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theneedledrop : The fourth horseman of the apocalypse...

Captain Wind : "There are no good white rappers"

kosmas pinakidis : "If virginity was a song"

Hemsfeld Custardale : This is actually really impressive because I don't think you could get any more out of sync with a rhythm if you tried.

Rob C : The drop at 1:16 was the most insane drop I've ever heard. Absolutely banger m8.

YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Capitalism.

FireBro : This "song" says: Free Candy!

Eric Bishton : I don't understand the rhythm of this song. It makes no sense. It's like he dropped a keyboard down the stairs and that was the midi drum track he went with.

EmpireTV(Dragon) : 1:28 he is describing about this song

Alex : I want to skip skip skip this video

Synergo : Sindrome di Stendhal. Forte. Fortissima. 

Red : I've actually lost the ability to tell apart autism from a parody... I feel like I'm watching Tim and Eric with a white washed reggaeton "beat" or something...

Deedle Doo : Actually the most alpha male I've ever seen in my entire life span

EVOCATEUR : This makes me embarrassed to be white. Or alive.

Manny Gardner : I love the insane saxophone solo where he loops the same 6 notes! :D And I also love how they transition into the rap! It's so original how they have a different beat to them!

Tutto Sbagliato : Avrei così tanto da dire su questo video, ma così tanto... ad un certo punto, ho perso i sensi, pensavo di trovarmi in un altro mondo, menomale che dopo è arrivato il tizio con il sassofono a 1:17 e ho sentito distintamente il sangue uscire dalle orecchie, mi sono tranquillizzato. 

Ben Lepper : Someone get me a shotgun so I can Kurt cobain myself

ZhangJao : 1:26 is the guy pointing at the garbage can to tell us this video is garbage?

Joocy : The beat was made by a 7-year- old skrillex wannabe.

Totally not a pineapple : Those girls are happy because this is the one day each year that Serial Rapist Dad and School Shooter Son let them out of the basement.

yungtown : Yes.

amber piccott : ugh, why can't kids these days listen to real music like this? i was born in the wrong generation. 2014 was the best era.

thong la : Omg Ethan there is more of this!

Luke Rogers : "Hookin up with my gaals" oh Lord, the cringe.

Ryan Rianto : man, white people must have wake up in the morning thinking "what else can i ruin today?"

Aze : Can't wait till this goes viral 

LEGUAL Schreibt : Flow: 15/10 Voices: 20/10 Beat: 12/10 Video: 100/10 Actors: perfect Conclusion: WTF did I watch

tyrone the duck : our era's trout mask replica

Gareth Bowen : I'm convinced the dad is a paedophile. He tells the girls at his kid's school to come and be famous in their youtube videos because his son his too weird to meet any attractive girls

NOTMuzzaFuzza : Non conventional arrangement. constantly changing time signature. Changes in key. innovative lyrics. This is some next level abstract jazz/trip hop. The guy who produced this track is a freaking mastermind. Please teach me, master *bows in respect* *THE LOOPING SAXOPHONE IS STUCK IN MY FUCKING HEAD* *PEIN PEIN PEIN PO PO PEIN* x1000000 : I am happy this music song project *got him to be in sunshine.* He so pale. Mother must be worried.

Gianluigi Aponte : \//\

MrFreeGman : I feel like that repeated chant is subconsciously programming my brain to become something terrible like a serial killer or a feminist

Manman3872 : WAKEMEUP

Tubby : Walk walk walk skip skip skip jump off a cliff yeah

Brian Randall : This is why we can't have nice things.

Tech 8ight : When you think of great hip-hop groups, what comes to mind? N.W.A.? Wu-Tang Clan? Maybe even Odd Future? If you thought of any of those, I am sad to say that you are a very close minded person. How could you make a top ten list of amazing rap groups without including the talented Three Beat Slide? Let's do a comparison of lyrics: N.W.A.: Searchin' my car; lookin' fo da product/Thinkin' every nigga is sellin' narcotics Here you see that Ice Cube is desperately trying to come up with lyrics that he comes up with this nonsense line. And people thought Fuck Tha Police was a powerful song? Please, a song with lines that make no sense like the one above is not empowering to any movement. Wu-Tang Clan: Handcuffed in the back of the bus; forty of us/Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough This line from Inspectah Deck is just atrocious. Who would ever be handcuffed besides a filthy little criminal? Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough? Well, I don't care if you're fifteen or fifty, if you steal a pack of gum, you should be thrown in jail. Don't try to make a song to make us feel sorry for you. Odd Future: I'm not sayin' let's just go out and do some stupid shit Commit crimes All I'm tryin' to tell you is do what the fuck you want Stand for what the fuck you believe in And don't let nobody tell you can't do what the fuck you want Well, Mr. Tyler the Creator, if we let our innocent youth do what they want (i.e., let them be atheist, gay, liberal, etc.), our glorious country of America will fall. And when that happens, the Rapture will happen and nobody except me and Bill O'Reilly will make it to Heaven. Now that we have examined those awful lyrics, let's examine Three Beat Slide's lyrical content. Being with my friends is just a prize/On a day with no flies/We like to have fun outside/When the sun's nice nice This lyric describes the beauty of spending time with your friends outside when there are no flies out and the sun is very nice. Amazing. So, brothers and sisters in Christ, I hope I have changed your mind about Three Beat Slide. Toodles, xXx_N1gger_C0ck_In_My_Anu5_xXx

Hampus Flodin : i swear i went to school with that guy. i see him sometimes, he ALWAYS wears a cowboy hat, even when it's like -15c outside.

mr. m.h : gay

Rachel : The sister is a savage with the water balloons going right for the other girls' faces

Steven Narey : Now this is some true Outsider music

Alex Al : Nice Death Grips instrumental

PcXboxPS : Why do I feel autistic all of the sudden?

Raul Passos : The fucking saxophone part is drilling into my head. I can hear it when I sleep! It's literally just one sound played over and over! HELP

Stony Tark : this one confirmed they are all actors. no human on earth would think this sounds good.

wutzerface77 : holy shit she said "hell" the lord will not look well upon her

Tom Bieze : dont u guys know the girl is the Boss of the song

The Game Statistic : theyre murdering me in the sub count. i need to pack it in. im clearly out of touch.

Michael : The perfect song doesn't exi-

Lunatic Cringe : Now, tell me, how much did you have to pay those normal people to be in your video?