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Kyle Leurband : Really nice - I like the Amoco one especially.

No. : Your work never ceases to amaze me. Excellent job.

태석진 : L E T S G O S H O P P I N G

Dilly Mackey : Did you make these back in the 1980s/1990s?

PixelKnight : A E S T H E T I C

Dilly Mackey : Song name?

Dilly Mackey : Actual song name?

Samuel Kosch : Awesome sauce, man.

Domer Lunario : Alan Grant please do more But in VHS Videos (latest movie trailers in pan and scan)

Christian Velez : Is this your own music?

PajamaFrix : I assume you used Blender?

Nick Lancer : Are these all your animations? If so then they're very impressive!

Skyler Mcfadden : Very astonishing! What program did you use to make these?

GarfLarf : Kmart (still here) Amoco (defunct in 2008, apparently revived in 2017) Sears (still in the US but defunct in Canada) Albertsons (still here) JCPenney (still here) Circuit City (of course defunct since 2009) Texaco (still here) Publix (still here) Bradlees (defunct in 2001) Gemco (defunct) Zayre (defunct in 1990) Toys R Us (filed for bankruptcy in 2017 but not defunct… yet) Sears (Visit our new store at the Madison Square Mall) Burger King (still here of course) RadioShack (survived bankruptcy in 2015, still here) ECKE℞D (defunct in 2007) Blockbuster (everyone knows what happened) Lowe's (still here) Gooding's (???) Kmart (1990)

Rohan Bhatnagar : Can you please do car logos as the VHS video?

tannerin : how on earth do you have time to do all this? it’s super cool

Yohanes Salomo : What was made with?

LeonardoDeCraprio : Amazing

20thCenturyVictor : Good!

OmegaPC777 : Cool work! : )

D.J. Mankiewicz : These are really impressive, wow.

zyber9 : This pretty awesome, you should do more retail logo compilations.