The Blues Brothers - Aretha Franklin

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John B : Rest in Peace Aretha. This was the first place I came when I heard of your passing. You are the best, and will be missed.

Joey Fredrickson : These people accidentally made the single greatest musical movie ever.

Anne Hoogerhuis : 49 dislikes... They better think!

barnztormre : If Aretha is actually not long for this world, I hope she looks the reaper straight in the eye and says: “You better think about what you’re doing. You better think about the consequences of your actions.” If he gets insolent, she knows what to do. We love you, Queen.

gallantrycross : John Landis accidentally made the greatest movie ever made.

david stuart : Well I think Aretha stole, I mean STOLE this scene!!

Adam Warren : Life needs to be more like musicals...Imagined if this happened every time and your girl had a fight?

Paul Bourgeois : Could this movie has been any cooler... Aretha Franklin. Classic. Ray Charles, James Brown, Cab Calloway,... Not to mention the Blues Brothers Band. Then throw in a used Dodge Monaco cop car, with a 440 engine, and you have the makings for, maybe one of the best movies ever made. I will love this movie forever... I saw it when it first came out, with my buddy in 1980... And I have never been in a movie theater where people laughed harder. They hit it out of the park with this movie!

Elizbeth Curtsinger : I love this movie so much. Aretha was great here.

GoodMachines : I love how they just start dancing for no reason. Like, it's not their song, and they did not dance before, and all of a sudden they go: "Hey, this beat is pretty sweet! Let's dance!"

lupowins : RIP to the true Queen.

Galen Marek : There will be a million artists come and a million artists go, but there will only ever be one Queen of Soul and this is her, Aretha Franklin!

Ines Glorian : the blues brothers had a look on their faces that said " damn, we just want our food, but who are we to pass up a musical number"

I. Bosquez : 1:36 My favorite part when Jake and Elwood join the dancing ladies.

WeAreAllOne ExceptForThatGuy : Awww! You cut off the part where she told the white boy (great saxophonist "Blue" Lou Marini!) "Well, what are you waiting for? Get on outta here!" and he hightailed it after them! Leading to one of the funniest movie scenes in history: "We're the Good Old Blues Boys Brothers Band" playing "Rawhide" and "Stand By Your Man" behind chicken wire, in a bar where they played BOTH kinds of music (Country AND Western!). What am I saying?!! EVERY scene in that movie was/is hilarious!

Christopher G. : Well......go on DAMMIT! She looks so sad and uncertain after Matt throws his apron down & walks out. I feel sorry for her. I always wished Matt & Aretha would have gotten back together before the film ended.

Josh Turnbull : I'd give anything to walk into a diner and have a waitress break out into this....with back-up too

Alan Donnelly : ...all female singers need to study this. This is how its done.

Moira Russell : I think it was Pauline Kael who said something like the movie becomes absolutely unbelievable when, after that number, the Blues Bros leave without taking Aretha with them instead of the dude.

Tosh Coleman : She's working in her house shoes! Yup! That's authentic af!

suthobay : Love how the cook remembered to take his sax to work lol

WolfEyesatNight : a woman says to you "think" and Oh boy are you in trouble, love this song.

Filippo Minonzio : I love the boys' straight face when they're dancing

April Pittiglio : I live in Detroit and she is a soul sister.

pamela frew : R.I.P Aretha,the queen of soul. August 16th 2018. <3 xxx

R A : love this movie no special effects and people that actually could act and sing and there is a story line, little note Carrie Fisher was jake's girlfriend.

Untainted SKS : 4 whole fried chickens and one side of bread toasted on one side please

I. Bosquez : Great movie, but I pity the fool that tells Aretha to shut up at 0:09 Good luck with that.

Victor Wadsworth : I would love to see Aretha slap the peewadling out of Donald Trump

betoen : Musical movies are for pussys... BUT THIS MOVIE IS MY SHIEET!!

James Bridges : RIP to the Queen of Soul! (and Matt "Guitar" Murphy, who we lost back in June)

Laura Fl : Che ritmo ..sempre bella da ascoltare e ballare

DJ MoonWalker : We love you Aretha 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

SPARTAN BOSS : RIP to the queen of soul. Today’s generation has no idea what real music sounds like

Lenny Ruggiero : when I was four my mom and her friend dressed us up as the blues brothers for Halloween. pretty bad ass

disiskrazy d : The 86 people who dislike this don't have a f***ing brain!!

Raymond Farrugia : The Blues all time favourite movie!!!

Judeann Lapena : Am I the only kid who's watching this xD :3 ;) *3* ^x^

PJ Parkwood : Rest in peace, Aretha; you'll never be forgotten. 🎶 ❤ 🎶

AFinleyProductions : i love how he flat out said i am the man and you are the woman 

DolleHengst : "Now you listen to ME. I love you, but I am the MAN and you are the woman". Few seconds later "Oh shut up woman!" Tell that to a woman in her face anno 2014, and she might call the cops because her husband/boyfriend threatened her xD

Ben Trup : RIP Aretha, such an amazing voice. It's really sad that we have lost both Aretha and Matt this year.

v hyung : LOL whos watchin this in 2017 ME!!!

Lovie Bryant : lol @ the blues bros joining in the dance.

Rebecca Bertolini : After this the Blues Brothers should have brought her with them.

Andrea Zahuranec : nooooo!! you cut it before "well go on dammit!" 😣

Peggy Ferrera : Love it~~~~~Better think!!!

VideoTV4 : Rip! Freedom!

wolverinefangowings : Judging by the comments a lot of people are surprised by how great this film is. They took two of SNL's finest, paired them with a great director and added the greatest blues musicians of all time. How could it not be great?

Natascha Themusician : Aretha's the best singer EVER❤️👌🏽🔥