THE WOMEN OF LA with DJ Lubel, Pauly Shore, Jaleel White, Dennis Haskins
The women of LA

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Available on iTunes Featuring PAULY SHORE, JALEEL WHITE, DENNIS HASKINS. Created, Written and Produced by DJ Lubel & J. Abrams Directed by Brandon Kusher Track Produced by Will Forbes Visual Effects by Ryan Wehner Additional Vocals by Taryn Southern, Pam Trotter, Phillip Brandon and Jaleel White Mixed and Mastered by Nicky Calonne Cinematography by Matt Garrett, Andrew Penczner, Frank Sopapunta, MIke Dominic, Rohann and John Leach Co-Produced by Jeffrey Baldinger Line Produced by Alex Wolf Production Design by Angeline Izquierdo Associate Produce Nick Justicz Music by DJ Lubel Color by John Mendenhall Editing Assistance by Rob Ruehl Special thanks to: Bob McKeon, Chris Dennis, Tom Constantino, Jake Avnet, Brandon Dermer, Dave Green, Danni Rosner and Julia Price Starring (in order of Appearance) DJ Lubel J. Abrams Andrew Bachelor Perry Jackson Dakota Younger Taryn Southern Lauren Mayhew Kelly Donohue Meghan Cionni Rachel DeMita Mindy Robinson Harmonie Krieger Ris Lauren Louise Linton Rebeka Pinon Cassidy Miles Fisher Karen Richter Brett Newton Clayton Farris Matty Cardarople Jillian Davis Liz Abrams Shira Astrof Jessie Hail Rachel Laurenne Ophelia Knotts Ava StClaire Tracy Ryerson T'Lane Balue Jamie O'Brien Brittany Furlan Jackie Koppell Dannette Bower-Ruxton Sara Lassner Molly Silver Jenifer Golden Chase Bernstein Dan Jablons Mona Molayem Kate Muldoon Amber Slaven Eline Van Der Velden Chiara Van Der Velden Jenna Lubel Andrea Lubel Stacy Feuereisen Avital Ash Anne Rasminsky Tracy Podell Jean Roberts Cameron Klippsten Ashley Williams Kiel Kennedy Mia Morte Rose Stahl Therese Chbeir Miranda Cooper Sonya Jackson Judea Covoto Cherie Hollingsworth Cinderella Graham Jeremiah Watkins Chris Edwards Gil Garibaldo Michael Liu Chris Hooton David Saucedo Jayhun Nasimi Bradley Garfinkel Rory Roach Mitch Levine Sumner Hollingsworth Osamu Saito Jesse Cota Max Cutler Malcolm Johns Semere-ab Yohannes Katherine Alyse Ro Kohli Chris Hooton Maro Molina Percy A. Smith Richard Lund Matt Simon Alex Rosales Frank Munoz Joce Lau Corsica Wilson Shannon Kingston Kath Lebo Allexa D'Alessio Jill Anenberg Amy Halvorsen Meg Owens Pia Glenn Leah McKendrick Bella Popa Julina Creamer Bar Scenes shot at Carlito's Way For more musical comedy, subscribe to DJ Lubel on YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: For YouTube or Advertiser related questions, please email Also Featuring: Taryn Southern ( Rachel Demita (


Tim Hesse : Having lived in L.A. three times (currently Santa Monica), I totally agree ;)

KEROIEST : What are you doing now Lubel? just wondering, pls make more videos

Sunny Rastin : I miss him & Taryn Southern .respect from canada

James Helgason : "I hear Baltimore is nice" Uh....about that.....

Mountain Mike : You should do another video like this but Santa Barbara. It's even more true there.

Steven Smith : Homely, nebbishy Jew boys can't get self-centered 10's? BREAKING NEWS! And since when is rent cheap in LA? Only New York and San Fran are more expensive.

