Note Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 5 (music by AaronGrooves)

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Rahul Rathore : Bro 4.1 million subs...gr8 work Alan

Luiza Serban : 5:24 😂 😂

Peashoter 569 : Wow

the zeutron 890 777 : Like

Diddyy TakingNote : I love the music

Purple GuyYT : I love the music

Kot Dashy : Mega

Apiprincess621 : I try to copy the yellow stickfigure and I can't get it right!

Sofia Jara : Like

유튜브!하뇽이의 : 2:27and

Isagail : Red is amazing cause they can play 3 notes with only 2 arms.

Articuno Gaming : Is it just me or did they get smaller after animation vs animater

Manuel Mendez : ¿naranjo es el lider alan?

Dominic Dizon : Start of the pooping amazing song 4:02

_-Ashat-_ Live : всем сука

Mateen King : *Awesome*

Carlos Abraham Vasquez González : Cool

morrigan isthebest : cool

Technical AmanCraft : Make one more video on it I live your video keep it up

Mr.Goldhad The First : It's so cool i show this viedeo so many because it is PERFEKT.

Motion Piece : Wow, this video is amazing, good job.

Mostly Mayhem : 2:12

BertPvP : enes batuuuuuur çatur çutur

Manuel Mendez : Alan german dise que es tu fan

Santy Kuswoyo : 2:07 😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

Nightcore Mtb : Just amazing your beautiful animation :) 💕, i wait your next upload 💖

? ? : perfect

Σπύρος Νικολόπουλος : Toy toy toy...!!!tou...ŀ

Christian Keagy : 4:00 my favorite part

Birmuhabbetkuşunungazabı Coşkun : You are very good animator but you're so clever too

Stamatis Zygas : That was pretty damn sick dude.

Angel de jesus Ortiz torres : I love music part 1:32

Gaytorade : *You may not rest now, there's a dance off nearby*

Emanuel Droid TM : Aaaamei

타임게임즈 : 한국인 있나요?

Darwin Random : Beautifull ❤

Mr.Goldhad The First : Sorry but my Englisch is not good

Logan Hilburn : Holy *S H I T* people need to make more music using note blocks!


TheFriendlySheep : Wow it’s amazing with headphones at max volume

VinixGaming : Poor Orange Stickman

Enzo Roberto : GGag jgj. Iddhsjee Javkaz tá yGHd. Orgkrak ufhtk anht crvjgff ou a

Lorn : the best AVM Shorts !!

Racingclub250 el gamer : Its perfect!

Bolee652 L : I love when it starts at 2:39

Tuna GG : 2:27 familiar

ScoffinClock60 M CH : I love this music and the stickmans

daniex animation : like alan becker is nice good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christiana Lakeridou : Best of thebest

Manuel Mendez : Estaba bueno es mi faborito