Andy Anderson: a Short Skate Film

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Jonny Giger : another masterpiece 🙏🏼 soo good 🙏🏼❤️

John Hill : Yes Brett! Love watching this human skate 😍

BeyondSlowMotion : This is what I imagine a skate video produced by Pixar would be like. Good vibes! Awesome work.

Nightspeeds : Is there anything Andy can't do!?

Rad Rat Video : I love this

NSI Skateboarding [Justin Lauria] : Finally! Another short skate film! So stoked Brett!!! These are my favorite videos of all time!

Amadeaus : Andys board control is next level

wnnetwork : 03:52 what is this? THPS?

Dale Decker : Dude this is a the perfect recipe for you both. Wow. No words truly.

Luis Mora : Masterpiece!

Marcel Boogaard : This looks like half Vallely and half Mullen. Love it. Great filming as well Mr Novak 👍🏻

Brian Banks : Good on you for shredding with a helmet!

artdamage0 : He’s like a combination of Rodney Mullen and Richie Jackson, and can skate big rails if he wants... great to see Andy getting the attention he deserves

Christopher Santiago : Andy is from the future, back in time to save skateboarding.

Dullbert Dough : Andy's smile at the end made me realize thats what i was doing the whole time watching this . Thank You Andy and Brett for giving us this . I encourage everyone too search out as much footage of Andy as they can . He skates all styles so well with such spontaneous creativity .

Everything Analog : So there's the one wheel manual right? He'd be the dude who just no wheel manuals and starts floating in the air

Omid : Beautiful work from both of you

Chris B : Andy! incredible. I'm 41, skated since I was 8. he's my new favorite skater! You kids...dang. -big respect to the young generations!

Sam Tabor : Soooooooooo gooooooood

Jonathan Gentry : This kind of skateboarding is so refreshing to see. Not having to kill yourself with huge gaps and rails, not a single standard flip trick. Just pure creativity and from the heart skating.

irmasil3 : WTF???? 1:59 I haven't been impressed that much since Rodney Mullen.

Leozebios Thor : Good to have you back, i missed the videos! Peace

NSI Skateboarding [Justin Lauria] : This video BLOWS MY FREAKING MIND!!!

customobsessions : Most entertaining skater to watch of this era.

GunPoor : 1:31 Axle stall on a chain. You may have filmed the most dangerous skateboard trick of all time.

Brent Nagy : Vancouver Canada skateboarding legend.

cannacannoli : A seriously captivating spectacle of highly impressive entertainment!

Brooke. 04 : holy shit this guys good

X3mbo : OMFG bombing a hill in primo?!?!! Honestly this whole video is just satisfying and mind bending!

Aidan Kerr : vancouver used to such a good skating city but that's changed in recent years unfortunately. love seeing local skaters practicing their craft in a city that may not appreciate them. Andy is fucking awesome!

Ron Royal : Good job Brett, this is the content that blows my mind

connor mccaughtrie : Sooooo good. Andy is one of my favourite skaters right now and it’s clear why

manfrommontreal : They say Andy is over rated? GFFY That primo slide down hill was insane!

Junktramp : So glad you and Andy made a movie together 👍 Excellent work on this piece, its beautiful.

UknZ : best skate video ever seen because of the song the quality of the producing and other stuff not only judging on skate technic. epik work

whearywulf : best skate video ive seen to date. this dude is the new mullen

Caleb Haggerty : Lol and people thought I was lying when I said I did 9 trick combo grinds

Dan Hovington skater : That was awesome...Powell really needs to turn Andy pro and to release his signature board shape...I would order it immediately to support Andy and also because his shape seems really cool

Mario Lee : Like Rodney Mullen

Rusty Shackleford : This guy skates with a helmet and still manages to make it look really freakin' cool

Open the Light AUA : This made me cry

colossalfart : Beautiful! Thank you Andy for the creative moves, and thank you Brett for making it such a delight for the senses!

SeniorMojo : Hey Brett and Andy. Outstanding work right here! I love the filming/editing and the skating is just so fun to watch. The coolest thing for me is how you filmed the trick on the firehydrant and the closeup afterwards because i saw Andy paint them on the nka trip with nigel. keep killing it!

Tor Øyvind Sjøvik : Unable to grasp the fact that 18 people clicked thumbs down on this.

DoritoFox : fav skater

MrHolycowomg : Andy's skating is definitely inspired by Rodney Mullen and his Casper's are on point!

Даня Шляев : Я просто охуел от этих трюков, простите за выражение.

Tyson Rinker : Came here from the nine club.

danshrd : 02:46 this part is a beautiful piece

Leandro Regueira : Espetacular 😨😨😨😨😨