My 9/11 : Video from the streets of Manhattan.
My 911 Video from the streets of Manhattan An entirely nearly uncut hour of on the ground dialogue between New Yorkers after the planes hit

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'My 9/11' shows what it was like to be on the streets in New York City on September 11, 2001. For 9/11 stories and folklore, visit Please note: This video was shot as 9/11 happened. Folks on the street did not know all the details about what was going on. We were all in shock. All kinds of things run through your head during an event like that and we all processed the day's events in our own way. Before you start commenting negatively about the subjects in the video, consider what you did on 9/11. What action did you take? Did you eat? Talk? Sit in front of a TV? Cry? Try to make sense of it all? If you weren't there or weren't alive yet, then you have no idea what kind of reaction you would have had and you have no idea what kind of a lasting impact it has on you emotionally. It really saddens me to see folks trolling on the people who lived through 9/11. So, I'm asking that you respect everyone in this video--however absurd you feel they may be. Life is short and precious. Please don't hate. Thank you.


Sir Rasputin : This vid deserves an Oscar. This is humanity and how humans work at its finest.

Dark Humour : I was surprised to find a guy taking the time to illustrate the disaster, at 5:27

Jules Lovett : Just so everyone knows- evidence points to the Rita in this video having survived. The only victim named Rita was Rita Blau, 52, whose husband was much older than the one in this video. She also had no sons, which means its unlikely that she was the Rita the man in this clip was referring to. We may never know for sure, and either way my heart breaks for the Rita who didn't survive.

rollercoasterlove94 : Wierd how the rumors spread. Chicago getting hit, iranians shooting people from cars, all rumors. Manhattan was just a huge game of telephone at this point

RugbyDemon6789 : wise black guy at 33:40 "how can you declare war on something you cant see" some of the most intelligent commentary came from this guy and the group he was with

C Elaine : I really hope he found Rita. :(

Ilaadrien Evenstarr : the people at 21:10 are what I consider to be good people.  That man realizing and saying they are going to need volunteers and you can see he is determined to be one of them...thank you to that man

SenninVideos : 19:06 - "life is so strange"...

Sexyaka19 : I got chills from the guy screaming 'Rita'....not knowing where your loved one is.

sharon haluska : Am i the only person who watched the whole thing without skipping

b dee : This is absolutely fascinating, seeing such a different world. Smoking indoors, film and discs instead of memory cards.... No cell phones pointed at the towers etc. it's a whole different viewpoint than I've ever seen of 9/11 before. Thank you for sharing. I especially enjoyed the man playing guitar and the bird in the water. Great juxtaposition.

The Luftwaffle : This feels like a video game. Walking around to npcs triggering conversations. Unbelievable. RIP to everyone who died.

Sonia L. : "i dont want to get a soda, i want my parents" OH MY GOD. horrible

Willie Stroker : When the guy was shouting for Rita just after the 23:00 minute mark, that was hard to watch.

Clothilde : This is a wonderful documentary. You have captured the real-time reaction of the general public to the terrible, unexpected events that unfolded that day, including the hearsay and rumours that followed. It's a fascinating anthropological record of real people reacting to a globally-significant historical event. Historians are gonna love you! Well done - great piece of work. My respect and sorrow to all of the people who suffered and died as a result of those attacks. Peace from Scotland. x

Lurking YT Since 2007 : What would be pretty cool, if the filmer still lived in New York, would be to retrace his steps from this video and film how much the area has changed in 14 years.

yee yee : My mother was an accountant in the building on the 43rd floor if I remember right. We lived in a townhome about a mile away maybe and I was only 6 years old. I remember waking my father up because everyone was yelling outside and i was very annoyed lol. and he opened the front door and immediately ran back in and tried to call her. She didn’t answer at first so he put me on his shoulders and started running down the street screaming her name. It wasn’t until two hours later when we finally found her. She had slammed into the back of a taxi at a stop light a block away and left her car and was forced to evacuate a certain way with the crowd. She was so lucky to have been spared. Since then we have lived in Baytown Texas. A town right outside of Houston.

