Chalet Village Fire Gatlinburg Amazing "Escape From Hell" Full Length Video by Michael Luciano

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yeah : This was genuinely one of the scariest videos I've ever seen in my life. No other youtube vid on earth could make my heart beat as fast as it did when I was watching this. Jesus Christ....

ENSUE : I've never seen someone drive through hell before until now.

Comrade Pupper : that car must've been a goddamn sauna

JimOgle's Outdoor Adventures : So glad you guy's made it out , my thoughts and prayers are with everyone there. This proves if you cant Dodge it ,Ram it. That truck got you out of there.

RMCF : that guy that was driving props to that man for staying calm

Rory Gallagherfan : Someone in the county's emergency management needs to answer for this fiasco. That fire was set on November 23rd, and slowly, was making it's way toward Gatlinburg, for one full week. The strong southerly winds had been forecasted two full days before the fire reached the Gatlinburg area. Emergency management should have been on top of this at least one full day before this fire storm reached the populated areas. There should have been a voluntary evacuation at least one day before the fire struck, and a mandatory evacuation the morning of the day the fires reached this area. Somebody really dropped the ball.

Maria Smith : My heart rate was through the roof watching this. Glad you are safe.

Cathleen Bastian : Why was that man stopped in front of you?

plumeria66 : Sometimes the warning comes from your eyes, ears, and nose. If something smells, sounds, and looks dangerous, it is. And use your instincts. Our natural instinct when it comes to smoke and fire is to flee. Not wait for an official with a badge to knock on our door or a newscast to announce something. I read that people could see and smell smoke at 2:30 pm but didn't leave till 8 pm. Gotta leave right away and not wait.

Florida '79 : This is some Last of Us shit, except it's reality.

SuperAWaC : 3:30 if you see this kind of thing all around you in the sky this is a "too late to get out" kind of scenario. if you see it on one side of you it's a "close to too late" scenario. there's no reason to ever be that close to a fire. hopefully some heads rolled for making this kind of mistake in not telling people to evacuate.

Francis Khoury : This is one of the most frightening ordeals I've seen on a video.  Considering the extremely bad conditions, I'm honestly glad that the death toll was a low as it was.

veronika934 : That V8 though !

MICHAEL LUCIANO : I have more before and after videos on Facebook and information on the rebuilding of Gatlinburg!

YoYoMA _ : One of the most heart pounding EVER. Shit!!!

Brady Cato : 7:45 is my house

VintageModiste : My heart sank while I was watching this, listening to you dog panting. I have never been so frightened watching a video in my life! God was with you all on that journey down the mountain, I am so glad you are all OK. Michael did you lose everything? I am sure this will be a movie someday!

Sasaki.Namie : You had a real good driver there I have to say. He drave fine many times with almost no visibility..glad you guys made it out.

patticake98 : Michael that is so scary to watch! So glad you made it out safely. Just wondering..........what did the trip down the mountain do to your truck? Did it melt it?

Snowcube : So there was NO warning beforehand, and they only way you realized that you had to get out of there fast was when you actually saw the fire coming close? Sheesh, I would at least think they would set off outdoor warning sirens and use reverse 911. That was very irresponsible of the emergency management. Good thing you were able to get out of there. Did your property get destroyed too or was it ok?

Jeff Nepstad : Been fighting wildland fires for over 30 years and I have to say this fire will be intensely analyzed. There will be a lessons learned from all of this, and hopefully lives will be saved in the future. I'm surprised there wasn't a reverse "911" calls to all people in the area. This process is used throughout the united states. Again, thanks for posting this video, I'm sure it will be used throughout the fire services as a learning tool. Speeding recovery to your community!

Korey Thompson : All the people who disliked this don't know what it's like to drive through those flames, only a kid. At 13 I went through these flames, completely terrified. Michael Luciano was right behind my truck driving down this mountain. I los everything in my house and one pet I wish I could've gotten. No one should dislike this video. Everyone should like it because he got out safely! I have unsavory words I could say but I'm not going to. Thank god he got out safe. I'm glad most people got out, and for those unfortunate families to have lost members.. I am terribly sorry for your loss. This is Korey Thompson, co owner of Topper Cannon.

improperusername : That was nerve wracking to watch. Curious if those people who were still in their driveway packing made it out too....and the guy in that car.

