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No. : Your work never ceases to amaze me. Excellent job.

Colorband : Really nice - I like the Amoco one especially.

Nick Lancer : Are these all your animations? If so then they're very impressive!

NextG : I absolutely love these. They all look straight out of the 1970s and 1980s, right down to the optical backlit and shine effects which are REALLY hard to pull off in the digital environment. I am literally blown do you do it?!

zyber9 : This pretty awesome, you should do more retail logo compilations.

VJRabbit - 태석진 : L E T S G O S H O P P I N G

Skyler Mcfadden : Very astonishing! What program did you use to make these?

Dilly Mackey : Did you make these back in the 1980s/1990s?

PixelKnight : A E S T H E T I C

PajamaFrix : I assume you used Blender?

Pokemario Fan : Love how it's kinda synced to the music, especially the Circuit City one.

domer : Alan Grant please do more But in VHS Videos (latest movie trailers in pan and scan)

Christian Velez : Is this your own music?

Dilly Mackey : Song name?

Samuel K : Awesome sauce, man.

Dilly Mackey : Actual song name?

MarioBrosFTWBowserFTL : retail but it transfers from DVD to VHS tape.

Flowermanvista : My God, I never would have thought you all made these if I hadn't found it out from another comment - I thought these were all real! Amazing work.

CrashOveride : the authenticity of these logos from the originals is AMAZING. excellent work!

KK Akuoku : The chromatic aberration on some of these is the icing on the cake, especially the Eckerd one, which looks delicious. Is it true you used Premiere for the shine effects, and if so, how was that done?

Brendan Heavin : You are probably one of the best channels I've ever found that does this sort of thing. I love this sort of retrofuturistic stuff and you have it nailed to a T. I'm no expert with Blender so I have to ask, how do you pull it off? Especially the Toys 'R' Us one, what exactly is that "dissolving trail" effect?

jonker : The Sears one at 1:40 is just 👌👌👌

tannerin : how on earth do you have time to do all this? it’s super cool

Rohan Bhatnagar : Can you please do car logos as the VHS video?

OmegaPC777 : Cool work! : )

Yohanes Salomo : What was made with?

Victor Hugo Ochoa : Good!

LeonardoDeCraprio : Amazing

D.J. Mankiewicz : These are really impressive, wow.

Travelling TARDIS : 1:46 *number 15*