Extreme and Fast Manhole Reparation in Germany With Brand New ACO Manhole Cover

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blipco5 : Hahaha, in the US we don't fix them until they are four inches low. The cover they fixed is what the US covers look like when they are brand new.

xApemanx : 3:00 nice animation, but the flow was animated in the wrong direction. These pipes are designed to have flow going in the direction of the male segment into the female end of the pipe.

Mike Fleet : That would take a month in the UK

ASSEMblergames.com : Damn I love Germany's insane amounts of over design and quality.

Pucukax : As english is not my native language i find the name "manhole" extremely disturbing.

Guido Lissmann : I live in Germany. In an apartment building on a busy street. There is a manhole cover pretty much directly under my bedroom window. It was loose and every time a vehicle went over, it would make that noise. That wasn't pleasant. Then, one day, I got to see what this video just demonstrated. Live and in living color. I don't think the whole exercise took more than two hours or so. Maybe three. And now that infuriating noise is gone. It works.

BroCat : Got it replaced because it was not fitting properly.. in India, at least 10 people should die by falling into the manhole. Then it will be repaired.

Markus Kunath : Ok, dann muss ich mir jetzt wohl ne ACO Schachtabdeckung Multitop Plus kaufen.

Tim O'Connor : On camera boys, better do it right.

ThirdDegreeWitch : strangely addictive watch !

Seymore Butts : This really isn't that impressive. The only thing Germany has over Britains road workers are the Germans actually work.

bik3r666 : Wenn man eigentlich lernen sollte...

scotpens : "Manhole Reparation"? So now even manholes are demanding reparations? What injustice did they suffer? (Yes, I know you mean "repair" and English probably isn't your first language. Forgive me.)

Julien S. NanoH : Why is this in my suggestion box? oô

zeine al : I'm on the wrong side of YouTube again 😬

MrMisiu15 : elegancka studzienka i już poprawiają... u nas na starcie, po wybudowaniu nowej drogi już jest zapadnięta o 5cm i z czasem tylko gorzej...

d3af : 2:56 Und genau deswegen ist es so SCHWACHSINNIG Wasser zu sparen. Wasser sparen kostet letztendlich mehr Geld und ist umweltschädlicher. Viel Wasser zu verbrauchen ist auch gar nicht schlimm weil das Wasser ja nicht weg ist, sondern im Kreislauf bleibt.

Uhlfred87 : Erstens hab ich keine Ahnung warum ich hier gelandet bin, zweitens weiß ich nicht warum ich mir das komplett angeschaut habe und drittens werde ich jetzt jedes mal die Gullideckel anschauen müssen wenn ich durch Bad Rappenau fahre.

Mr.Wellington Von Duke III : Yeah boys, repair my manhole! Hahaha

Ellesmere Wildwood : In Australia they wouldn't fix it until the hole was a meter deep and then they'd charge a toll to drive over it.

LordReptile0 : Um der steigenden Lärmbelästigung entegegen zu wirken müssen wir erst mal mit der Rüttelplatte über nen Gullideckel hämmern, lol. XD Ich weis, es geht aus Kostengünden nicht anders, aber es steckt doch schon ein wenig Ironie dahinter... ^^

MrAdeo82 : czarna pokrywa i czarny asfalt-trochę to rasistowskie chyba-nieładnie,nieładnie 🤔

Don Coa : If they are doing such an amazing job with the manholes imagine what are they doing with the womanholes

Daniel Bargas : Gotta love than German quality control

Ryan Hanks : For some reason I thought they where going to have one machine that just did the whole process. Very interesting though.

Sebastian Komorowski : świetna robota, pełna profeska - aż miło popatrzeć

10p6 : i'm guessing the 7 hour break came after they did this one.

DP ie : Germans.....what can you say?

DrewD : Nice safety glasses buddy.

Stashek 06 : A w Polsce nadal jak w lesie...

krazeiskwirl : Even without the title, I knew this wasn't in America because two guys finished the job in less than an hour.

Sobi On Cenoby : dobra robota ale wolno .. islamiści robią szybciej... he he .

Indorian : God, I love Germany, them and Japan are the kings of Innovation.

footballer52 : Anyone else get clickbaited and then end up watching the entire video anyway.

Blumac5 : It's funny how they can start their machines in 1 pull, but I have to do 20 to get my dam 1 month old blower to start

RJ Dohare : Kudos to "German engineering" I like they way they are dedicated towards their work

Ka Karimi : Aßphaltschnittkanten waschen?Bitumenkleber für das Tok-BAnd? Und dann wahrscheinlich nur 11er Decke? die pfuscher von der Stadt^^

BTHSB⚛️ : Niemiecka technologia najlepsza

Que Dableyou : i subscribed because i need this in my life

Peter Larson : In the UK that would be 6 council workers,1shovel between them and 3 days.

joerg fro : German Alien Technology

Shannon Smith : incredibly slow and unproductive, sheesh, looked like some big machine was going to auger it out, make it level, then add rings and cover, not some construction workers busting their backs, bad project

Vladimir Putin : Tak sie w niemczech naprawia drogi. W Polsce zarzuca piaskim i jest gorzej niz przed. W miescie trzeba jzdzic slalomem bo jak masz nizsze zawieszenie i lepsza felge to zaraz wizyta u mchanika :/

Sean Ashcraft : What was wrong with the first one? Hahah...native Californian.

blablablabla1111111 : Why am i watching this?

Sahil Yadav : In India, we don't repair them unless they cause 10 people to die.

fotorolo : DEUTSCHLAND! Das ist what I am talkin' about!

6977warrior : Not centered, but still a good job.

mech cntr : Why am I watching this!? lol

Wall Tearer : Ordnung muss sein!