Clair de Lune 4K Version - Moon Images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

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Emilio Fernandez : Sometimes I forget to look up at the moon, but when I do I realise that earth is not the only planet in the universe, it’s nice to see such detailed photos without having to fly to the moon :)

F A B : We need to go back now!!! Moon I miss u bb


cicci0salsicci0 : When Science meets Art

Raja Bandi : Can’t wait for live 4k human missions to moon 🌙 in 2020. 😍

Bree Araiza : Two of my favorite things, NASA and Piano. Not only is it piano but one of my favorite songs. Thank you NASA!

Esen Bulak : One day I'll go to the space...🚀

jeon jungminie : NASA... ARE YOU ARMY... this is BTS song LY EUPHORIA..

what am i doing with my life : Absolutely beautiful

Tefy Ü : La música esa composición es también la intro de Wonder _ Euphoria de BANGTAN . DÍGANME que no estoy loca. Las fases de la luna, las 8 esferas de Hollywood

BurnabyAlex : Since ESA has an Earth From Space series; have you considered having a 'Moon from Space' video series where an expert talks about some of the features... like, what's with the valleys at 4:05 ?

hntr177 : 5 minutes well spent. Thanks

Thomas Kovarik : How does this have dislikes???

kouno kouno : i want go to moon before im died...

Johnfortich Vista : Oh wow! We celebrate every month on a fullmoon. Try our best to go out on a date, a chance to look up and be mesmerized by the moon. This is beautiful.

EK2 : Anyone watched the movie *First Man* ?


Vinicius Harres : If there ever is a nation on the moon, I hope this song is it's anthem

BEN TENNYSON : I want to go😍😍😍😍

Daniel Skoog : While it might be a 3D model visualization, this is still remarkable and ridiculously beautiful.

Chrono Trigger : Claude Debussy ❤️

Jackie O'Reilly : I love how the Moon stirs up so many different emotions in so many people (...and some other wild life and coral ..) 💞🌚

PIXI 99 : Beautiful

Hann_ Bangtan : Euphoria 'Jungkook BTS' this scares me there are many theories. Are bts working with NASA? Hehe ok no but... AAAAAAAAAAAAH my head was going to explode

Joseph Agyepong : I like all the discoveries NASA has done over the past years like if you agree

I Rage A Lot : Thank you

Oleksandr Zubchenko : Very chilling, thanks a lot!

OsakaRose : *This was absolutely breathtaking! Beautiful images of the moon coupled with Debussy's Clair de Lune. It made me understand the composer's mind in a whole new way. Thank you, NASA, for merging science with music.*

SaraSmile : I use this song too in my moon videos! I can only dream of capturing this kind of footage. Ty NASA for this is beyond what words can describe! 💗

Victor Couto : Beautiful! I wish i could go there someday.

Wade’s Underworld : Wow that’s incredible, I can’t believe how many idiots think the moon is self illuminated... Also....NASA where’s my shill money?

craazyy22 : can anyone make a wallpaper out of this will wallpaper engine?

ahr vlogs : My Nikon P1000 can do better 😁

MrAirblown2009 : The moon is great , but why is NASA not mentioning whats happening on Mars ? The plumes of smoke rising and trailing out of some extinct volcano's. European Space Agency's recent pics of Mars show it .

Amilto Bairros : Beatifull song and Pictures

Meggy : There are probably the Lunar Module Descent Stages from the glorious Apollo era on some of those pictures, but it's so sad that we cannot see them :(

Gustavo Ferreira : Fantástico! Obrigado, NASA!

Jorge Moreira : This is absolutely incredible ... Thank you Nasa for providing these things to us! ❤️🇵🇹

stevenevents : The Sea of Tranquility is the belly button.

Aaack Aardvark : After this video I want to hug the moon. Thank you NASA.

Juan Francisco V.D. : Thanks a lot 👍 Really beautiful ❤

Dragoro : Oh. My. God. Besides the moon being my favorite celestial object, this video is everything to me. Give the top director and audio studio a raise. That's the work I hope to give someday. I am studying mechanical engineering and I am hoping to move into aerospace. I love space and I love our gorgeous planets. I want to design and build ships to allow anyone to come and see these amazing views! I am so jelouse of these views you captured and I am so happy you can share them here with us. I caught amazing views of the solar eclipse even including a view of the land around us with my drone. It was magical. Then I saw your view from the ISS and was jelouse again (I did catch the ISS on my camera watching the eclipse too!!). I am getting into arduino with the help of my physics teacher and I am designing a model rocket to be multistaged and using the arduino to control it as well as collecting data on the atmospheric pressure and tempurature and other such readings, whatever I can think of. My biggest goal is to get an audio device high as I can and when it comes back down, feed it through an oscilloscope and see if I can make something of it. I also prwctice some orbital mechanics and calculations using ksp as my "simulation" to see if my math is right. I do hope to put something around the moon with survailence equipment and land it on the moon remotely. I want to step on the moon, but first I want to see it with my own creation. I look up every night and bask in the light the moon provides and sit in darkness awaiting the next time when its path is not over the USA. Thank you for the video. It continues to inspire me to come make history!!!

Danny vill : Todos los cráteres tienen una copia cerca.

Larry Whittington : Amazing 😊

Baka Min : Euphoria

Frosty : Minecraft Edition


jnrc7979 : It's so beautiful ,I love watch the Mon when is full at night time is relaxing..

Ryoga hibiki : Más allá de que : MIENTEN en muchas ocasiones , CALLAN a sus empleados , OCULTAN información ; DEMORAN años en darla a conocer ««»» este vídeo está muy bueno , bastante bueno. También Sería bueno que salgan a la luz ésos vídeos que todos queremos ver .

Andra Borcan : Wow so cool