Extreme and Fast Manhole Reparation in Germany With Brand New ACO Manhole Cover

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Markus Kunath : Ok, dann muss ich mir jetzt wohl ne ACO Schachtabdeckung Multitop Plus kaufen.

Mike Fleet : That would take a month in the UK

Danger Dove : Got it replaced because it was not fitting properly.. in India, at least 10 people should die by falling into the manhole. Then it will be repaired.

Seymore Butts : This really isn't that impressive. The only thing Germany has over Britains road workers are the Germans actually work.

ASSEMblergames.com : Damn I love Germany's insane amounts of over design and quality.

Uhlfred87 : Erstens hab ich keine Ahnung warum ich hier gelandet bin, zweitens weiß ich nicht warum ich mir das komplett angeschaut habe und drittens werde ich jetzt jedes mal die Gullideckel anschauen müssen wenn ich durch Bad Rappenau fahre.

xApemanx : 3:00 nice animation, but the flow was animated in the wrong direction. These pipes are designed to have flow going in the direction of the male segment into the female end of the pipe.

Tim O'Connor : On camera boys, better do it right.

blipco5 : Hahaha, in the US we don't fix them until they are four inches low. The cover they fixed is what the US covers look like when they are brand new.

10p6 : i'm guessing the 7 hour break came after they did this one.

MrMisiu15 : why is everything black? I've found it racist. ~german citizen

Pucukax : As english is not my native language i find the name "manhole" extremely disturbing.

Costa Sergio : Don't forget to put mother Merkel in the hole.

wazza33racer : there is no point...............the muslims are taking over and its all finished.................European civilization has come to an end.

Sujieun : This would take US workers about 6 months to do after letting it get 10in deep and destroying a lot of peoples ties first

yankidiot : These guys would put English road workers to shame im afraid to say! our roads are a disgrace

farouk rafikalli : Well look at that, the Russian are spending thair money on thair country while canada is spending it's money on illegal immigrants, isn't that nigg? Maybe Russia is going to kick ass again! I'm looking for somewhere to move to. Russia might not be a bad place. Thair products last a long time.

King Parodije : Germans make science out of smallest trivial thing. Very complicated nation.

ThatGuyKappa : wow even potholes in germany are over engineered

Yotuber Pakistani : How come usa is worlds biggest economy and not germany.

La France : a better method is to put them not on the road and have a closed solid cover on a sidewalk or side of the road

Terence Jay : I was expecting them to finish it off with a vibrating roller, wider than the repair, to bed it down completely level with the road surface. This whacker-plate knocked it out of level.

Andrew H. : Our man holes in Colorado are designed to be pot holes. They are usually build 4" under road grade.

Klabauter Ius : Germans love, love, LOVE their roads. They handle them better then theirs women.

Andy Barnowsky : german law: the cover cant be more than 5 mm deeper than the sorrounding street

Smile Wider : I have actually never seen a new manhole cover. Until now. Seen loads of badly repaired roads though.

Eco Mouse : How did YouTube know I'd eventually click on this out of boredom?

Chandraprakash G : Germans For the Win !!!

MuchTooStress : What was wrong with the original man hole cover?

Theweescot : Instead of leaving Europe we should be learning from them!

Joel Hill : What is up with you tube? The strand goes from ET Prepper to a German video that I can not understand on how to repair a friggin manhole cover? The heading is in english???? Who cares about man hole covers anyway??

Manfred Oxygen : Habt ihr in Deutschland keine Rennräder? Ich möchte nie über so einen Kanaldeckel mit 23mm Reifen fahren müssen denn dann wird er zerstört.......???? Und früher hatten wir 18 und 19mm Rennreifen. Höchste Gefahrenquelle für Rennradfahrer.

TheNorthsquad : What was wrong with the original Manhole Cover?

CntBeMadAtaHippie : Kann mir wer erklären wieso wir hierzulande Wasser sparen sollen? Dadurch haben die armen Kinder in Afrika doch auch nicht mehr Wasser..

sreedhar reddy pothula : That would take one decade

ThirdDegreeWitch : strangely addictive watch !

radenkepunden : why is that called "man hole"

Nitrous Banshee : only in the U.K. lol..! you'd never see anything close to that in the USA. In the USA that clunking you here is perfectly acceptable. lol. Hell; in the USA we do t even use a screen in the sewer man holes. haha. things like this make me wanna leave the USA.

Thomas Riley : this is real first world carry on.

fhfffhfhffffhfhfourt : i'd get right up inside that man hole. that's a nice one.

sambrandt83 : I'm shocked the city isn't making these workers use respirators when cutting into asphalt

Art Failure : Here I am, not knowing how I got here. Here are other people knowing exactly what they are talking about when they do this. I got here from watching a rollercoast video?..

Deeponion Lovechild : The surround ring appears to be supported by the asphalt only. Me thinks it's gonna sink under heavy trucks.. What cha think?

Alvany Batalha : Quando teremos um serviço como esse no Brasil???

Flipje Tiel : Fast?. It takes a lot of work. I think At least 1 day 😇

Sonu Joshi : What they repaired is what most countries don't even get as brand new. Love Germany. <3

Adrian Glenn Bionat : The manhole reparation is all good but how about Jewish reparations?


Brian Evans : In Detroit we never fix them