MrRoadScholar : Man this is hilarious and brilliant, and so tellin the truth.. I don't feel as bad anymore since the guy's that's been here for years haven't had any sex. I've been here for 8 yrs now and not much sex, and the sex I did have here sucked bigtime.; From Westwoord to Brentwood never wud touch a wood.(Classic); But the rent being cheap??? Well I guess compared to NY... LA sucks in a lot of ways.  Sooooooo over-rated. Oddly enough you do see a number of couples walking around. Whether those ppl you see together are havin sex and good sex or not is a question.. Funny that the girl started bein into him when she saw him gettin ready to blow the tv producer guy, cause you do see a lot of chics in LA with feminine lookin guys or really weird lookin guys.. All the rappers are lyin when they promote how great LA is, the girls and all.. Only thing is good is the weather, and even that gets boring after a while, cuz it's the same ole shit year round. The girls are pretty and fine but they don't be tlkin about shit.. The landscape is nice in the coastal areas. The rest of the city is a dump. 

blackiechan52 : sounds like ur dodging bullets with women like that.

Rei'sBoringLife : Is that king bach?

SargNickFury : I hear and feel your pain. Sounds like you need to try the Southeast...simply be employed, and own a jeep maybe, and you'll get some daisy dukes......and then you can hang out and root for LA to fall into the ocean like the rest of us. Jeep part isn't really nesc...

awardwin : This video wouldn't have gone viral if it didn't strike a chord. Yes, there is some TRUTH to what this video suggests. I used to live in LA and that's the experience most of my friends described. Actually, most LA residents are superficial, (except for the hippie population of Venice Beach) which is why I don't live there anymore. I admire people who don't need to be trendy. This is why most relationships don't last more than a few months and every marriage seems to end up in divorce. All these hot chicks end up being lonely old maids with lots of cats. Nobody will put up with their drama once they lose their looks. Remember fellas, women all look the same in the dark & ugly chicks try harder no matter what city you're in.

Nicola ShareTheLove : Is that taryn southern?

Fredy Moreira : your videos are great, DJ! Hope to see you back some day!

Francesco Arvizzigno : u're a genius...really... i don't lie....

I am milan : Poor valley girls

St T. : Pretty much every major american city like miami, new york, and LA

Nicolas Cheng : Hey man, you disappear?

Scott Kidd : 1585 girls from LA watched this...

emo rainbow dash : I love your music and i love u dj lubel

DJ Lubel : If you're at your computer and bored, I'm hanging out and answering Comments right now! Watch the video and comment:

Roger Vance : King Bach? Is that you?

Kayla's World : Anyone else see brittany furlan

saltyseascott : You all can't be serious

Shisui Uchiha : 1:25 Hahahah that's hilarious part of this video :D

Apollyon : "I hear Baltimore is nice" said no one ever

julio quintanilla : DJ Lubel you rock please post some new vids

aliradius : Who is the black guy that sings about the DUI part? He can sing!

SO MANY PUNS PUNS FOR LIFE : It's true Persian girls are super hairy...OMG

Frederick0220 : 3:23 Russell Brand!

Abdullah Ali Butler : This guy is talented! I want MORE!

Filip Mrcela : Yo what is this guy doing nowadays? His stuff is awesome

StereoThrilla : This is so well done!

DJ Lubel : Finally! My new music vid w/ Pauly Shore, Mr. Belding, Jaleel White and more.... 

Jopdan : 3:35 slams that note

Barber747 : And that's why I hate L.A. Chicago FTW!!! Also, WTF?! at 2:24-27

Kate Roy : That's it: I'm becoming a lesbian.

Ron : This is why I love Youtube so much. Or should I say loved because where is he now?

xXBNubzXx : Kingbach?

denNicola : Just brilliant!

x1AmazingPlayer : When your face on the glee guy pops up I die every time.

James D. Chamberlain III : I got here because of Pauly Shore's shout out during his interview on The Mike Calta Show in Tampa Florida. That's what's up -That's what's good.

cole knops : so many people from vine

Giordano Nestola : Please come back!

notin witnessprotection : Yup. Sounds about right.

Pharmokan z : lol @ valley


RDS Alphard : Oh dear , Brittany Furlan . XD

Alexander Rendalexer : Awesome Production!

luca de vecchis : man ur just the best! u deserve more..freaking genious!!!!