Note Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 5 (music by AaronGrooves)

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Original Music by AaronGrooves: New T-shirt Designs: Vote on the next animation (become a patron): Song available on Bandcamp: Animation Assistance by oxob3000 - Shuriken255 - Zaix - Activeframe - Andi Nguyen - Alan Becker on Patreon: Alan Becker Twitter: Alan Becker Facebook: Alan Becker Website: Alan Becker's Animation Tutorials: Alan Becker in Minecraft: Make a donation: Outro music: "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Comments from Youtube

aren apelian : 5:24 orange drank a potion of leaping V

Your Greatest Nightmare : How does Alan sleep if these people are making a racket at half past three in the morning!! Ahhh You mute it!

Wan ahmed arshad abdul razak : Alan Becker = Alan walker 1 like = amazing music😝

You Tuber : I very very love the music .perfect style noteblock.Good Job Alan Becker

chocolat caek : "Who would want to play Minecraft at 3 in the morning?" Stickmans: OH BOY 3AM!! (proceeds to play wonderful music)

Shen Reilly : What’s the song at 2:27 from it sounds like I have heard it before

Travis David : *Say, ya like jazz* 2:45 - 4:47 -Will Smith (A bees tale)

The chosen animator : Dad: turn that off Me: why Dad: wE HaVe BiGgEr SpEakErs dOWn StaIrS

W.D Gaster : We need a 50 hour version of this like if you want it too

Jacob V : THIS IS ADORABLE! Every episode you keep delivering! It just keeps getting better and better! Probably my favorite Shorts episode so far. Thanks so much for coming back and doing what you do. I'm always looking forward to watching your animations! <3

SJ37 : When stick figures play Minecraft at 3:29AM

Luke Lewis : whave u noticed in the bottom right corner of the screen it's 3:30 am

Ramon Montano : 3:27: Blue: May I have this dance? Green: Certainly, Blue.

Aken Dram : ВДВ на первый взгляд кажется что я ознакомился с информацией о том что не хочешь не знаю назад назад в

Cardboard : Waiting for someone to actually make this in Minecraft

ωαƒεlεҡ ɠαcɦα : 4:12 this sound is so good

Thinking Emote BFB : I feel bad for TheSecondComing, because he didn't get some sleep.

Hùng Lê : He play in 3:30 am

Linda Feng : Animation vs Terraria Like if u agree

AbaEmperor Aba : the music is damn good.

Maddy squad 12 : Blue'red'green and yellow are artist at music👌.😎this Emoji is them

Aken Dram : Вшаиуо и время встречи У меня не будет ли это я не знаю что

Samy Kherbi : **Fortnite adds music blocks and walks in.**

Aken Dram : В приложении высылаю на третьем году и не только полностью русифицированная на первый план выходит из и оплаты

TheMobileGaming : 1 like = 1$ for Orange's sleeping pills

Quick'n'Snippy Ryel Osteen : Alan Becker should make Animation Vs Portal!!!

Gaming Champion : It just sounds so nice, and relaxing.

Will Hennigan : Dude this is so freaking cool!!!! Nice job. I love all your animations but the way you were able to make music too... just indescribable.

I am dae way : Omg so cool 😍 love it

Izzy : Red is amazing cause they can play 3 notes with only 2 arms.

Frying Panda : 3:43 how is he hitting the middle no- Oh

Dante Tenorio : On 2:11 the time is 3:30am! Ahh devil's hour!:o

Aken Dram : Это сообщение свободно от всех привет тебе из и оплаты

Ramon Montano : Note Blocks: The Musical

Chess Player : 2:27 When I ask my friend to play the piano and they say that they're not very good

Asriel dreamer xD : If only Minecraft had this powerful imagination

7GizmoQuizz : It's a good vid, but the one thing wrong, is that it ends.

Tyler Vlogs : Why isn’t there a 1 hour version yet?!?!?!?

jimmy gaming 2000 : The music band is called "the stickmens"

Joshua Nicandro : It took me 10+ years to learn the piano and play it well... but it took Red <5 seconds.... I’m not jealous.... I’m just... stating the facts....

Criselvro Videojuegos y mas : 4:11 Verde:ey rojo te saluda la estefi Rojo: me saluda estefi? Verde:estefiERROTEEE!!! ( OSEA CUANDO EL VERDE AGGARRA LA PALANCA OSEA PIENCEN MAL OSEA SU NEPE)

yeth yeth : I have noticed that every stick figure has there own special thing Orange-fighting Green-building Red-animals Blue-potions Yellow-redstone

Hungry Bird : I wish I had these guys in my computer

Christian Putyra : The best music i will hear in all my life.

Chloroplast :

Miss Mistique : Patrons on patreon. To become a patron Me: HIW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GONNA SAY PATREON?!

Oscar Cervantes ramos : Esto es muy bueno alan

Linda Feng : 3 AM... Devils moment guys

silvia paola bravo palomino : Alguien español??? Like xd