Mark Osborne's MORE
More This 6 12 minute stop motion short film is a masterpiece

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Nominated for an Academy Award and awarded the Best Short Film at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, MORE is a stop-motion mixed-media short film written and directed by Mark Osborne, the co-director of Kung Fu Panda and the upcoming animated feature film based on the iconic book The Little Prince. MORE tells the story of an old, tired inventor as he struggles through joyless life in a drab and passionless society, leading the same cold and colorless existence accepted by the identical drones around him. At once tortured and inspired by his dreaming of and yearning for his younger carefree days, he struggles to finish the invention he hopes will give his life meaning and worth. His world, and the world of those around him, is transformed when his secret invention is completed. However, his subsequent success does not come without sacrifice. The inventor realizes that the true essence of his inspiration cannot be manufactured... Available on DVD along with an hour long making of documentary called MAKING MORE at Also available on iTunes! CREDITS: Writer and Director: Mark Osborne Producer: Steve Kalafer Co-producers: Debra Callabresi, Kelly Moren Line Producer: Shannon Lowry 70mm Prod. Supervision: IMAGICA USA Inc., Kelly Moren Production Designer: Rick Orner Puppet Construction: David J. Candelaria Stop-Motion Animators: Mark Osborne, David J. Candelaria, Nick Peterson Set & Model Builders: David J. Candelaria, Nick Peterson, Joe Schmidt Cinematography and Camera Department: Keith Lowry Cel Animation Designer: Lorelei Pepi Cel Animation Director: Jenny Walsh Cel Animators: Lea Zagury, Rick Potts, Marcos Magalhães Post-Prod. Supervisors: Debra Callabresi, Kelly Moren, IMAGICA USA Inc., RPG Digital Effects Supervisor: Debra Callabresi Digital Art & Effects: Ben Matsunaga, Kelly Moren Sound Effects Editor: Jeremy Pitts Re-Recording Mixer: Peter Carlstedt Negative Cut: Ron Johnson Color and Prints: Consolidated Film Industries Music: New Order, "Elegia." Written and produced by New Order, Engineered by Michael Johnson, Distributed by Warner Bros. Records, Inc. © 1985 Qwest Records. Additional End Credit Music: Ben Decter Production Services: California Institute of the Arts, Consolidated Film Production Services Donated by: California Institute of the Arts, Consolidated Film Industries, Dream Quest Images, KODAK Motion Picture Film, Graphic Films, Image G, IMAGICA USA Inc., Iwerks Entertainment, RPG Productions Inc., Swell Productions Special Thanks To: Mario Allen, Tom Attencio, Tom Barron, Bob Beitcher, Chris Blum, Jamie Caliri, Kevin Clark, Maureen Claypool, Jon Corfina, Edwin Escalante, Larry Fagan, Rick Gordon, Cathy Hair, Wendy Jackson-Hall, Ron Johnson, Tim Knapp, Dick Larson, Alec Lorimore, Alan Markowitz, James Manke, Katherine Mervine, Andrew Millstein, Mike Mitchell, Paloma Navarette, Ammiel Najar, Paul Novoros, Jeff Osborne, Kent Osborne, Paulette Osborne, Julie OʼNeil, Andrew Oran, Dave Palomaren, Jose Parra, Sarah Peterson, Brian Peterson, Sean Phillips, Christopher Reyna, Tim Sassoon, Scott Shepley, Susan Simpson, Jonathan Silsby, Ron Wangler, Miriam Yagi


Nicktendo360 : I feel incredibly deep emotion whenever I watch this.

HeroesNStuff : Such a powerful stop motion. Probably the best one I have ever seen.

Andrew Dale : In my opinion one of the best short videos of the pre-Youtube age. Will live in my memory til' I die. Respect.

Kyle's House of Wayward Sinners : I love this. To this day. For all time. I had to stop stranger things and watch this. That song will always be More to me.

Mario Janušić : I remember when I was young, my life was so simple. I was happy most of the time. But now when I am older things have changed. I have to get up early in the morning every day and go for work. But still, something burns inside of me and I cannot get grasp of it. And I continue with my life, working in a factory. Each passing day looks the same. People around me, buildings, surrounding; everything feels so distant. Everyone want to escape this reality and be happy, even for a minute. When I want to be creative, life somehow brings me down again. One day at work, my boss yells at me and I take my break earlier thinking if this life has any purpose left. But I feel that burning sensation again, and I know there must be more to life then this. And it strikes me! I know what I need to do! I run to my home and start to work hard on my idea. It didn't take long before I succeeded. My invention made the world look as a better place. Everyone wanted one for themselves! I suddenly become very rich, even in charge of my own factory. But sooner then I realize it, I become the same greedy person that yelled at me not so long ago. And I am so completely immersed in my glory, I forget why I was doing this in the first place. My fire is now gone. It was sucked right out of me. Suddenly, I hear a distant child's play. I look at them and realize that all this time I was moving away from my dream of being a happy person again. It is further away from me then ever before...

