Note Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 5 (music by AaronGrooves)

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AaronGrooves : Hi everyone. Aaron Grooves here, creator of the music. We put hours upon hours into getting this just right, and it's incredible to hear such positive feedback! Good news: music is now available online at

Motion Piece : Wow, this video is amazing, good job.

Tamil Technology world : Please upload more videos please.....

Gene Nucal : Here is my stab at this composition. Hope my arrangement is pretty ok (It's not finished yet):

miki : you basically taught me how to work noteblocks and redstone. thank you

angeld23 : Almost April 18th! My body is ready.

Grace Motley : This is the perfect video

tgm-the gold minecart golder : 3:27-3:31 I Saw Blue Became Ballerina Because Green is got his hands Dances like Ballerina does. So, *Like if you guys agree...*

Corina Chiciudean : Perfect, is perfect!!!

Gokuruto 90 : 4:13 OMG icredible

ngoc van ngo : Good job bro

NDAMN YT : Beautiful

Gory Gamer : 3:40

Danilo Cruz : music good

Gabriel Campos Falqueti : Com cordo

André 789 GAMEPLAYS : Hi

Man of Matt : Waiting for someone to actually make this in Minecraft

Franc Gonzales : Yellow is drummer!

Стилиана Щонова : The best musician group!!!

- SeremineR4MPG3 - : OML this needs to be a thing... Animation ((the five stick figures)) VS Animation ((the chosen one))

tom berka : Awesome video and awesome music bro😊

Daan Klein : This episode makes me so happy😂

Mono Torres : Wow is very good and what is the name the Song?

GIUSE_ PRO : Bravo Alan,stupendo

RAMAN TV : Ender perls

lorenzix x : Hey Alan, can you make an animation like: Animation vs League of Legends?

Isagail : Red is amazing cause they can play 3 notes with only 2 arms.

Ayssa Maria : Oi 😇😇😇😇😇😇 😇😇😇 seu 😇😇😇 vídeo é dimais😇😇

Gaming Pro74 : keep it going!

Aydin Sueta : 1:8728

Thecrafterpro : just the thought of animating all those notes in is mind-blowing.

grande1899 : I see you are a man of culture as well

Mr. 1up : Soundef super awesome

리푸 : Korean pache


Alex Fougere : I'm so freaking addicted to this video!

Rahul Rathore : Bro 4.1 million subs...gr8 work Alan

joaquin Gonzalez : GOOD VIDEO AND MUSIC :D

um video sempre novo novo : Good music cool

Derps Unicorn12 : if your still here watching this alan how did you make green and red play three note blocks with two arms?

Bones Jones : Make a another one please I love this series

Nampu : Nice Animation

yuli Anak ny yuli siswariyanti : Goblok

mohan naidu krishnappa : Can you make avm shorts up to episode 100

amdrew marte : I like the song it so good :)😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Tobias Lu : That’s sooooo cool

VinixGaming : Poor Orange Stickman

Alex Fougere : 3:26 It looks so much like they're dancing!

Ian De Luna : GOOD very good

arvin rada : jazzy