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HappyConsoleGamer : Johnny it's called "Mario Aces" not "access" you fucking idiot! #analjuice

Pixel Game Squad : Just posted a video about this ourselves....when I saw YS i thought of you haha You are YS bro

Gil S. : It's mario tennis aces not access lmao 😂 great video as always tho <3

Cactus316000 : Donkey Kong and SNK waifus.... I'm sold

Ircha Gaming : I knew this was coming :) I just watched it and it was full of great surprizes!! Hyrule Warriors, YS VIII, Dark Sould Remastered!!

Gaijillionaire : I didn’t see it so this is my Nintendo Direct!

Juan Sanchez : TWEWY is a masterpiece! I remember buying it on a whim when it first came out and I fell in love almost immediately. The ambiance of the game is phenomenal and there’s still nothing quite like it. I look forward to playing “the game” once again (TWEWY inside joke lol).

AurianTheMan : Aces not access lol

The Solid Nick : The World Ends With You sure surprised me! I already bought twice on the DS, again on iOS, and for sure I'll have to buy again on the Switch lol

R3plicant : ys 8 and dark souls on the go thats all i have to say :D !!!

Drewsefer89 : Ys VIII on Switch announcement blew my mind. I was not expecting it at all. I've been waiting for the PC version that keeps getting delayed. But now I'm buying the Switch version 100%.

Waxifari : Who else thought of Johnny immediately with the Ys reveal? Never played one but I wont pass this one up thanks to the his gushing about the franchise.

PirateChest : I might sound mean and all...but im sick of remasters and ports and all that stuff...can we like have more exclusives or at least new games? and original games?at the end of the day thats what we all want, I didnt spent a lot of money on a brand new console to get remasters, remakes and ports...give me more new games pls.

Klark Griswold : Wait did you just say Mario tennis access? It says aces doesn't it?

Ray Revolta : As soon as i saw y's VIII,i thought of you!

Mario U : King of Fighters: Waifu Edition

wolfpacsyxx : Metal Jesus here, here's a hidden gem..... also I've never played it I will just collect it and never play it.....

JAM GameCast : Great video! So many good ports coming to the Switch. I would love to see a Tokyo Mirage Sessions port on the Switch.

Jr Rambo : I havent played my switch in portable mode since release.

J.A.M : Any disappointed Wii u owners? I still haven’t made the ‘switch’ (uugghh I understand if you hate me for that pun) and I see little reason to.

The Movie Planet : The Direct just had me laughing at all the people going on about how Nintendo blew their wad in 2017 with Mario and Zelda and would have no games in 2018. LOL! New games like Kirby Star Allies, Yoshi, Bloodstained, Dragon Quest XI, Project Octopath Traveler, Mega Man 11, ToeJam & Earl 4, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Mario Tennis Aces, SNK Heroines, Remasters/Ports/Definitive Editions like Street Fighter, Wolfenstein TNC, DKC Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 1&2, Mega Man, Outlast 1&2, Hyrule Warriors, Payday 2, Ys VIII, Dark Souls,... DLC for Mario+Rabbids and Super Mario Odyssey,... And that's just stuff we know. LOL!

accaris : Too many Switch releases are just Wii-U games.

RoguelikeMike : Dark Souls remastered on the switch is amazing. Only Souls game to be playable on a handheld. Dark Souls @ work? Yes please. Only concern I have is it will be made using the DS3 engine.... so there could be some serious problems here. (like poise being non-existent... enemies being way too aggressive.... quick weapons being much more OP... parrying being too difficult to be worthwhile... etc... etc...) I am concerned, but at least it will be something.

JBlizzyFan : Early Aces

Giga Force : Time to 100% Dark Souls for the 5th time haha!

Jonathon Camp : A high school friend of mine was completley obsessed with TWEWY and begged me to play it for a whole year, now I might!

Gilbert Renaud : Just started this vid, but I was waiting for your reaction to Ys VIII lol

Lenny Wright : I love the Nintendo Switch! One time my power went out while playing on the TV, I noticed the screen of the Switch was on, took it off the dock and the game was right where I left off! That's clutch Nintendo. Can't wait for Ys VIII missed it last year.

Domiduck : That Radiata Stories on your shelf! Such a special game for me, glad to know at least 1 other person bought it lol

Kainz K. : I already played almost all of this and never cared for the portability factor of handhelds (i.e. I only played them because they happened to have exclusives). Sooo... pretty damn weak. Tennis looks surprisingly great though, can't say I expected to ever say that.

Zero Walker : I been thinking they should maybe re name the switch to Remaster 2000 seams that console is getting every big selling games re released or remastered nothing wrong with that but common give me games I have not beaten. Also are game devs runing out of ideas for new games I think there are tons and tons of game being remastered/remade left and right sure I would under stand remaking Secret of mana or Yakuza 1 and 2 but Slapping HD textures on Dark souls that is only 7 years old is meh I would under stand remaking deamons sols that is a bit older and release it on pc,ps4,one that I can understand. HD remaster is just a cheap way to make cash on a texture patch.

PKG96 : Nintendo is really trying to make the Wii u completely irrelevant. Port port port port annnd port

The Resistance : dang switch games are almost all ports from the past gen. consoles and the scary part is the port games are better than most nintendos exclusives. switch becomes the recycle bin of ps4 and xbox 1.

FinallyJeremy : What's with the Final Fantasy XV music?

Victor Oliveira : The wii u direct

Alcrats : I thought it sucked! No new games I really want to replay and not excited about the new new games. Got to handed to Nintendo though, they never fail to disappoint.

Tim Wheeler : Im excited about my 4 favorite game series.

Jay Bond : Catherine full body edition for switch plzzzz and persona 5 while your at it papa atlus :')

segagenesis1989 : The World Ends With You Remastered on the Nintendo Switch? Good job Nintendo! Good job!

Sebastian Fernandez : I wasn't really shocked tbh. The world ends with you and x's are the only games that appealed to me. The remasters would be exciting if they were priced at $30 but they are most likely going to be full price :(

Switch Kraft : DarkSouls, Mario + Rabbids DLC, Kirby, Hyrule Warriors, and DK Oh yeah! They trolled and they delivered! I really think we're not going to see GTA until Nintendo makes the larger cartriges available to devs as much as I would love to see it sooner. Also can't wait to revisit Mario + Rabbids!

Kkt SO : i was not excited this Direct; For now the switch remastered only from third party... I am delighted with the remaster of Dark Soul, but It will also release on PS4&XBOX;;( PS4&XBOX ver is 60 fps, Switch ver is 30 fps) I want a completely new work for switch from third party

yes daddy : My switch library is starting to look like my wii u and 360 library any1 else notice that

Anthony Peters : I thought it was ok. Indie and ports are ok but God damn it Nintendo! Focus more on new Nintendo titles. I know I'm not alone here. I spend over 300 to play new Nintendo games. Not indie and ports.

SerialVapist : oh.... just ports this year?..... *goes back to playing PC*

mamuburaa : Yaaaaaawn

Jarrod Steel : Missed out on a lot of stuff on the Wii U so really looking forward to Donkey Kong Country on the Switch, just hoping for Mario Maker on there now. May even give Dark Souls a go on the Switch.

Schmidteren : We need a "PC" Switch type of deal. Take your PC games on the go, with the save games etc uploaded to the cloud. At home you got your beast gaming PC. With you lower resolution Switch type of deal to keep playing.

Sonicplys 64 : Switch killing it right now

Dominik Makówka : Tfw your vita exclusive gets ported to everything under the sun... Well at least Ys will probably have the proper translation on the cart for the switch so i dont mind