Starbucks Names | Owen Benjamin | Stand-Up Comedy

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Giant49warriors : i thought it was penice

Lazerbox : Rumor has it that this guy is Dave Chappelle's white friend 'Chip'.

14 : simple idea, GREAT delivery hahaha this guy is cool

Matyboi : God damn, this guy was awesome. If you could, use more of his material :D

Pish : I would of just spelled it penice

P.Thomas : more of this guy please .....

Desire Moon : wish it was true

FlameCB : The starbucks worker could have always pulled the somewhat illiterate game and spell it Pinisse.

Mark Q : "Tina paid for her coffee, Tina doesn't owe him shit." Damn straight, tired of people working in the service industry with attitudes and acting like they did me a favor. I paid for my product or service and your company is paying you to serve me that product or service, be kinder to your customers.

unFayemous : People at Starbucks have some trouble spelling my name. To the point where I'm spelling out my name to them and they still get it wrong (my name's Faye). Usually they look really embarrassed, but once I got served by a guy who was so beyond giving a fuck, it was beautiful! Looks me straight in the eye and writes down "Wayne".

Supa Kron : Haha, I wish I was in that room when that happened. I woulda been the chest bump guy. Well done son. Putting cocky starbucks waiters back in their place. The way it should be.

Starvingwriter82 : I love these Laugh Factory clips, but this is still the best one in awhile. 

castell33 : He has a great podcast called Why Didnt They Laugh? Owen is so smart

tx : they might spit in your coffee

cro508 : i've never laughed this hard on this channel. this was pure epic! :D

Avi p : Owen Benjamin 👌❤️

MaskOfBrutality : This game had me laughing all the way, more of this guy please.

rvmg : Where is captain unsubscribe

JT10ization : I'm guessing the people that disliked this video are Starbucks

HigherPlanes : hahahha...i should try that but I'm 5"7"

AdemJashari56 : Better actor then Nicolas Cage. ooh wait he is Nicolas Cage! :O

ghostdog2041 : Oh! PENis. I thought he was saying "BENise" for the first minute. My B

Gandalf the Grey : "Say my name" "You're Penise" "You're goddamn right"

kurokuyo : I'd give a standing ovation if I were in Starbucks that day

MsCode ™ : Iam sure i have heard Joey Diaz make this name joke on one of the Joe rogan shows

natzky21 : I like the deer comparison. I thought I saw a deer on my screen!

Tyler Jameson : The video has been over for a minute and a half and I'm still laughing omg 😂😂😂😂

icedbananatea : Ill be honest, I thought this was gonna be some hack shit about Starbucks... But this was pretty funny

LaObraDeMarte : HAHAHAHAHAHAH. this guy is GREAT

corega111 : got everything a comedian needs to have. good luck.

SpaceCowboy : hilarious

Hunter Wonson : Some people just want to watch the world burn...

D L : LOL! I'm trying that next time in starbucks

Sidney Harper : Funny guy

firdaus125 : What was the punchline?

JoeCnNd : Starbucks now. Say you want trump on the cup and they call the cops.

hatter00 : Great all throughout, not a single boring moment! Great job!

Kuddly Koala : That's too funny

TrickWithAKnife : Owen has to be one of my favourite comedians.

Evan Arnold : His brother is my favorite teacher

Ronald Henderson : One of the more funny guys I've seen on here. Good bit.

LE0NSKA : oh my god he is funny :D

Andrew Janquart : From the beginning I was thinking "Panese", but when he spelled it, I laughed harder.

RamseyLEL : Loved it, definitely want to see more of his material.

Mustafa Ahmed : you know how to spell it

Jean B : 10/10

The Spirited Enigma : He is also good looking

abeismain : LOL

Mahdi Yusuf : This guy is hilarious!

Arren Lane : yeah hilarious, especially when they spit in your drink for being such a "funny guy"..