Tom Segura describes a date with the "accused" : Casey Anthony/OJ
Tom Segura describes a date with the accused Casey AnthonyOJ

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Daniel Trevino : This was so hilarious. Watched this several times. Love tom

Michael Purpuro : Christine is such a square

Jetman Flyboy : Clipp Notes+ Marcia Clark has the latest computer forensic evidence on, I believe, casey searching internet for "foolproof suffocation" on June 16/08 the day Caylee was murdered, also Clark has the details on casey deleting the foolproof suffocation search one hour before she was arrested on July 16/08. Just search youtube for "Marcia Clark casey anthony" to hear the particular details. I think casey's cell records also prove she did it, as well as her text messages. Search internet for "casey anthony text messages June 2008" ~ third week of June 2008 she texted a friend, "definitely a dead animal plastered to the frame of my car". Her cell pings at the cell tower closest to Anthony home all day June 16/08. Cindy left for work early a.m., George left house at 2:30 pm. At 2:51 pm she searches for "foolproof suffocation" then 3:05 pm - 4:00 pm her cell goes silent, I believe the Foolproof Suffocation Murder Hour. Foolproof suffocation murder was two steps. 1) duct tape (a probably unconscious) Caylee's airways shut, three strips duct tape. 2) place Caylee inside black plastic Hefty garbage bags, spin bags airtight shut, seal closed with yet more duct tape, foolproof suffocation style. Hide garbage bagged Caylee in trunk. At 4:00 pm her cell becomes active again. At 4:18 pm her cell pings at cell tower closest to Tony's apartment, which was a 20 min drive from Anthony residence. The next 31 days she hides on her family at Tony's apartment. Tony met casey in May 2008. He told her he didn't want kids, but IF he had a kid, he would want a son.

shonz88 : It would have been funnier if after he set up the Casey Anthony joke, OJ whispers either “I didn’t do it” or “100% not guilty”

B McFarland : Get your job back at the video store because this is as much fun as rewinding VHS tapes

Sam Holder : Tom is the man

Grant White : This was fuckin hilarious. He did so well telling both scenarios that I could visualize each event happening, and I'm sick enough where I saw myself in the Casey story and my girlfriend in the OJ story, lol! Great stuff, Tom!