Come Flag with Me : I'm glad you recorded people's comments. It's so sad, chilling and interesting to hear what others say. The guy saying he was going to sign up for war.

Wolff Bachner : David, for a good many years I reported on wars and wrote a column on the Middle East. When I hit 60, I decided I had enough of death and destruction up close and personal, and I I was hired as the Head Editor of a major news website. I mention this because I want to sincerely compliment you on what I found to be the most brilliantly understated and moving coverage of 9/11. I don't know if you have a background in journalism or film, but you have a gift. It is a very rare and precious talent to be able to get so intimate with a terrible tragedy, yet not to intrude or offend. I salute you for a very touching and important record of one of history's pivotal moments. Thank You, David,.for making this video record of the day America changed forever.

FDrewz : Guy at 18:00 is a complete tool. Who cares he bought it for that much, think about those in the buildings.

Sam Shiiv : Pretty interesting to see all the different perspectives of people as it happened. Almost documentary like, not what you see on news stories and whatnot. You did a great job with this.

Behind Star Wars : How have I only just seen this? Incredible view into that day. Incredible. This is a historical record

Chris F : the free water guy made me cry

barnesfam : Interesting to see the guy at 5:27 painting.

Josh Josh : "Hope he's got Insurance"

Chris neverforget911 : My brother in law Col. David Scales died on this day in the Pentagon. We miss him tremendously.

HANSU : One of the most fascinating videos about 9/11 I have seen so far. Haven't seen a video which catches the reactions of people so well. Great awareness to make a video like this at such a surreal moment.

WhoCares : People spoke to each other differently 15 years ago.

SAMUEL : 18:00 thats not the real tragedy of this.

Guercinator : This footage, while haunting, is really quite brilliant. Kudos, David. 

Bob Sacamano : lol at 11:49. Biggest terrorist attack on America, still get distract by a woman!

Mr Wolfe : Incredible to think that this event started a domino effect of wars and battles that lasted over a decade and still has its ripples today in terrorism...

Javier Rodríguez : "Life is so strange".

Fernando Graça : 3:03 SHE WAS SO RIGHT!

GeneralShoggoth : Woman at 3:03 is the most perceptive person in the whole video.

Unicorn101 : OMG, the man after 23:20 yelling/screaming RITA just broke my heart! I hate this! :(

Metropolis Noir : Of all the 911 videos online, this is my favourite. Pure, raw reactions. Many chilling shots; The guy drawing the burning tower, the little blonde girl being held by her dad (presumably). The dialogue reflects perfectly how ALL of our minds were racing with shock and panic, trying to make sense of what was going on.

Trixaone : 17.99 Dollars for one mini-dv tape? Those were the days....

djaceman123 : You must have Superman-like hearing to catch all of the dialogue. What a horrible day, but great footage. Very raw, very real. Thanks for this.

Melina Mercury darling : 32:00 poor little girl breaks my heart :( I hope her parents were okay.

lindsey : This is amazing footage. NY'ers are unlike any other people in the world. God bless

M Fitzburger : 35:50 "Why hello there. May I be able to help you through this difficult time with my rendition of Wonderwall?"

Cream794 : This is facinating. A perspective of someone on the ground filming the aftermath. Wow. Thank you David.

DangAssDan : David, excellent coverage. People tend to neglect the little things about that day which make everything come together. I applaud you, sir.

SwissMarksman : 4:50 wonder if he really signed up

FLYpaper Creative : I wanna see that guy's painting

nocturnal 10101 : Thank you for this video. Incredible to see this type of footage, you did a service by recording this piece of history, and in a true documentarian style, no bias, just recording what people were saying and doing.

LauraIsPink : 31:59 the little kids crying breaks my heart. I hope that girls parents were ok.

Jules Freis : 34:20 They started early