Principal's Office - Grinding at the School Dance
Principals Office Grinding at the school dance

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Random Name : Yo I’m unbelievably high rn and this is wayyyy to funny. Why are principles always bald

Ellene Nassar : 1:46 “ We’re amongst men here!” I think I died a little there. 😂😂😂

12746 Iwuryrhthi : Did this pop up in anyone else’s recommendations 2019?

Zanna Doodles : “we’re amongst men here” “and now we can pose for you” “I’m comfortable with myself, alright” “I love you” “I like your tie”

not cool : This is literally the most accurate depiction of high school seniors I've ever seen

Hugo Cabret : “Do you have anything else you’d like to share?” “I LOVE YOU” 💀💀😂😂

Cubicmau5 : We need a “the office” style show set in a high school and with students

An emo emu : “I was just bending over to tie my shoe and he’s stretching...” “okay we are so off task” comedy.

Blujay GFX : 4:05 Principal: “Do you have anything else that you want to share with me before I-“ Senior 1: “I love you...” Senior 2: “I like your tie” ... Principal: “I think we’re done”

Sir Quackerton : This is why a school version of the office would be gold. EDIT: I meant a the office (US) I don't find British humor hilarious at all. I'm talking about a show with hilarious dry humor, all teachers have an important role (while minors are minor yet recurring) in some way with the principal being the Michael Scott of it. A show where it shows how not to be a principal/teacher and how students can be quite ridiculous in our modern age. Nothing Cheesy like Mr Iglesia where the common subjects is protesting political issues (like feminism) and nothing like Bad Education where it's a private school because we all know that Public Schools can get much crazier. Nothing cringey like all the students are on their phone or there's always vaping in the bathroom. REALISM is the key. Nothing in the office seems unrealistic in some point of view and many who are in the office relate to it. And last point. We all know that high school is the funniest (first 3 letters as well) experience one can have. To anyone who's trying to make this a thing: If you want to see how real highschools are like to implement realism go to a random highschool and try to note every moment that you found to be gold. Also please don't make the show for kids as it should be more suited towards adults.

Spencer : *grabs tit* Principle: that’s too close Senior: but he’s a guy so what? Checkmate

Studio in the Woods : “I love you” “i like your tie” “get out” still reach for handshake before leaving

Deja Hatchett : Green shirt boi: *reaches to kiss the principals hand* Principal: dON't KiSs mE

Balei Marie : These guys deserve an Oscar for the amount of sarcasm I-

Dalton Filho : The chaotic neutral energy in this video is just too strong

Mike F. : was this in anyone’s recommended 7/2019?

nick costa : Video comes out 10 years ago. Youtube - *yea lets reccomend this video now*

bluejay lily : “Do you have anything you want to share with me before you go?” *”I love you” “I like your tie”*

KingBela : Use this comment as a “this suddenly popped up in my recommendations and I don’t know why“ button

Yop Yop : This looks like the office. You got Jim, Dwight, and bald Michael.

Ben Godwin : Dude in the green shirt looks like stiffler from American pie😂

Matthew Schwenker : They call in kids in front of national tv camera what the hell do you expect.

OKAK12 : I think every school had those two guys that were goof balls together. Haha

andygirl333 : "What if im just tying my shoe?" "And im just stretching behind him" Lmfao!! 😂😂

snags is bad : dont let this distract you from the fact lightning mcqueen lost a one lap lead in the piston cup

D-Shmoney : Those mfs funny as helllll lmfao idfk how the principal didn't die laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ian Curtis : YouTube said let's let this grade A video marinate for ten years

Christina Kiff : I love these two kids so much omg, my favorite thing ever.

Gaming G : Principal loved that idea of recording kids grinding 😂 #alerttt

MGoud15 : “What if I was just tying my shoes” lmaoooo I can’t with this 😂 “Meter stick away” “I don’t swing that way” This is too great 😂

Blizzard YT : “i am touching his but” “you didn’t see that”

Bailey Coppess : "this is so appropriate right now" I SCREECHED

Kimyana Brown : They left holding hands omfg 😂😂

Kent Schneider : You know the drill.... 2009: Don't recommend 2010: Not yet 2011: Nope 2012: Getting closer 2013: Nada 2014: Nuh uh 2015: ...closer... 2016: {enter synonym for no} 2017: Negative 2018: That's too close! 2019: YouTube's Algorithm Recommends

zay : "Dirty dancing" Lmfaoo his name prolly Kyle🤣

BombCom : YouTube: 2009 - nope 2010 - nope 2011 - nope 2012 - nope 2013 - nope 2014 - nope 2015 - nope 2016 - nope 2017 - nope 2018 - nope 2019 - RECOMMEND IT NOW!

Jackson Moore : no one: youtube recommendations ten years later: grinding at the school dance

Lunna Galaxys : “i’m touching his butt” “yOu didn’t see tHAt”

peachcarli : “You have anything to say?” “I love you” “Get back to class”

Chessguy : Wow it took me a while to realize they weren’t in trouble for grinding on each other at the dance

Taniablike 34 : did this just randomly pop into everyone else’s recommendations bahahh

Lighting Guy : New title: (Trailer for;) *Dude where's my car? HIGH SCHOOL!*

Jess : These dudes are my favourite people. Absolute smartass' but I love it so much omfg

Anna Pearl : This was only the beginning of a much scarier time...

Jack McDonald : Lol my school dances are literally just grinding the whole time.

i'm sad : The fact that they left holding hands was iconic.

Matthew Schwenker : Do kids still grind these days lol

Dana Cosman : 4:06 "Do you have anything else you wanna share?" "I love you" "I like your tie."

Alesio Deda : Nobody: YouTube recommendestions: 2009 nah 2010 nah 2011 nah 2012 nah 2013 nah 2014 nah 2015 meh... Nah 2016 nop 2017 no no 2018 NO 2019 Yasss🙏