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Having fun at Starbucks Owen Benjamin

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Lazerbox : Rumor has it that this guy is Dave Chappelle's white friend 'Chip'.

14 : simple idea, GREAT delivery hahaha this guy is cool

Matyboi : God damn, this guy was awesome. If you could, use more of his material :D

P.Thomas : more of this guy please .....

Pish : I would of just spelled it penice

FlameCB : The starbucks worker could have always pulled the somewhat illiterate game and spell it Pinisse.

Captain Jack Sparrow : "Say my name" "You're Penise" "You're goddamn right"

castell33 : He has a great podcast called Why Didnt They Laugh? Owen is so smart

Starvingwriter82 : I love these Laugh Factory clips, but this is still the best one in awhile.Β 

Supa Kron : Haha, I wish I was in that room when that happened. I woulda been the chest bump guy. Well done son. Putting cocky starbucks waiters back in their place. The way it should be.

cro508 : i've never laughed this hard on this channel. this was pure epic! :D

MaskOfBrutality : This game had me laughing all the way, more of this guy please.

JT10ization : I'm guessing the people that disliked this video are Starbucks

Avi p : Owen Benjamin πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ

Desire Moon : wish it was true

tx : they might spit in your coffee

Andrew Janquart : From the beginning I was thinking "Panese", but when he spelled it, I laughed harder.

AdemJashari56 : Better actor then Nicolas Cage. ooh wait he is Nicolas Cage! :O

ghostdog2041 : Oh! PENis. I thought he was saying "BENise" for the first minute. My B

The Spirited Enigma : He is also good looking

natzky21 : I like the deer comparison. I thought I saw a deer on my screen!

HigherPlanes : hahahha...i should try that but I'm 5"7"

LaObraDeMarte : HAHAHAHAHAHAH. this guy is GREAT

kurokuyo : I'd give a standing ovation if I were in Starbucks that day

Jean B : 10/10

corega111 : got everything a comedian needs to have. good luck.

Badoocee : QUARTNEY!!!Β Β  True happened.

icedbananatea : Ill be honest, I thought this was gonna be some hack shit about Starbucks... But this was pretty funny

Marcus Leath : Hahaha. This was hilarious!! Is there any more?

D L : LOL! I'm trying that next time in starbucks

Mustafa Ahmed : you know how to spell it

Mahdi Yusuf : This guy is hilarious!

abeismain : LOL

RamseyLEL : Loved it, definitely want to see more of his material.

Ronald Henderson : One of the more funny guys I've seen on here. Good bit.

Tyler Jameson : The video has been over for a minute and a half and I'm still laughing omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Evan Arnold : His brother is my favorite teacher

Gabriell Bishop : 6 foot 7? Jesus!

pajamahamma : an actually fun comedian...rare

zed625 : Would they actually do this? I feel like they'd call you out on your bluff, or just say what the drink is without the persons name

TrickWithAKnife : Owen has to be one of my favourite comedians.

ash , : In my training we were taught to announce loudly, "*name* , I have your *drink name* " ,place it on the counter and thank them. Especially in a crowded store, you have to yell so they have a chance to hear it being announced.

thundercrow777 : I could see Owen go full Michael Richards (Kramer) on this stage..

hatter00 : Great all throughout, not a single boring moment! Great job!

ImJasonForever : may not be original, but his deliver is amazing!

Yung Ryper : That ending had me dying for at least 30 minutes I’m not even exaggerating lmaoooo

Jnetta Wilson : Hahahahahaha :D Loved this!

Dr. Phil : I thought he said β€œDenice” I was wrong LOL

Gregor Collins : :)