#69 Ken Tanaka meets a Caucasian Japanese man

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incubusman421 : it's trippy seeingi white guys with Japanese accents

HamonLord : a caucasian man born and raised in japan? that's pretty interesting. and i'm an asian born and raised in america.

Hiroyoshi Yamasaki : Im tired of people talking to me in English (I live in Germany). Seriously, what make them think I don’t speak German, I f...ing live there! I’ll never have a Home (not that I want one).

Nika : JAPANESE IS COOL!!!! Love JAPAN! <3

munobasho9 : To the comments about Ken's allegedly fake accent. Go to his website and read his bio. He was adopted by Japanese parents as a baby and grew up in Japan. He only moved to the US in 2007. I don't think his accent is fake.

bangbangtangahwei : His voice sounds like Cooking with Dog narator

Rasmunsen009 : hmm, idk..he doesn't seem to have the body language. maybe it's just me

coollary1 : I am born and raised American. My mother is African. She didn't raise me much so I didn't learn a whole lot about my heritage. Often people ask me why I don't know my native tongue and I should feel disgraceful. To that I say, "I learn from my past, not live it. I am a Canadian and damn proud of it. See please shut it." Leave us first and second generations alone. We are what we wish to be.

Mo : Haha this rube doesn't know that Ken tanaka is just a character

SantomPh : @Croatiansamurai that's David Ury, not Ken Tanaka. They look similar, but Ken has broader shoulders.

AkitaTom : If that David guy is just a normal Western-raised gaijin.. his pronounciation and Japanese in general is FANTASTIC! If he really was born and raised in Japan then.. yeah.. that's that.

SantomPh : @TheSuicideCityMayor David was truly born and raised in Japan (Kamogawa in fact) and "Ken Tanaka" (David Ury)went to university in Tokyo, so he really does speak Japanese, and has worked in Japanese TV before speaking Japanese.

Ders Warren : "White" is pretty subjective for these two. The nose knows

GeniusGT : These are whites not Caucasians but whatever. Nice vid.

Eric Fluellen : You guys have really amazing stories maybe you should consider writing a book, anyway many good blessings.

Ruz : Weebs

TwsT 'v : この状態は有り得ないですけど確かに事実やなー2人は日本の子やでー面白いやん~ほんまに!(^O^) C'est vraiment improbable mais incroyable , j'adore :)

tryptala : Ken always cracks me up, but he speaks like a Japanese woman. That must be where he's getting his source material.

Exospheredweller : You have to have Japanese blood to be Japanese, you don't have Japanese history sir, you may get away with that nonsense in USA but not in Japan, they have common sense.

Leena Park : Both are fakes.

Cassie Stevens : "Ken" is an act. He's so good at acting, I got confused at first too. Haha

TheJapanChannelDcom : Damn! There is a thought! Imagine Arnie with a Californian accent! "I'll be back, duuuuuuude!"

TheJapanChannelDcom : He also said David is a native japanese speaker, and that is not true.. it was a little act they did for us.

TheJapanChannelDcom : So his parents are American and he has been living in America for the last 15-20 years? So his English would sound just like any other American, right? I like your videos,dude, but something unsettling about this one.. maybe natural reaction to feeling deceived (your own story is just part of the fun.. but this is different).

TheJapanChannelDcom : You are right, Americans are less than 5 % of the world's population. I HATE being mistaken for an American - I am sure others do too. I liked Ken's videos until this one - it is obviously bullsh*t - this dude understood the English spoken.

Hikosaemon : The Hopey has landed... currently in immigration quarantine, but will be living with us soon. ありがとうね、けんさん! Peace

Hikosaemon : けんさん、今度日本でも展示会を是非♪ It looks from here like the exhibition was a great success - I hope it leads to more adventures for you. Peace

ÆCHE : This is so good

duy : Wow, you guys do a really good japanese

munobasho9 : oh, ok, may be your'e right.... I'm seeing David Ulry's vids now...where he speaks American English... so he might be acting... he's pretty good though. now I'm confused.

nikker1985 : NOW KISS!!!

Brian Walters : iya~ futari tomo sugoina~!

TonyoTimes : You speak the lingo? I can't. :D I know a fair bit of Japanese but my memory is that bad it's hard to remember most of the verbs. I'll get them though one day.

TonyoTimes : kono bideo wa totemo ii desu.

delasoulful1 : You're too much. Juct explore something that you care about.

Moira Smith : "david was not adopted" -looks over- -shakes head- doesnt know english does he not?

ghostie7790 : omg i thought he was really japaneese!

bravetherainbow : "People who are half Japanese or Japanese Americans living in Japan have a harder time." Oh my gosh, that's so sad. :(

bravetherainbow : I wonder how the other guy David felt, assuming he was for real unlike Ken.

Weyoun VI : this is awesome. Ken Tanaka you sound a lot like Satoru Iwata

wilhard45 : Wow, my 2nd Tanaka video and I found both of them really good.

JamesMcCloud : @KunoichiiTaicho same thing happens in some american sub-cultures eg. Black/African American sub-cultures mixed with any caucasian by a noticeable means. its very similar...if they grow up towards black they are usually outcasted saying they are mixed and are not 'black enough'. same with white, they usually see them as non-white or rather 'mixed' and dont fully embrace them as a part of their sub-culture. its a purist-xenophobic outlook thats normally unintentional, but influenced by family

Голдвин Джозеф мессия Герман : Indeed half are more to be bullied than caucations in schools because they make one think half doesnt belong Unlike caucations who are just misplaced foreigners but half breeds can not be discriminated thats why theyre picked on

Голдвин Джозеф мессия Герман : Cool

anthemlog : That was fascinating.

Maneo Chaotix : でも、デイビッドはケンが俳優だと知っているだろう・・・ (日本語を話すのが上手じゃないで、すまない)

Maneo Chaotix : Actors stay in character as long as they are playing the character. And he is clearly Ken, not David, in this video.

lucirz : fake! bitch knows english

coollary1 : Who says you can't? What makes a person any of these things... I'll tell you. If you love the culture, learn the language, and get excepted by the people then you can be what ever you want. A short cut is being born there. I for one love the japanese culture and speak the language quiet well. All that is left is find a place in japan where they will except me. What do you wish to be?

coollary1 : I know right! I say forget them and do you.