Extreme and Fast Manhole Reparation in Germany With Brand New ACO Manhole Cover

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Maxi Prime : Warum genau hab ich mir gerade eine 10 minütige Gully Werbung gegeben ? Edit: Hätte nicht gedacht dass es so vielen anderen genau so geht wie mir ^^ danke für die Likes :D

Mike Fleet : That would take a month in the UK

Paul Hamacher : I don't know why but suddenly I think I need a Aco Schachtabdeckung Multitop Plus

xApemanx : 3:00 nice animation, but the flow was animated in the wrong direction. These pipes are designed to have flow going in the direction of the male segment into the female end of the pipe.

Seymore Butts : This really isn't that impressive. The only thing Germany has over Britains road workers are the Germans actually work.

ASSEMblergames.com : Damn I love Germany's insane amounts of over design and quality.

Danger Dove : Got it replaced because it was not fitting properly.. in India, at least 10 people should die by falling into the manhole. Then it will be repaired.

Tim O'Connor : On camera boys, better do it right.

Markus Kunath : Ok, dann muss ich mir jetzt wohl ne ACO Schachtabdeckung Multitop Plus kaufen.

John smith : This week manholes. Next week the total control of Europe !!

zeine al : I'm on the wrong side of YouTube again 😬

Pucukax : As english is not my native language i find the name "manhole" extremely disturbing.

Costa Sergio : Don't forget to put mother Merkel in the hole.

blipco5 : Hahaha, in the US we don't fix them until they are four inches low. The cover they fixed is what the US covers look like when they are brand new.

John Smith : These are kind of dangerous. 'Caught my dick in one of these once.

lee perry : Don't get me wrong, this is oddly fascinating to watch... but I'm giggling at the "EXTREEEEEME!" label for this, haha.

DrewD : Nice safety glasses buddy.

dead meme : i hate these people who put english names but then the language is fucking zulu like nobody will come here speaking zulu leave.

10p6 : i'm guessing the 7 hour break came after they did this one.

Ibrahim Goma : nice to see

Lim Kaiser : In my country the reparations would take a day and receive donation from Saudi Arab for their excellent performance in manhole investment.

Nin Ja Turtle : Im from germany and im pretty sure they would close the road 3 months before they did anyzhing and thrn leave it like that. So this thing is maybe fast but it will still take 3 months

Gen15 : So what happens when the road needs resurfaced? Going to redo the whole manhole?

Sebastian Komorowski : świetna robota, pełna profeska - aż miło popatrzeć

sreedhar reddy pothula : That would take one decade

Κωσταντινος Γκουμας : the same and maybe better in greece

Dick Tater : Why is this extreme? Extreme amount of effort put into the video over what would normally be done?

gooner0292 : Could anyone explain why was the old manhole replaced? What was wrong with it?

Do Bo : Something about multi torpedos or something?

Uhlfred87 : Erstens hab ich keine Ahnung warum ich hier gelandet bin, zweitens weiß ich nicht warum ich mir das komplett angeschaut habe und drittens werde ich jetzt jedes mal die Gullideckel anschauen müssen wenn ich durch Bad Rappenau fahre.

Joel Hill : What is up with you tube? The strand goes from ET Prepper to a German video that I can not understand on how to repair a friggin manhole cover? The heading is in english???? Who cares about man hole covers anyway??

Michael Taylor : They work so neatly

xaoolin : Impossible in Poland...;( It's like a alien technologie... :(

CntBeMadAtaHippie : Kann mir wer erklären wieso wir hierzulande Wasser sparen sollen? Dadurch haben die armen Kinder in Afrika doch auch nicht mehr Wasser..

Felix EFX : enough internet for today

Robot Bjorn : The Gemans make wonderful roads for Turks and North Africans to drive on!

HellcatFTW : Gotta get dat 4 mid roll ad revenue am I right

99% ISOPROPYL : Idiots 😂😂😂 clog the sewer with shit good luck getting all that out😂

devandy : "Founded in 1946"... Oh yeah, had some rebuilding to do, did you?

Andrew B. : It all started when they invaded Poland.......

Oneofdazzz : what did he do with the stick at 8:27 ? they lost be there but everything else was pretty straight forward. I kept asking myself would it not just be easier to replace the cover of the manhole?

keshlalish : cleaner than how we do, but we take less time and nearly no machine to do ours, still look better this way, how many can this crew do a day ?

加藤みずっち : Sehr gut

BEARD Productions : If the Germans where smart they would build one machine to do all of it. :)

Daniel Does Random Stuff : Warum wird mir so was vorgeschlagen?!

aserta : Work efficiency and procedure good enough for camera show, but lack of a mask when cutting pavement??? Oh boy, that's up there in stupid.

Manfred Oxygen : Habt ihr in Deutschland keine Rennräder? Ich möchte nie über so einen Kanaldeckel mit 23mm Reifen fahren müssen denn dann wird er zerstört.......???? Und früher hatten wir 18 und 19mm Rennreifen. Höchste Gefahrenquelle für Rennradfahrer.

SOMALIE TIJGER : goed werk mannen . good job

6977warrior : Not centered, but still a good job.

Po-Hung Lin : Probably the flushest manhole op I've ever seen, better than the states for sure