Real Talk (ft. Chris Ray Gun & Eddy Burback)

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Gus Johnson : oi, please sub to these fine boys and give your brother a hug today or whatever

Dan Hauer : Got too real, is what happened right there.

ruf man : ¿ d e a d a s s ?

finally changed my profile pic : Tom sweeny was in this but you don't say featuring tom sweeny? I'm gonna assume it's because he hates gay people.


TheNerd484 : No mention of the SWEEN MACHINE ?

itsamemarioo osu : Chris ray gun? Very unexpected but I'm not complaining

SirCastic : When will working man 9 be released?

Fullmetal Sanic : I won't claim to fully understand what happened but I enjoyed it

J Liz : S T R A I G H T U P

sauce_serve _ : *HAND TO GOD*

mmarlaire : Fo shizzle?

Davey Pocket : I can't wait for people to start calling Gus a racist for being in a video with Chris Ray Gun, all the keks will be let loose

Jonny S : *Bro are you ok bro* 👌👌😩😩

goo6 : gus is gonna make it big time, hand to god

aman : rip sven

Grant Smith : Man you’re friends with everybody

sad chɨll : Gus makes me feel some type of way

Paul Horowitz : Tom Sweeney is the og

onyour left : Dude I like California content 10 of 10

. : Hi dad

Knorkrax : I can't believe he killed off my favorite character...

Yolem Swag : CHRIS RAY GUN AND GUS JONHSON COLLAB, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, now bring Ethan and prozd to this Collab.

Devon Palmer : Well his dad definitely has a hand to god now

QueenThoria : For real tho

Madera Paulice Dornpartment : Is Chris Ray Cuck a midget?

Caleb Tennison : Hand to God Notification Squad!

Savage Ship : You really inspire me man! I hope you notice this. 🔥🔥


NONE NOPE : Isn’t chris ray gun sexist?

lucas pookus : loving these colabs

Danger Buoy : Straight up, without a doubt, Chris nails the concerned face at the end here.

Armanlex : I don't understand.

Nicholas Rogers : Ew Chris Ray Gun

King Burrito3 : Is it real son, something I can feel son, load it up and killed one, if it's really real

Barry Benson : *KNEES*

m4iler : That moment when you realize Chris is standing in that last frame.

Samantha Cosman : Gus you’re my favorite youtuber. You always know how to make me smile! 💚💛💙

Natalie Alfera : Rip Sven

Jacob You : One of weirder anime crossovers.

Oliver Lewis : Deadass?

Eight Thoughts : This sucked.

aR0ttenBANANA96 : Straight up

Jimbo McGringus : Me in any social environment.

SUPERWAVES : gus johnson goodneighbor collab

Matt Alexander : That was hilarious so I’m ganna write a comment saying so... Straight up

Charlie C : At first I thought Chris Ray Gun was sitting down but then I remembered he's just a manlet.

A Plant : Hand to God I’ll be prayin for your bro, bro

Robert Jenkins : When I need more Bath Boys but they haven't uploaded a video in probably 32 years.

Thomas Newton : "Should probably go to bed now. I've got a big day ahead of me tomorrow. Nah they're only half a minute long, I'll watch one more."