Chamona2533 : The music is what really makes this film powerful imo

foofoothesnoo123456 : I think the fact that the bliss resembles an LSD trip is a really clever analogy relating to the fact that the main character's happiness eventually ran out, like a drug trip.

T Zokaie : As best as I can tell, and I could be wrong. This is about finding happiness within. The inventor worked a dead end job for the system, all the while dreaming of happiness. He thought if I could capture it and sell it; I could be rich, I could be the boss and I would be happy. So he invested his life and happiness into making the product, he became the boss, and rich by creating the illusions of happiness. At the end he found the price he paid was his happiness. His invention and being rich and powerful did not make him happy. It's about the illusion we as adults buy into that makes us think if we could only be richer, and be the boss, be powerful we will be happy. And once we have achieved it, then we realize that we traded our happiness to get it. But hey that is just my take on it

The Physicality Channel : It's not about virtual reality, "the system", "being rich", or any such nonsense. This is about being careful what you do with your creative gifts. When you sell out, you may lose them forever. This happens to writers, for example, when they write the first book and it becomes a great success, and then a publisher wants them to write the second book to make more money, and they have less enthusiasm now, and with the third book, etc, they become more and more like a robot stamping out a specific type of content on demand. They're proficient, but that fire of creativity is gone. All the programmers working in Electronic Arts, Activision, etc, who are just cogs in titanic machines cranking out Call of Duty 17: Supermodern Ultrawarfare, don't have the ability to channel their creativity anymore. When I worked in software company for over a decade, I couldn't work on my games. Too similar to the lifeless coding tasks I did at work... associated with the tomes of nonsensical standards and regulations... That's why I quit.

Ruairoquai : We can never regain the carefree joy of youth, okay. Thanks for that depressing reminder.

SANITIZED, INC. : Greatest 6 1/2 minute film of all time. Been a massive fan of this thing since I first saw it on IMAX in the late 90s. Swoon.

Alex Handro : Wow, this was incredibly deep and thought provoking

Iliana Soul : La felicidad auténtica está en nuestro niño interior <3

Вадим Поляков : This is the MASTERPIECE!!!!

chainbanger13 : I've been looking for this video so looong!!!

evilmidget : I've been hunting down this video for years. When I first saw it, I was about 10 years old going on 11. It was before Adult Swim took over the graveyard time slots for Cartoon Network, back when Toonami was still around as well as Toonami Midnight Run. It aired on August 31st 2001 and was hyped the entire month. At the time, I was the most interested in hearing The Gorillaz for the first time as well as the full music videos of Daft Punk. I was not, however, expecting to see this extremely moving animated short at the end of it all. Instead of the music you hear here, it was set to Hellbent by Kenna. I'd like to think that night changed me. It changed my perspective on music and a lot of other things. It made me a Gorillaz fan before Demon Days made it "cool" to be one. But more than anything else, this video tied everything together. It's a message that should be heard throughout the ages, especially in today's corporate landscape, and should be looked upon as a cautionary tale.

Gazia M : The best short film I've ever seen. I still feel the same deep depression after watching it for the first time.

Mookae5 : Kojima you gave me flashbacks to this. Thanks.

Marcus LaPorte : i couldn't remember the name of this, but found it immediately when i searched "short film with trippy goggles"

Cracky Sr : I think the thing that I take from this the most is the end. The narrator has made this product 'Bliss' for himself and everyone else to cope through every day living to make it bearable and enjoyable, but the kids at the end don't need this illusion, life is already bliss for them.

Ariel Rocks5 : .......greatest......short......ever.

Ole Tange : I recently watched More, Vanilla Sky, Inception, Surrogates, Total Recall, The Matrix. While there are a lot of thing I do not like about those movies, they circle around an important question: Given the choice would you choose to be happy for the rest of your life? Bhutan has a Gross National Happiness Commission that oversees legislation, so that legislation does not decrease the national happiness. Whether it works in practice I do not know, but I honestly believe it is important. For a short time I consulted for a company that focused on customer’s satisfaction. Everything else was secondary. And there is some truth to it: If the customer got a crappy solution, but was satisfied, then that is better than a customer who got a perfect solution but was dissatisfied. Dan Gilbert demonstrates that happiness can be synthetic. His lecture made me actively commit to choices – and not try to undo a choice where the alternative would only be marginally better. Also I actively stop myself when I start thinking “if I had only done this or that, then everything would be better,” and instead accept the way things are now. The movies considers different techniques for making you happy: Glasses, entering a dream world, implanted memories. I don’t really see these techniques would look in reality, and Dan Gilberts synthetic happiness only goes so far. But what if you could be drugged into happiness? Except from the bad side effects cocaine and heroine seem to give its users happiness. So what if you could make a drug that would give you the same high every time and which had no side effects? Or an implant that will give you a boost of happiness at the push of a button? What do you want from life – deep down? When I ask people they tend to answer: “I want to be rich/famous/powerful/have a family”. And why: “Because then I will be happy.” But what if we could short circuit that, so you can be happy without going the indirect way?

