Andrew "Dice" GAY

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Diego : Patrice tried to get one in there, but this is Ant's territory

Jordannadroj20 : "I'm the Dice Man... lover"

mischiefmikeyo : hearing patrice laugh is the cure for cancer

OneBagTravel : The ability to spoof his material on the spot is impressive. 10/10 impression.

Aj Citizen : 2018 and this shit still has me dying laughing!

Parchoozles : So when does Andrew Dice Clay stop talking so Ant can start doing his impression??

Peter Helson : It doesn't even rhyme! It just happened that way!

Eemonwolfgangpoindexter : Unbelievably funny ,Anthony does dice better than dice !

Nick Egus : Best Dice impression hands down

Tom O : God damn Anthony's impression is perfect.

Jacob Henry : little boy blew... It was me OHHH

Ryan 9000 : Ant firing on all cylinders :D

xyzct : Anthony is just so damn versatile. I think he might be the most effortlessly funny person ever.

calebzbleeding : I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe when I first heard this at work

Crank And 808 : Ah gushhhhh right in my face!

Wiggysan Wiggysan : Pure Ant *GOLD*

3 Shot Tim Knight : 5:47 Ants *uughghhughuguhguuuu*

Albert EinsteinJr : I remember the first time I heard this. I had tears in my eyes. classic.

nickderonde : But he's probably a sweet man. Lol

natep96 : I think about this whenever i need a laugh

Will Ras : That's a pic of Jon Stewart

J S : "I'm over I'm over queer!"

SoundboyEric : patrice laugh likes a black girl here

Daniel Duvall : 3:27 it's me and a friend...still in 2018 it gets me!!

BrentDR : Patrice bombs this whole bit

bae arthur : "How do I...*gags* GgggGgg!

¤T'CHALLA¤ : Damn this shit was hilariously savage! 🤣

John Nord : To me this is the funniest O&A bit ever.

Max Julien : Lol,,lol,, fucking

Benji Berigan : This is a masterpiece. I listen to it often.

DaBossk : is that actually adrew dice clay making fun of himself?? it sounds exactly like him lol

itstime toparty : Ant is one of the greatest comic minds to ever live. One of them

Canuckpirate : Oh God, I'm dying. I lost it like 5 seconds in. This is the hardest I've laughed in months. Spot fucking on

Scott Tomblin : I cant believe Opie didnt kill the bit this time

Pat Tanackered : Which way?........ UP THE ASSSS!!!!

Drumber Gunnerer : Miss this show. So stupid funny. O'Neal was so damn funny as well, miss that dude..

steve f : "What could I say, I love to cum!"

shnoop123 Jimbo : This cocksucka ant banged a hammer against a nail for 15 years and all of a sudden is a comic genius what a miracle

Hasan Kavakci : 3:28 ROFLMAO

TheCrusaderRabbits : I'm dying.

Six Lowa : Its a sweet precious gift lmfaooooooooooooo

Dre Day : Jesus Christ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Eric Nulph : 3:28 " two faggots walk in a bar. It's me and a friend. It's not even a joke here." Priceless xD

Keith Hodge : Lmao

Nick Rodriguez : Patrice is soo annoying here.

wizkid8205 : Classic

Daniel Hartle : Funny as Hell

Christina Bako : Ants a Monster !!

MoratheImpaler : Patrice O'Squeal

Cash T : hilarious