포그바 : 짤잼보고 온 사람

Lavondrick Rogers : The fire looks like hell

Redsox Now : I go to Gatlinburg every year at least 3 times. I literally just left Gatlinburg the day before the fire. Not lying I was a day away from being caught in a fire. I am going to Gatlinburg after Christmas and I'm really wondering what it's gonna look like. So sad

bob jo : In my childhood and adolescence I would watch the news and see live footage of forest fires from the seat of a helicopter. I wouldn't think much of it because they would only show maybe 10 seconds of the fire. I would be camping with family and would be bored and disappointed because of fire bans. Sure puts things into perspective in terms of how horrifying forest fires truly are for those who don't understand

Patrick Mauerhan : Incredible footage from the heart of this tragedy. Glad you guys are safe!

Ghostwalker2061 : 2 idiot teenagers were the ones who caused the fire up on the Chimneys, at least that's what the police who apprehended them said.

Wanda Muse : I am still in awe. We took this road up and down everyday for a week while we were there. The Cabin we rented 940 Points of View was burned down. My God. People lost their lives. God bless their families.

Quinn01 : cant even see anything passed his windshield and he says "hit he gas" (facepalm)

Linked Since 91 : What about those people packing up in the beginning of the video, they had cars hope they made it

Rob's Relics : Man you should keep that truck forever!  I was just in Gatlinburg.  It seems to have made great progress.

Carolann Wright : Michael...I can't believe you had the sense to record this. I just have to say this was so terrifying...I felt as if I was there. Thanks for posting it.

Kristi Fenrich : Wow. But that truck tho.... I gotta know. What truck was it?? That's one tough vehicle.

flyboyglenn : This was 10X more heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat, scary than any thriller movie.

Favorited : This happened to me 2011, Bastrop, Texas. I was scared for my life as police literally knocked on our doors and told us to get out of the house. We had no idea what was going on. We got out and drove to the nearest shelter. And then I noticed what was going on. A massive fire, smoke blocking out the sun, the sky was pitch black. And at night, you saw a red sky and the fire was very close. Thank god I escaped.

schlooonginator : I gotta admit, I laughed when you gave the idiot in the car a reality check. Natural selection.

Neil Sebastiano : You guys rock god bless you .Glad to see you made it out safe.

NUNNA URBIZNEZ : I am so glad you are ok, that was the scariest thing I have ever seen. Prayers go out to you all in the Gatlingburg are.

Beachfeet SC : Absolutely terrifying.

jack chiarenza : Road trip through hell

danielle church : guys im so sorry for what yall went through glad yall made it out safe sorry for all that yall and everyone else in tn has lost this brought me to tears cant imagine what it was like to drive through that God bless you all

UzeHerName : I'm from California and live where we had the Valley fires 2 yrs ago. We live just outside where the fires burned. We were on high alert that we might have to evacuate at any moment. I for the life of me cannot understand how they would not act quickly to alert you all of that fire coming your way. We who live in mountain areas like this know all too well how fast these fires burn, especially when there's been drought. I could barely handle sitting through this video and felt like I could not breathe. I honestly do not even know how you managed to stay so collected! By the end of this video when you all came up on that tree I would have panicked for sure. God was with you that night. I pray He stays with you always. God bless you all.

Christina Kaminski : It's amazing how calm y'all were, i'd be panicking real bad, the people of Tennessee are in my prayers as they begin to rebuild and regain the town they call home, this is seriously a tragedy that some punks had to start..

Jhon Lewis : How is this not viral? This is some insane footage!

Beth Evenson : This was so so scary to watch! I thank God you all made it out safe! Thanks so much for sharing your videos. I am praying for everyone.

YBPaladin : Legit like Silent Hill

KARR5000 : +Michael Luciano Was the damage to your vehicle covered by your insurance?

Taylor Young : The path of the righteous Cummins..  Blessed is the truck, in the name of charity and good will, as it shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For it is truly his owner's keeper and the finder of lost children..