Andy Anderson: a Short Skate Film

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“Balance - the flow of water, and the consistency of concrete. The ground, and the spaces in between. The simplicity of instability, and the complexities of flat ground. Riding the board, face down, face up, and face out. The purposeful objects of the city, plus the joy of play. The corners, sharp and round. Forwards, backwards, and spinning, all coming together.” - Andy Anderson Filmed and Edited: Instagram: @BrettNovak Skater: Instagram: @AuthenticAndyAnderson Music:


artdamage0 : He’s like a combination of Rodney Mullen and Richie Jackson, and can skate big rails if he wants... great to see Andy getting the attention he deserves

Christopher Santiago : Andy is from the future, back in time to save skateboarding.

John Hill : Yes Brett! Love watching this human skate 😍

Ord3ith : How can anyone dislike this? I first saw Andy on Braille Skateboarding's channel and everything he does on a skateboard is amazing. The footage here was excellently shot and edited. It showcases Andy's talent brilliantly.

Chris B : Andy! incredible. I'm 41, skated since I was 8. he's my new favorite skater! You kids...dang. -big respect to the young generations!

irmasil3 : WTF???? 1:59 I haven't been impressed that much since Rodney Mullen.

Marcel Boogaard : This looks like half Vallely and half Mullen. Love it. Great filming as well Mr Novak 👍🏻

Dale Decker : Dude this is a the perfect recipe for you both. Wow. No words truly.

TTamRR : When an artist chooses sport. My kind of skateboarder!

jed lynch : Refreshing to not have my brain automatically name every trick I see, and be able to just watch the movements he makes.

customobsessions : Most entertaining skater to watch of this era.

Jonny Giger : another masterpiece 🙏🏼 soo good 🙏🏼❤️

Brent Nagy : Vancouver Canada skateboarding legend.

Everything Analog : So there's the one wheel manual right? He'd be the dude who just no wheel manuals and starts floating in the air

X3mbo : OMFG bombing a hill in primo?!?!! Honestly this whole video is just satisfying and mind bending!

Fashizly Colby : Why is Andy such a jagged, smooth skater? Calm yet aggressive. Makes you feel the love he has for what he does.

WHAT THE HELL : nice style .. old meets new .. best of luck to you young man .. good to see someone doing their own thing and not just following the trend 👍

UknZ : best skate video ever seen because of the song the quality of the producing and other stuff not only judging on skate technic. epik work

Nigel Geiger : Big up Andy. 37 yr old skater here who feels your vibes are just what skating needs right now. Bless. Sk84life

Mika ANDRÉ : Dislikes must definetely be misclicks. Amazing

wnnetwork : 03:52 what is this? THPS?

Ric Ricci : Alright, now I know the name of the street skater with the helmet, one of my new favourite skaters, Rad, creative... The legacy with the 80s is strong, Andy skating is killer

Randy A : Wow I’m addicted to watching Andy’s videos, this guy is insanely talented and one of the most creative skaters I have seen!!!

Dominik Šulák : The greatest skateboarding video I've ever seen... No pressure, awesome music, great scenes, impressive!

Josh Allen : Random skater: "So what kind of skater are you? Vert, freestyle or street?" Andy: "What do you mean? I'm just a skateboarder." <3 So much respect for this guy.

Kamari Robertson : Indirectly found you from Braille, but this was so well shot and composed🤟🏾 also is he not the rawest skater?

ぽいぽいプロダクション : The bruno mars of skatebording The new old! Love it!

evan rouse : Watching andy skate is like going to your cousins house where they got the 360 but all you have at home is a sega dreamcast...

Dylan Elliott : Sickest vid I've seen in a long time

BeyondSlowMotion : This is what I imagine a skate video produced by Pixar would be like. Good vibes! Awesome work.

Osaka78 : So beautiful. Happy now :)

Rob Warrior : Dude thats awesome That inspires me to start skateboarding😂

Eric Woods : Like Artistic masterpiece on 4 wheels. Anyone else get a Rodney feel?

Semajqt : This short film was outstanding, really well filmed! Just jaw dropping man

Brian Banks : Good on you for shredding with a helmet!

Erist Tänzer : I saw this guy in the brailhouse...absolute amazing ❤️ Skating IQ toplevel

Boah! Productions : Love seeing this peaceful creativity in skateboarding. Mainstream is rather focusing on not giving a *beep* and going full disrespect on everyone and everything.

canceracar : Bravo bravo bravo. Wow I feel so inspired and speechless. Beautiful absolutely beautiful

Pedro Arsky : beautiful beatiful work.. all shot in natural light?

Amadeaus : Andys board control is next level

Bejoo Blast : amazing dude!!!! it just like im watching movie

james lee : More skaters need to wear helmets. And this guy has a very creative mind, reminds me of a young rodney mullen when i was growing up. A breath of fresh air! Makes me want to skate again, THANKS!

tek bart : Andy is an amazing skater and so different to what you see usually. In one word: Genius

F2K : And he does legit Natas spin omg I'm gna cry

Nightspeeds : Is there anything Andy can't do!?

Sabrina Morris : Loved this! So awesome ⚡️✨

stephen sibbett : Figure skateboarding!...amazing

Jim H : F IN WOW , The modern mullen

Ryan Whitaker : this video gives you a feeling that you cant describe, skating is really a whole different world