Smashing a Vacuum Chamber Under Water—Is There a Bubble?

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Ron JL White : Hit the rod with a hammer. No air will be introduced to the experiment.

cuckoo head : video starts at 2:10

Justin Y. : Deja Vu, I've seen a similar video before...

PressTube : Damn! This is an awesome video my friend!!

Jase Poag : Wish we could have seen it without the outside air being introduced by the rebar.

Tim Michaels : Hey, same action takes place in my stomach after eating Taco Bell. 😶 _Yo Quiero Taco Bell_

Indian Technical : Sir today is my birthday 🎂🎂

vcval : Will you be doing it again with the rod already in the water so no air is introduced ?

J Bolo : And that's why I don't like submarines

SimpleGamerMC : First comment

Alex Maxwell : The balloon represents my mind when I learn something new in science

Wesley Hutcheson : That moment when you try to be first, but you get an unskippable ad!

jiberish001 : I was disappointed. I would really like to see this redone without the captured air from the rod. Simply place the rod into the water before putting force behind the rod to smash the glass. IMO the captured air ruined this experiment.

Marlenka 677 : I love you your awesome 😊😊😊

Momma O : wow that was way cool! l loved it and l was surprised there was no sound too, Amazing! Gotta get me a subscription box, hey wait, l'm your mom, just give me one :)

Gonzalo Rios ley : Thanks for showing the world how fun science can be!! Hii from Spain

Galactic Kitten Universe / Kitten clans TCG : i ordered the subsciption box :)

Flávio Kobori Noguti : can you do it again, but instead of punching it with the rod/rebar, you could have let the rod/rebar rest one the glass and hammer the rod/rebar to break the glass

electronicsNmore : Results are just as expected.

SlimeMCPlays Mendoza : What would happen if you fly a drone in the vacuum

Brucey : *Love These Videos!!*

Glitch : I love your videos, Action Lab! :D

Mr. Nicholas : You shouldn’t have jammed the rod into it like that. You should have set the rod on the glass jar and then hammered it lightly on the other side. It would have stopped all the bubbles from the rod showing up. The test would have been a lot more accurate this way.

Eyebrows McGee : I thought it was awesome on the overhead view how the waves traveled inward in a square shape when the jar broke

JQuery : 1 like = 1 push up

DoubleJ : Do it again and rest the rod on the glass jar and hit the rod with a hammer. Let’s see it without air being introduced or brought in. It still looked cool though in slow motion.

DanuBima29 : Deja Vu, I've seen Justin Y. before....

Quality Weirdness And Memes : Hey look I have a comment someone might notice

William Lanier : First

Arun Kumar : As expected it imploded.

Mystic Dragon EX : Hi guys 29th view and btw Amazing video Action Lab

Purifier Phoenix The Mecca : now put pressure inside the jar until it bursts.

Vysakh Suresh : First.

PGRFN : Interesting

August Nyblom : You are awesome.

Tech SE7EN : *How much FPS does a human eye see?*

Ali_Army107 : now break it out of water!

Keaton MacKenzie : This is gonna be a cool experiment

Rikke Richard : Second

Donald Mach : You put a balloon in the jar to confirm a vacuum was forming. What would have happened if it was a small water balloon?? 🤔

Lucy Kay : Literally the best channel on Youtube

DaNiEl_LeE : Hola Can u speak español

Pro Player 1⃣ : I doubt there is a bubble

Michael Parker : Now you should break a small vaccume chamber filled with water inside a large vaccume chamber without water.

Naruto Uzuchiha : Lol 3 firsts...ha ha

Runner_Will : What happens when you break a vacuum chamber inside a vacuum chamber

Nisha Gupta : Yo

Joey Melo : I hate it when people: Like their own comments, Reply to themselves, and Do this *Read More*

Johnny Pant : Open underwater the Vacuum Chamber's lip, not the pipe.

Joe Takacs : You've gotta redo this in a deeper chamber so the device used to break the glass does not introduce air into the experiment.