Tokyo Vibe Beat - Ruler Inc.
So smooth and dreamy

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Beat 041 - Long time, no hear! It has been awhile but I have suffered from "the music block"! lol But I'm back, I got my vibe back and indeed I will be more active with my stuff. Got a lot going on but now I'm cool. Also I am indeed getting ready for Battle of the Beats Tournament Edition 2 and this time I'll reign. lol I'll try my best. So here we have another Subterranean Sessions beat! A ride on the highway in Japan! Hope you enjoy! Ruler Inc. is back! =) *Music is mine, Tokyo video is not


fivedividedbyzero : your art and craft is epic, keep up the great work!!!

St Romanesque : Oh yeahhh man i'm bobbin my head on this one brotha :D

Eric Pierre : nice!

Joseph Tanniehill : Very cool

Aqua the Abstract : This is so S-Rank bro no lie your a prodigy

Akitak Uzu : This is dope.

Snakethoot : smooth

XcapeMuzik : Nice jazzy laid back flipflop bass. Love it.

artistreformed : This is perfect for late night driving! This and Juicy Juice has that west coast vibe to it and I love it.