Giving away a dumpster bike to a little kid
Giving away a dumpster bike to a little kid

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I found a small bicycle while dumpster diving recently and gave it away to a little boy on the streets. I think he likes! :-) WHO SAID IT'S MEAN to give away stuff I find in dumpsters?! Apparently a ton of commenters on the "Giving people what I find in dumpsters for Christmas" video... yall don't understand the meaning of potential. Some of the best things in life are not cared for enough. My instagram:


Dirt Man : You are a really nice person mate i hope good things happen for you

Ricky G. : Why did I read the title as “Giving away a kid like a dumpster”.

Brandon Cosme : Youtube: Im about to start this whole mans career

Cain Roberts : Props bro, especially for giving a helmet away with it

JBroMCMXCI : Now give away a little kid to a dumpster bike

Why the pineapple : 3:31 “don’t kill him tho”. I thought the spider was pregnant. 😂

Skilltriix : 5:03 why am i laughing so hard. 8:07 not again 9:02 why.

X-NXTE PS4 : Him: Touches spider calmly Me: ಠ_ಠ

Cold G : So tell me why this comes in my recommended after 1 year AND I only watch gaming videos Good video anyways ❤️

Chris Verduzco : *finds it in the dumpster again*

Landon Evans : This is the most wholesome video I've seen in my life. :)

Its.Gamerz. X : Spider says: *"IM WHOOP THAT AZZ"*

NateDaGreat : For a second I thought the video was finding a bike in the trash and just giving it to a kid just like that.

Beanos : I hope that kid got good memories on that bike

JTsuits : ur doing gods work

Isaac De León : 2:26 anxiety: (sees a spider)get on me Me: (sees a spider AND STARTS RUNNING!)

x SoldMyExOnEbay x : How the hell can u touch that spider I would of thrown the tire and run fast

Branden Hopkins : Who cares what they think of you man keep up the good work

One Shot Tiger_YT : That is so generous for doing that man much love

David Tardy : I love this channel so much. I subbed for the predators and stayed for your personality

Blind_ gxd : Keep up the great work hope you get 1 mill subs

CGCGames : Aye I live in Grand Rapids Michigan too maybe some time you can fix my bike 🤣

Sadie H xoxo : Dude, you’re so polite.. wth 😂💛💛💛💛💛

garreton smith : Your really dope bro thanks for doing that💪🏿 you will be blessed for doing thing like that👌🏾

Victoria painter : Almost convinced this guy gets out of bed every morning thinking "how can I attract ALL the women/men/people?"

Dino Mode : The part where he gives the bike away. Your welcome 11:00

Kizerain 627 : *looks at pile of nuts* says "darn it it's not here! Nuts..

Tech Twon B : You going to get bless for doing that keep up the good work

Settings : Dang excellent stuff, man. I pray that good things are going for you. 👍 Also, where did you learn to repair bikes?

auysters_for_sal : Imagine communities filled with people like you... They'd be great

Kayden Tision : I dont understand how anybody can hate on this guy he is full of kindness good job man

tweakz1 savage : Every kid deserves a good bike and book

ILL REEL : Great Job Bro!!! The world truly needs more good people in it like you.... #Salute...👑✨👑

tweakz1 savage : Nice video hope I see more. Good jobs good energy and productuon

Josh Dizon : Youre honestly one of the weirdest guys ever, but youre also one of the nicest guys ever. Keep it up boss!

I made An account on YouTube : “Alright I have my nuts” -anxiety 2019

Desire4Sound : Like 39.001 now - confused if still counting up!? Seems no... anyway, nice video, good dude!

burger thethird : “Do you have any Anti Venom on you? “No” “Oh... ok”

Mike Crisp : For a second I thought it said “Giving away a Dumpster Baby”

Dexterror : If you told me this video was made in the 80's I would believe you

Justin : Dude this was really nice of you! I felt the anxiety when you were giving away the bike, I guess there's not a really good way of approaching strangers without seeming sketchy (cos not a lot of people do nice things anymore) but it's great they were so cool about it! :-)

Bakoaiti Naut : The people that are making fun of u then first of all why do they want to watch yur video

- Κ Ʌ T R Ʌ N 1 2 7 - : Funny thing is how he drives most criminal looking car ever :')

Trill Texas : We need more people like you I subscribed U made a huge impact on that lil one when he grows up

Biotic Storm : going from a crossdressing chris hansen to dumpster diving fiend, and now charitable bike repairman. gotta say, i love the content. keepin it diverse. love ya man ❤️

junior collins : that was awesome of you bro God bless you, and yes every little boy needs and remembers his first bike

hxjack : do you have any anti venom on you?

ouubre on ig : By far my favorite videos of yours, can you please make more bike repairing videos!

Jay Q : that bike was no more than 75 bucks new at walmart