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Social Sketch : This song ain't no joke because I'm about to slit my throat.

kosmas pinakidis : "If virginity was a song"

Hemsfeld Custardale : This is actually really impressive because I don't think you could get any more out of sync with a rhythm if you tried.

Captain Wind : "There are no good white rappers"

theneedledrop : The fourth horseman of the apocalypse...

Alex : I want to skip skip skip this video

Eric Bishton : I don't understand the rhythm of this song. It makes no sense. It's like he dropped a keyboard down the stairs and that was the midi drum track he went with.

Rob : The drop at 1:16 was the most insane drop I've ever heard. Absolutely banger m8.

LEGUAL Schreibt : Flow: 15/10 Voices: 20/10 Beat: 12/10 Video: 100/10 Actors: perfect Conclusion: WTF did I watch

YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Capitalism.

Deedle Doo : Actually the most alpha male I've ever seen in my entire life span

Totally not a pineapple : Those girls are happy because this is the one day each year that Serial Rapist Dad and School Shooter Son let them out of the basement.

EVOCATEUR : This makes me embarrassed to be white. Or alive.

EmpireTV(Dragon) : 1:28 he is describing about this song

FireBro : This "song" says: Free Candy!

LolPlane : the comment section is the best part of this video

Tubby : Walk walk walk skip skip skip jump off a cliff yeah

ZhangJao : 1:26 is the guy pointing at the garbage can to tell us this video is garbage?

Ben Lepper : Someone get me a shotgun so I can Kurt cobain myself

Ryan Rianto : man, white people must have wake up in the morning thinking "what else can i ruin today?"

Luke Rogers : "Hookin up with my gaals" oh Lord, the cringe.

Manny Gardner : I love the insane saxophone solo where he loops the same 6 notes! :D And I also love how they transition into the rap! It's so original how they have a different beat to them!

MrFreeGman : I feel like that repeated chant is subconsciously programming my brain to become something terrible like a serial killer or a feminist

Red : I've actually lost the ability to tell apart autism from a parody... I feel like I'm watching Tim and Eric with a white washed reggaeton "beat" or something...

Joocy : The beat was made by a 7-year- old skrillex wannabe.

Tom Bieze : dont u guys know the girl is the Boss of the song

Brian Randall : This is why we can't have nice things.

Gareth Bowen : I'm convinced the dad is a paedophile. He tells the girls at his kid's school to come and be famous in their youtube videos because his son his too weird to meet any attractive girls

Nancy Wang : I don't know if this is real or if I'm in a dream

James Pawson : If I had seen this back when I was doing acid, I would have killed myself.

Thom Yorke : The dad kept throwing water balloons at the same girls butt from the background. He's a perv

Stony Tark : this one confirmed they are all actors. no human on earth would think this sounds good.

Rachel : The sister is a savage with the water balloons going right for the other girls' faces

The Overlord : At 2:11 you can see that dad also threw a balloon on the girl on the right's ass!

Hampus Flodin : i swear i went to school with that guy. i see him sometimes, he ALWAYS wears a cowboy hat, even when it's like -15c outside.

Alex Al : Nice Death Grips instrumental

letsgetthisoverwith : Friday, you have been dethroned.

Pete Duffield : Is so off beat that I nearly spat out my ramen noodles because i laugh so hard

Luke Rogers : What if we're all idiots and this is actually an experimental masterpiece?

Alexander Loves Women : The cringe is real

Callum Bowyer : How much did those girls get paid

McMonoNuggets : Is it wrong that I got a boner?

Lunatic Cringe : Now, tell me, how much did you have to pay those normal people to be in your video?

PcXboxPS : Why do I feel autistic all of the sudden?

The Game Statistic : theyre murdering me in the sub count. i need to pack it in. im clearly out of touch.

Andrew Rothman : Pay attention, kids. This is what happens when you try to record lyrics without listening to a backing track. And also what happens when you try to record a backing track with no sense of rhythm.

K-man McCool : Is this Tim and Eric? This seems about autistic enough

NintendoMusic : Christians- 1 atheists- 0 explain this

thong la : Omg Ethan there is more of this!

Jared Hawkglade : Nothing better to wake up to than some cringey white people