Cooking By The Book [EXTENDED] ft. Lil Jon and Cupcakke (HD)

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BlastoiseBoy 1 : I was about to kill myself then I found this.

Ichigoblack123456789 - The Walking Dead : Best vídeo ever

Shady Bitch : My uncle: What's so funny? Me : Do you REALLY wanna know? (He doesn't visit so much anymore)

Braydxne : honestly the best song I've heard

Cupcakke Is Queen All hail Cupcakke : You know you can't be lazy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

YYomaa : This cured my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Billy : This deserves a Grammy way more than anything Beyonce ever did.

jared Blood : Where is this appropriate to play? Funeral? Kids party? Wedding? Orgy?

KENNETH : WOW Extended version of that important video exists! I'm so happy was not being lazy for search ^0^

jared Blood : This should be called "You stepped yo game up in the wrong cook book - Stephanie Meanswell and Lil Jon, ft. Cupcake"

ItzSelfyy : I've listened to this to many times 😂😂

Some Dude : why am I drawing Pink Stephanie x Lil Jon fanart?

Sad Dragon : What has my life come to where this is legitimate entertainment for me?

Bradley Rodgers : This cured my erectile disfunction

Kai C-M : Why does this work

Jebron Lames : like if this song is better than jake paul.

OTDinosaur Scrubs : Everything was all calm and then suddenly it just cuts to a big black woman wearing a bathing suit with breast holes cut out and tape over her nips rubbing a banana between her toes and I just lost it

Sunalee : I'm in love. (PS : Cupcakke is really frightening.)

Superwin9000TV : honestly they need to air this on Nick Jr

skrenja : I hope this makes a full comeback. One of my first loves on youtube. An instant classic.

Xsilly : I think I just lost some of my brain cells...

Birdistheword 12 : Not quite sure if my childhood had been ruined or *ENHANCED*

Sara Marine : My childhood is ruined , but my teenage hood just got so much better

Gareth Reus : Well meme'd

Sangyoon Sim : 1:12 is the best

lt118436572 : Kanye's gotta be behind this

Tamia Whittaker : So ... there is a god

Raymond McGuire : How the hell did I get here? I should be studying for the biggest test of my life, but instead I'm listening to this on repeat.

Time Jumper : How is it possible? This sounds so good😂

KetchupPops : WTF am I watching this?

Reddie Is best ship : I only listen to real music 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Leann Navarrette : They all lit asf

Haley Hock : can someone make this into a ringtone?

Chad Callander : It's goes so well together tho

Haley Hock : I can't stop listening to this lol

Karma : This is the mashup I didn't know I needed in life

Ambrosia : We need more cupcakke i think

ToxicCircuit : Why did they forget to feature Jacob Sartorius in the title, he is clearly in the vid.

Jv : My life is complete :(

CandyDroppop100/ Potato Queen : this was the best thing that happened in life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Bella W : I need to put this in the middle of class

Clorox Bleach * : This is the future of music


HeyItsEchoes : This is what you call art

thegreatcalvinio : When a homie says you're hood but you still want to be a really useful engine...

C18 : I think I swallowed twins

Jackson Catlett : This is so much better than the music on the radio these days 😍

no name : What did I just watch.

Alyssa M : Friend: why is there Lazy Town on one of your playlists? Me: I don’t know, play the song *20 seconds later* Friend: BEST SONG EVER!!!

Bait n Tackle Fishing : #PlayThisAtMyFuneral