A new tune in progress (more to come!)

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Loic Reviews : Missed you soooo much !!!

Chris Dunbar : I NEVER comment on YouTube videos, but it is SO good to see you back, Ronald! More please!

2pac The Tank Engine : I was in like 8th grade when I heard "throwing fire" and ever since I've just been thrilled every time I heard a new release. I'm 22 now and there are not a lot of artists who I can say I've listened to this consistently. You have never peaked, because as far as I can tell you have never declined - I hope you never have to stop doing what you love

Okella Wood : Glad you're posting again. Really appreciate your music. ( raises drink) to your continued success

fossphur : I love watching you play :D

algenomen : "Hello youtubes". The joy of hearing that is overwelming.

Dennis Barton : Alright, so listen. The last forty seconds of the video? It's sort of a miracle, the perfect distillation of the man. It's Ronald Jenkees Done Quick. An epic in three acts: first, he hits you with the Excitebike victory theme; then, he freestyles it, and lets the music take him where it may; then he wraps it up back into Excitebike, but throws that classic Jenkees Stank on it. To quote the man himself, "That's, that's... that's what it do, y'all."

SEVENTENLIFE : Love it! O.G. Youtuber still creating and sharing his gift. New work awesome and the Excitebike encore is dope. Thanks Ronald!

The Methodus : That was amazing. Don’t know what else to say.

Stephen Patterson : Ronald Jenkees is the real deal. I remember emailing him years ago with questions about how to make music, and he responded back soon with sincere advice. He's down to earth and he makes great music. Been a big fan for years. Keep it up, man.

Anco77 : The King is back! Very nice, as always! Rhodes Deep was a blast my friend. Anyone who hasn"t yet checked it out, totally should! Keep 'em comin' Ronald, cheers.

Shawn Busch : impressive jenk. has a good feel.

Jessy Gervais-Plante : You are the man who made me discover fl studio and music production and made me want to start creating music back in 2007 when I was 13 ! Till this day I still love to make music in fl studio as a hobby , it's also my go to place when I need to get things off my chest, I just let the emotions flow into music. You are my biggest inspiration !

Delta BoXeR : The man the myth the legend. He returns. Youtuuubz

DiffrentEra : THAT INTRO - pfut pfut xD Awesome as always, wish you all best and cant wait for your music! Lova ya :D

Noojtxeeg : It's an amazing thing to be growing old alongside such a talented artist. I don't know you personally Ronald, but watching your stuff from the beginning till now is such a blessing.

BigChols : I really REALLY wish you and Haywyre would get together and do produce a live song together

Tim Helm : Man, I wish we were neighbors. Sounds good RJ!

Robin Youngquist : I discovered you through Discover Weekly on Spotify, definitely a new fan! Your jam videos make my heart happy :)

Orbitbrown : This video makes me want to vandalize my own house.

Nic Lastname : You're my biggest inspiration RJ! I've looked up to you for years as a musician, and I look forward to every new song/CD! I always buy 2 copies so that they're signed and then I give the other copy to my brother as a gift. :)

M R : this dude 10 years ago was making bangers liek this... dude is and was ahead of his time

Shane Martins : Dope. Love the reference @1:42. Excitebike on the NES, right?

Dylon Murk : Glad to see you doing so well, I remember stumbling across you about a decade ago! Man time flies brother!

DeePsix : This is sonic the hedgehog meets daft punk. Can I propose the title “Sonic Punk”?

Andy : your videos inspired me so much when I was younger. this is great!

lachie : I hope your doing good bro your music is insane I love it!

Richard Bennett : Dude yes! More videos please!!!

NotLikeThis : This is clean man. Glad to see you back at it again. Always listening to your old stuff, can't wait to hear some new stuff!

Jack Carmichael : Just when you think a day can't get any better...Jenkees hits you with some fire

Rocky A : We missed you brother. No one makes music like you You're amazing.

Kevin Ice : Get it Ronald Jenkees, I miss your jams. This one sounds so good!

Michael Law : Like the instagram snippets but youTube is your home...another awesome tune as usual, you get working at your leisure. We will still be here :)

Don Lawler : Hell yeah

Thrift Geek : The G O A T is back!

Barry Bundles : Fire beat Ronald!! Keep at it amigo, your tunes are a light in my life, much love

Takeshi Kovacs : yoooo that was frickin awesome. It's great to see you again!!!!!!!!

Dynamitarian : "Protection shield from modern decay, so listen to this song every day. and now I can easily say.. Ron, arpeggiate my sorrow, away ! " - Dynamis ©2015

UnawesomePossum : It's so good to see you again man. I love your music. I'm getting married in March next year and my fiancé and I are going to play Slow to Spring for our aisle song! P. S. Don't stop making physical CDs :) I have them all! (and signed too because my fiancé and I get your T-shirts)

jtelliso : Let me go ahead and warm up the credit card in anticipation.

DoctorSinister1987 : HEALTH & SAFETY INSPECTION: Sir, do you keep a fire extinguisher in that room? You need one. Also, are those keyboards over 18?

Haze Anderson : I love your beats man! They stay out of the way! xD

benaldo138 : Watching you jam out improv-style is the whole beauty of your videos! It doesn't need to be perfect; From one Ron to another I say keep up the fun!

BMills97 : Dude please finish this one its super dope!! Great work👍🏾👍🏾

DjDumoul : Your first videos actually inspired me to be the professional musician that I am today. Thank you bro

cbmagician : I missed these videos! I love how your music gets right into it...no lengthy build up 😊

Gandalf : i always loved your life videos alot more then the studio cleand ones, love you!

ThranWarMachine : Nice to see you back again! Love the preview at the end!

dtiydr : Masters at work..

ThatGuyWithTheFace : my brother got me a t-shirt of yours last christmas knowing i was a huge fan... i then realized he gave me a small box containing all 5 of your albums signed by you! it was a good christmas and i thanked him over and over and i came here to thank you! thanks for making such awesome stuff! hope mine can be just as jam-tastic when i start up here soon :)