#38 Fly a Plane | One List, One Life

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Atticus Durst : This is so inspiring

JW Montoya : Just subscribed! I lost my best friend from cancer 5 years ago and I love what you guys are doing here. My friends and I did Vlogs back in the days and I'm so glad we did bc I can go back and reminisce on the good old times when I miss him!

cat intensifies : That's very cool, bet it was an awesome experience!

Karsen LH : I hope to anything they turn out to be wrong and you're one of those situations where "they told me I had a year to live... 30 years ago" type thing. Great video, great people.

dcpunk4 : Hey uhh... do you have any leads on #6? Because I could have a connection...

yessica reyna : Stay strong

John Michael Darrin : Hey guys, is Chris Scuba Certified? I could possibly help with #63, Dive with Sharks. I work at a Dive Shop and an Aquarium close to you guys in Cali.

Ashley DeBruhl : Your friendship is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your bucket list adventures with us.

Brian Godoy : right on dude. take some lsd too. its a spiritualy amazing experience.

Dmn Sword : First

loutiscrive : good friends :)

TheVJProduction : stay strong keaton jones, dont let those bully get to you.

Jordan Boggs : Try MDMA before you move to a new dimension

youngsaaron : I like how you post all the videos on Reddit to make sure everyone watches them.

Malphar : I really wish is a Hoax for once

Tom : great group of guys and friends.

dan frawley : this guy better die at the end of this

ClusterHeadSurvivor : Good stuff. Keep being positive guys !

Leah Morris : chris is so cute and happy. being told that you have a year too live cannot be easy but like the whole time he’s smiling and it’s so inspiring. i lost my boyfriend january 25, 2017 to his blood condition. it was unexpected and it will almost be a year. i hope the best for you. i wanna see if i’m a match for you because i wanna see you live on you deserve it. your smile is beautiful 🙂

Thomas Hamilton : I love youre videos I just don't like the repetitive intro

Frijolex : You should livestream on Twitch! You could get extra donations and a lot more viewers!

Emily Molly : Yo conoci su historia por medio de facebook me alegra a verlos encontrado yo perdi a mi amigo hace 3 años enfermo y murio en menos de 2 meses por falta de riñon me alegra que ustedes pueden hacer todas esas cosas a mi me hubiera encantado poder hacer todas estas cosas con mi amigo 😢😭 todo mi amor y fuerza desde mexico 😀💕

Ashley Rodriguez : Hello love! I am a Be The Match Community Engagement Rep, we are fighting for you, guest speaking at colleges, hosting drives and spreading the word and adding more people onto that registry. I see you, I love you, and I will fight with you until you find a MATCH. Peace brother <3

dan harv : Way to latch on to your dying friend for fame

Shady Jalapeno : All of these videos are Cringe

BunnyBlaster : This is just silly. Your parents can't let you drop out of college just like that and waste their money. Well if they have the highest paying job in the world. "If we die, we die" *All three of them laugh* 😂😂

Remytrova : no one cares

TheNiceguy1156 : is it guaranteed that he will die in a year? that is so sad

Deon Schoeman : Anyone know the songs used?

Jake Barnett : Dislike Squad unite!

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus : Was that an Avro Anson they flew in by any chance?

dcpunk4 : Like #100! This was a cool one. I'd like to try that out myself one day. My uncle has flown me in his tiny lawn chair with wings (not really, but almost) and it was kind of terrifying, but this plane seems like it would be a hell of a lot more stable.

Emma Kelby : Amazing!!

dev914 : Congratulations gentlemen!

Dirt_Nassty : Your fucking hair is cancer...seriously, im sorry about your friend but jesus christ kid, cut that shit off your damn head

Bethy Weber : I just found you guys on Facebook! YOU ARE SO INSPIRING! I am subscribed n now I will be watching you everytime you post!

lordSeaworth : this is so fucking silly. No one needs to know your shit.

a b : can these 3 faggots hurry up and die already?