Behon : A big thank you to Mark Osborne for directing both my favorite animated short in More and my favorite Dreamworks film in Kung Fu Panda. Your work has given me joy and the drive to work on my own artistic projects. Very interested to see The Little Prince when it gets wide release as well.

DiePimmelkuh : I think it is stupid to think that this movie is just about one specific thing. It's about the life in our society, the dream and reality of being successfull, and our inner happiness and dreams. I think It's also about capitalism. The 'Bliss'-Glasses also could be a car, a smartphone or a other product. Important is that even if these things seem to make us happier, we as a person are not. So this movie shows us that we always have to chase the real happiness and not this capitalistic happiness

JT : Maybe Kojima saw this and thought "This is what my career has become." Hence why he decided to use this song in the MGSV E3 2015 trailer.

peterbaugh51 : A powerful short movie about materialism for material sake. Great music, much hard work to put this together. A great commentary on the sad people that think material goods, money, will bring happiness. Very insightful. This movie is not anti-materialistic. It is just an observation - of an aspect of human nature for some. Not all people value material over real happiness.

EricWeberFilm : I always thought the Kenna music video for 'Hellbent' was made for the song because it fit so well. This just blew my mind that it was it's own short film

The Answer : A perception now that I have after watching this video again after a long time is, that I now see a man desperately searching for happiness, he reminisces about a time when he felt so free, so full of life. He goes to work everyday unhappy, looks around him see's so much products and advertisement that feed us that emotion that we all desire, tho there is still a piece he feels inside that is missing, he is in desperate to try to find that key ingredient that once made him full of life, he tries to find a way to change and bring back that energy.  He is determined to rise to the top and free himself, ends up putting all his energy into one idea, finally manifests it and the door seems to open, tho once he finally rises to the top  that emptiness is still inside of him. Those precious moments that were made as a child warn't meant to be relived.  We as humans were brought into this world as imaginative creatures, our minds have been shaped like no other animal in this planet. We can think and we can create, tho we have been conditioned by a system to make us believe we are only what statistics tell us, You're labeled smart if only you played the part that has been placed before you by another man. We are programmed to not think and just accept, once we were a child we had no boundaries and we lived by natures rules. Once we grew up and change occurred, we desperately try to find that happiness by trying to find ways to relive a certain moment we had that made us happier. True happiness tho is really inside, it's in your paradigm and it's inside of you, not the products that are surrounding you. Those are just temporally, and will consistently make you want more.

Jacob Sweetser : That was amazing.. I'm speechless. Excellent video.

Maciej Rekowski : 1999... Majstersztyk jakich mało. Wyzwala naprawdę WIELE skrajnych emocji u odbiorcy.

Nik : on the level of Pink Floyd´s "The Wall"

noapparentfunction : Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

LUMEN NOVUM SEMITA : simplemente extraordinario...

Sturmdude : I remember seeing this when I was a child. I hated it back then. It was a bit depressing and a little too real in an odd, and at the time, intangible way. I think I have a better appreciation for it now that I've sort of rediscovered it.

Star Lord : That was powerful

Chiara Farina : My favorite claymation... perhaps even short film... of all time. Knowing that Mark Osborne went on to direct The Little Prince, another film that affected me incredibly deeply, just makes this piece mean even more.

The New Floyd : More is one of my favorite short films of all time. Back in 2000 or so I bought a copy from Mark via an independent film website (I forget which) on VHS. It was one of the first short films I showed my kids when they were little and they were enthralled with it. But what was really cool is that Mark signed it. I still have it squirreled away in my collection.

MrSergecj : this not the future THIS IS NOW! we need to get our shit together NOW or it will be too late and this we be forever.

KatzyKins : He was searching for happiness when it was always inside of him.  At the end of the film, we're left feeling just as empty as he does.  This short film is excellent. <3 

Clennon Sebastian : I love finding this on youtube here and this from years back.

Quinn P : this reminds me of some Pink Floyd works for some reason. Awesome!

big rig : This could quite possibly be the best short film in creation.

Twilight Princess : Why this hasn't hit over 5 million views I will never know...

Ludvík Gajdoš : Amazing!!! nice thx

Joshua Grech : Why was the inventor suddenly pissed off at his workers making his product? It's not like one of them is going to make something that will succeed him or something.

Kiyoko504 : Why is this so hard to find

Lord of Flying Monkeys : *Our true innocence comes from a time when we were innocent... as we pour our own spirit and soul into something in order to reach fame and fortune we find ourselves empty... we can never get time back or use it again... we must find in our own selves what is worthwhile in life to make us happy... n to finally have bliss...*

XTREMEHQ : I remember seeing this when I was either 6 or 7 and when it first started I was about to change the channel because the tone scared me a bit but I sat there and watched it and was deriving meanings from it and when it ended I sat there all night hoping to see it again. I'm 21 now and so glad I found this finally.

Gambit The Exiled : One of the greatest short film ever made.