A new tune in progress (more to come!)

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If you'd like to see more, be sure to like/comment/subscribe (it makes the algorithms happy and it's always super-encouraging to me)! I've never taken a break from making music but I definitely deal with mental blocks around making videos. Trying to get my head around making more without caring too much and just turning on the camera more. The goal is to upload WHATEVER more regularly - shorter, spontaneous, imperfect stuff - the stuff I'm already doing when nobody is watching and I'm in my zone. If you're weird and still buy albums, it goes a long way and I love you for that. Bandcamp is an awesome place to download/stream albums: https://goo.gl/fPH7qv ^^ also, if you look for it on that page, my whole discography (everything I've ever made) is 30% OFF Streaming links: Apple: https://goo.gl/oYhLhK Spotify: https://goo.gl/oYhLhK Buy on Google Play: https://t.co/YixifnAA35 Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/artist/all-songs/ronald-jenkees/ARJKpm77tXlqKkV Albums/Tees (every album shipped gets autographed first) https://www.ronaldjenkees.com/cd-store/ License my music for YouTube: https://www.ronaldjenkees.com/licensing/ Instagram (I upload music I'm working on) - https://www.instagram.com/rjenkees/ Super important business inquiries (or whatever else) - ronaldjenkees@gmail.com Thanks a million!!! -- PS. that album cover flash on the first second was an accident but makes for a good subliminal message. PSS. if a couple of parts on the end sound familiar, I'm messing with the Excitebike (NES) theme

Comments from Youtube

Stephen Patterson : Ronald Jenkees is the real deal. I remember emailing him years ago with questions about how to make music, and he responded back soon with sincere advice. He's down to earth and he makes great music. Been a big fan for years. Keep it up, man.

Okella Wood : Glad you're posting again. Really appreciate your music. ( raises drink) to your continued success

2pac The Tank Engine : I was in like 8th grade when I heard "throwing fire" and ever since I've just been thrilled every time I heard a new release. I'm 22 now and there are not a lot of artists who I can say I've listened to this consistently. You have never peaked, because as far as I can tell you have never declined - I hope you never have to stop doing what you love

M R : this dude 10 years ago was making bangers liek this... dude is and was ahead of his time

Chris Dunbar : I NEVER comment on YouTube videos, but it is SO good to see you back, Ronald! More please!

Delta BoXeR : The man the myth the legend. He returns. Youtuuubz

Dennis Barton : Alright, so listen. The last forty seconds of the video? It's sort of a miracle, the perfect distillation of the man. It's Ronald Jenkees Done Quick. An epic in three acts: first, he hits you with the Excitebike victory theme; then, he freestyles it, and lets the music take him where it may; then he wraps it up back into Excitebike, but throws that classic Jenkees Stank on it. To quote the man himself, "That's, that's... that's what it do, y'all."

SEVENTENLIFE : Love it! O.G. Youtuber still creating and sharing his gift. New work awesome and the Excitebike encore is dope. Thanks Ronald!

Shawn Busch : impressive jenk. has a good feel.

Loic Reviews : Missed you soooo much !!!

BigChols : I really REALLY wish you and Haywyre would get together and do produce a live song together

Shane Martins : Dope. Love the reference @1:42. Excitebike on the NES, right?

Robin Youngquist : I discovered you through Discover Weekly on Spotify, definitely a new fan! Your jam videos make my heart happy :)

Tim Helm : Man, I wish we were neighbors. Sounds good RJ!

Jack Carmichael : Just when you think a day can't get any better...Jenkees hits you with some fire

Jessy Gervais-Plante : You are the man who made me discover fl studio and music production and made me want to start creating music back in 2007 when I was 13 ! Till this day I still love to make music in fl studio as a hobby , it's also my go to place when I need to get things off my chest, I just let the emotions flow into music. You are my biggest inspiration !

kalta desmon : you always have the sickest beats. you have yourself a new customer sir.

Casey Seraphin : Yo homie, you're playin is phenomenal as always and glad to hear new stuff. Hoping part 2 will open a little space. First part is sick, but the background pad is a lot fuller than you usually play so it caught me off guard. Good luck closing it out.

Rocky A : We missed you brother. No one makes music like you You're amazing.

jtelliso : Let me go ahead and warm up the credit card in anticipation.

Anharie : i associate your music with some of the best parts of my life and some of the worst. i wouldnt change any of it. you have a talent, and i thank you for sharing it with us. keep on playing

Ambros Jie : yoooo that was frickin awesome. It's great to see you again!!!!!!!!

Dylon Murk : Glad to see you doing so well, I remember stumbling across you about a decade ago! Man time flies brother!

Ladykyra101 : HI RONNIE! Hope new album will be out soon. I'm having Ronnie withdrawals! ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ญ

Noojtxeeg : It's an amazing thing to be growing old alongside such a talented artist. I don't know you personally Ronald, but watching your stuff from the beginning till now is such a blessing.

Barry Bundles : Fire beat Ronald!! Keep at it amigo, your tunes are a light in my life, much love

Enrique Gomez : ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Long time follower. Keep up the amazing work!

Adam Stephens : YA! RonaldJenkees is back, thanks for posting again!

BMills97 : Dude please finish this one its super dope!! Great work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

DjDumoul : Your first videos actually inspired me to be the professional musician that I am today. Thank you bro

goodspeed29 : This is absolutely, unequivocally delicious.

Don Lawler : Hell yeah

jmswitze10 : Sick as always, man. Love the grooves!

JewToTheRescue : He said the thing again! Welcome back Jenkees, loved the excitebike jamming.

Anco77 : The King is back! Very nice, as always! Rhodes Deep was a blast my friend. Anyone who hasn"t yet checked it out, totally should! Keep 'em comin' Ronald, cheers.

Danyella Music : Welcome back! So nice to see a video from you again! Great tune ;-)

Ben Bir : Picking discography up today! See you next time King Jenkees!

Mark Hill : HECK YES!! Good stuff man! Looking forward to more

Gandalf : i always loved your life videos alot more then the studio cleand ones, love you!

DeePsix : This is sonic the hedgehog meets daft punk. Can I propose the title โ€œSonic Punkโ€?

Richard Bennett : Dude yes! More videos please!!!

BUGZ : thanks for deez goose robbi...i mean bumps

Vidmeister Dini : Thanks for the post ma dude. Really made my day!

cbmagician : I missed these videos! I love how your music gets right into it...no lengthy build up ๐Ÿ˜Š

ThatGuyWithTheFace : my brother got me a t-shirt of yours last christmas knowing i was a huge fan... i then realized he gave me a small box containing all 5 of your albums signed by you! it was a good christmas and i thanked him over and over and i came here to thank you! thanks for making such awesome stuff! hope mine can be just as jam-tastic when i start up here soon :)

Britt L : Ah! A new upload! My heart is all aflutter

Valentime : Ronald, blowing my mind once again - keep composing!! Love your style!

StickBender : Ronald, I have missed you. Thank you for the new video. I would love to jam with ya.

Druman19 : Duuuuuude! So glad you're posting again! That was siiiiiiiick