Propeller Polishing on Oil Products Tanker

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Upside Down Australian Shill : This looks kinda scary to me, I think you'd get disorientated really quickly swimming around the props. Is it hard to keep the tool on the prop? You don't have any way to positively hold yourself in position by the looks and you'd probably get pretty worn out treading water for a few hours at a time. Is there any mods to the tools, or are they a specialty design to work underwater? Looks like a pretty good gig though if you enjoy it. No one to piss you off all day, haha.

Joseph Platania : Rule number one. The keys to the boat stay with the diver.

0rang3z : No clue how I ended up here watching this...but I watched the whole damn video and i thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. What a cool job to have! In sure it has its perks and drawbacks but damn, not many people can say they work underwater lmao

CtrlAltPhreak : This is both fascinating and terrifying, lol. When I was about 5, maybe 6 years old, we lived on a navy base. One day, my dad took me down on the dock next to some huge navy ship and at one point, I fell in the water between the ship and the dock. I remember sinking, because i didn't know how to swim. i was looking up the side of that big-ass ship and i don't remember much after that. Since then, I've had a major fear of ships and water. I watch videos like this to try to face it. Maybe I'll go diving one day with my boss, who happens to be a diving instructor. I'll probably start out doing it in a pool or small pond. The ocean is pure nightmare fuel for me.

LemmingRush : May I ask, what is your job title? This is the type of thing I'd consider doing simply to overcome the fear element. Dams and boats are horror movie material IMO

Ron Finley : Gives new meaning to wet sanding...

Mosquito : Did you use dust mask and safety glasses ?

Mats Bengtsson : Hello everyone! Thanks for all the comments. This video is old and I haven't uploaded that much since then. I have plenty of material to share but my skills in GoPro studios are *very* limited and I am waiting for my new computer. Also, my Internet gives about 5/2 Mb/s. So if I started to upload a new video now you would be able to watch it late 2019. Fiber is on it's way though. I am not asking for subscribers, but if you want to you are more than welcome to subscribe. I do this only to share what I do for a living. I am not trying to teach how my job is done. It is for entertainment purposes only. I have video of me inspecting a turning propeller, which I will upload asap. Stay tuned. Once again, thanks for all the nice (and not so nice) comment. It is very fun to read!

IzZy EpiC : Can't play on your phone with this job.

Jeremy H. : Why wasn't this an option with my high school guidance counselor?

Pandacat 666 : WELCOME TO MY VERY PERSONAL NIGHTMARE! haha now try imagine that propeller would move just 1mm. i would change that water from green to brown in a nanosecond

Jake Fejer : Barnikle smoke, don’t breathe this.

Ewee Entertainment : That is a massive propeller. how horrifying is that to be up close to it UNDERWATER

Ron Wilson : *Fortunately, done with propeller at rest. Much easier.*

Miles Fallon : who here watching this is baked af

Lewis Mahoney : 9:30 when the dilldo goes outa control

Europa H2O Alien : Hope you're wearing eye protection from sparks and such. . . .

Kandela Brown : He took forever to get started.

Tomb Raver : Me: *Plays the Jaws theme on the divers com. Gets fired.* Me: "Worth it."

SMaze17 : Had to take a Xanax just to watch this.

Tim S : I've kayaked around a few large ships before, and it always made me a little uncomfortable. Something about all that tonnage and mirky water with who-knows-what swimming around in it. I think I'd be too freaked out to dive beneath something that huge. Do you ever wonder what's swimming behind or under you while you're doing that? =O

ttiization : When it's Friday and you just want to go home 10:36

Taydrum : suddenly, the propeller starts to rotate..

Name not found : Mnn, yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

Terry Murray : I watch some weird stuff on YouTube. Confirmed🚮🚮

Remington Bradley : How much extra friction would a thin film even create. It's probably a good paying job for the guy which is good, but what's the point

Amaury Phalempin : Don't forget to lubricate between your pad and the material you're polishing!

Rhayr Harry : Equal rights. We need more women doing this sort of job. Risky but well paid.

Sean Place : Next job: Polishing the thrusters of the International Space Station.

TheRedCreeper : how long does this take....

Alex : POlishing beginns here: 3:33

Phil Spaces : first things first: now i know what my phobia is called. so thank you i have no idea why i watched this, i was feeling uncomfortable seeing the side of the tug from the water, and i got really heavy chested and couldn't breathe properly when you could faintly see the screw. but like when i dove, the anxiety calmed a bit once you were in the zone and working. i did my diving checkout to try and over come this fear, and ended up diving a wreck. honestly when i was down there and became comfortable with my air supply, it was not too bad. in the end i gave up, and remain in fear of man made objects under water. here's to hoping that nobody fires up that GIANT screw

Triplee : **propeller starts to spin**

Peffy Pluis : I am really amazed that something that seems so insignificant can save so much fuel. Nice video

Lisa b : With a high speed water driven van pump! My only question is, How do you control your personal stability that you are not pushing yourself away and you can travel the whole blade without being pushed away?

Lee Nix : Freaky but so cool at the same time. Thanks!

J : I always wanted to get my diving certification but I missing my chance with me moving away from the coast in a couple months

Ty Kenyon : I don't really see the point in this.

Rads : Hello mat I am wanting to do this for a job. What's the technical name for this job and what are the required qualifications?

robbiehobbs2009 : Looks like the prop went out to a shop to be re-conditioned. Not that thats possible. Thats why you have a job. Hope it pays well. That is a first class service your providing there. I bet theres a noticeable increase in fuel efficiency

Christopher Hunt : What is the likelihood of being attacked by a shark?

Ben Kelly : Even swimming along in that murky water had me tense 😂 lovely job though, you are obviously very skilled at your craft

ZandarKoad : I would need a MECHANICAL locking mechanism on the power source to that blade, and I would take the ONLY key with me during the dive.

BlueSkies : Omg that is terrifying....I feel claustrophobic and anxious :(

John Smith : Zombies Start to come down the docks... "We gotta get out of here". But what about Bob? He's bait now.

OUR COUNTRY : Slaps Propeller: This bad boy produces lots of thrust.

YouGotDirtied : this is so cool!! seeing jobs like this is inspiring me to do different jobs and not just the day in and day out same task over and over again Thanks for sharing!

boogoo 816 : Put a cup of sea water in front of me, nope.

Flivver : I like the knife on the umbelical

chum drum : Fräckt! Skulle vara kul att testa :D