT. But the visuals and your way of explaining were fantastic! I have seen countless videos about this topic, but this has to be my favorite.

El Maestro : Oh you wanna meet somebody😄

Dan Slutz : This was a great report, thank you for using some of my artwork! I hope it did even a little bit of justice to the experience ❤️🙏

Moses Hacmon : Beautiful! Thanks. Is it possible that we journey inside our bodies and not outside. That we connect to the trillions of conscious cells in our bodies and by that connect to the global Consciousness we are part of. What would it feel and look like when we are just Water, connected to its ocean of consciousness? There are many layers to consciousness, in many different scales. We are giants made out of trillions of conscious cells. Every vessel of water is a vessel of Consciousness. Consciousness is magical and tangible like Water. The cycle of water is the cycle of the Soul. 🌊💙🌊Check this out-

Korey Sisco : More content like this would be great. I like the story and the visuals you used.

blicky2blacky : The best to the point account given on you tube. You are smart mr

Tristan Brandt : All I can say is thank you. It's been a month or so since my last experience, and your video has got me excited about returning! This is what DMT is all about. I believe you are able to describe everything so well, and maintain such good composure during your trips because of your FEELINGS. I think as a species, we need to get back in touch with our feelings. We drive around to our jobs because its what you do, not many challenge the status quo, and there are even fewer that possess the knowledge of these molecules. They are all telling us the same thing.....feel more....stay connected, to each other, and all living things around us.

Alan Howell : Excellent report. Very clear and understandable without making too many assumptions. You have a gift for explaining things my friend! Wishing you the best on your journey.

INFINITECLOCKWORK : Very well put together report, fantastic visual aids w/ interesting and well thought out/paced commentary

Roberto Frattini : only i can say WOW!!! amazing trip and description.

fuzz nugget : This is incredible. I thank you for the way in which you conveyed such a beautiful experience. Very moving.

Debayan Kumar Das : AAA quality video, need more!

jakecav555 : This is almost certainly the best DMT trip report I've seen put together. Fantastic video man!

-Necrogas- : Wow! this video has an amazing growth, you can start a YT channel

Aquatic Plant Savage : This video is amazing.

Nasrul Rosli : Wow!! Interesting, thanks for sharing👍👍🖤

SleepyE : love the visuals! havent seen a few of those

Harsh Joshi : yo this is brilliant.

bLink : I think you need 20 more trips

RebelRoundeye : Thank you for making this.

Kingiux Kingas : Those who truly took dmt know the true shape of our planet and universe. As above so below as within so without as a universe so the soul We are all one As u reading this its mean u reading ur own message.

epii10 : If Terence McKenna were still with us I would bet he’d be very proud of you. This video is fantastic! I hope you can hook up with his brother Dennis. I’ve watched many interviews of Dennis and he strikes me as very sweet, humble, and intelligent human being with obviously an enormous wealth of experience in this area. I bet you two would get along just great. At any rate, you and a few others (including Dennis) should seriously consider getting together and making a major documentary on DMT. This poor world needs this information now more than ever. Not to change the subject but I just watched a documentary last night on YouTube called “Joseph Newman” and it’s freaking unbelievable! I had never heard of this great man and his so-called “free energy” invention. My mind is still reeling. Be prepared for a wild ride of emotions. Just type the name “Joseph Newman” into YouTube... you won’t be disappointed.

Tiago : DMT is a gateway to success. Look at the quality of this video. Bravo.

nitsuJ retruM : I'm also Justin, and I liked your DMT trip report. You hit a lot of points that resonated with me and my own trips.

Apryl Brown : This is the best visual an audible DMT experience I have ever seen!!!! Yes indeed!!!!!!!!

Roger Cottom : Ohh you wanna meet somebody!? Brilliant...

Iam Here : MAN! That was great. Best trip report i came across so fare. Realy eye opening. I can relate to this realy good. Keep it going fellow psyconout :D Thanks for sharing.

About Five Minutes : Great video, thank you for sharing the link in the world. We do know so little, but you have received a great gift and your presenting it to the minds in this world brings all consciousness one step closer to understanding how vast and wide our existence stretches as individuals and the whole. Love, PEACE

anit shlomo : Thanks so much drug enforcement agency, now i know white males between age 20-40 are the target group for psychedelics/ now time to stereo type them and accuse them of committing crimes.

Trump Tard : Great visuals in this video mate

dmthomas : Amazing. Professional. I'm blown away!

NickB33 : One of the most interesting videos on youtube

Master Augmented Production : Yes sir I saw the Jelly’s 👍❤️

Anthony Caballero : Great video, thank you for sharing.

Adam Minix : Life apparently really wants me to try DMT.

Josh Walker : Thank you for taking the time to do this!

dbassir87 : I experienced the cosmic doctors too! They were dissecting my brain like surgery but it wasn’t scary. It was sooooo crazy like being on an operating table

THEGhostfacekillaaa : You articulated that perfectly

Nicholas Ursino : They heal my back pain and jaw tension every time I do DMT but it comes back as well, I've often wondered if doing Ayahuasca would allow more time for healing and show lasting results. Great vid!

Gi0Gi0 : You make this video the day of my birthday, lol Dmt will save us

Adam Peacock : Fantastic video. Great job. Thanks for sharing 👍

kerimw14v : Amazing video, thank you

Adam Davies : Hey Justin, this video is great. I'm currently making a journalistic video about near-death experiences for youtube. And a lot of what you are saying sounds a lot like what the NDE case studies I have interviewed talk about. I wonder if you would be up for a quick skype interview to talk about your experiences and I could relate some NDE's story's and get your take? Adam

Frank Oettinger : I had a trip last night. Fell over and everyone laughed.

bob thebuilder : DMT entities are smoking this stuff called Joe Rogan that takes them to a universe with this thing called earth

BorungBoy : So every time you have a thought, your hallucinations respond. Curious how subjective and interactive the wetware is, its as though you're projecting and manifesting.