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Comments from Youtube

Leon Lush : Im addicted to this series bro... so much talent, so fun to watch... great work as usual

Eian Velasquez : Time Stamps JVNA - 2:27 MR. Bill - 7:51 DYALLA - 11:40 ANDREW HUANG - 16:00

professional commenter : First track, first reaction: Everybody: *dances* Mr. Bill: *...* Everybody: *dances* Mr. Bill: *this is good, I like it*

PigToots : Honestly thought Mr. Bill had Air Pods in his nose at first

BoomTownWhale : Next do a game of telephone. One artist samples a song, the next samples the previous remix, and so on and so forth

Davante' Weir : JVNA’s sounded like an ACTUAL remix……that’s how good it was

Akshay Garg : JVNA'S remix is the most mainstream remixes that we're used to listening. A complete banger. 🔥🔥🔥 While Mr. Bill's remix is the most distinctive that forces you to think what you just listened 👏👏👏

DasVERMiT : 9:19 - Witchcraft? More like *_GLITCHCRAFT!_*

Giulliano Martini : Seriously guys, Mr. Bill is a misunderstood genius, his sound design is out of this world and super innovative and accurate . Joel is an accomplished talent scout for his label, he rarely make mistakes with new artists. Btw, Apophenia was one of the most incredible things i've heard lately! The coolest thing about this challenge was that Mr. Bill showed a side half the old Aphex Twin but with his own approach. Hands down for him!

Rafa T A C : Dyalla is so hyped for everyone elses, im living for her

Okaylah : Dyallas song Made me wanna drive to a Beach in California at 4 am and blow bubbles while running on the sand as the sun slowly rises in the background.

Elliott MacLean : ''allow me to get 'turnt'''

Minater 247 : 8:25 "one day you're talking sweet and telling me you're sucked"

trefliprevert : My favourite part of this video was Mr. Bill's refreshingly honest reactions. None of this fake "I love this so much", "I love this riser" over the top dancing crap. The dude just listens and you can read off his face what he's thinking. Plus his production is next level. New fan right here!

Joseph Percy : Sample: 0:53 *JVNA Speaking:* 1:20 *JVNA Reaction:* 2:28 Mr. Bill Speaking: 4:35 Mr. Bill Reaction: 7:52 *Dyalla Speaking:* 9:21 *Dyalla Reaction:* 11:41 Andrew Speaking: 13:37 Andrew Reaction: 15:59

A bunny that will chew on your cables : I'd say that DYALLA's edit was the best

Just in case : The one we all came back for is at 7:53. Thank me by liking my comment so other people can take use of it.

i c i i : For a second I thought Mr Bill had airpods in his nose xD

DjNemes1s : Mr Bill hates anything with less than 1,000 GPM (glitches per minute)

kilian phillips : I feel like a lot of comments confuse their preference with which is the best track. Each artist went in with different intentions and have different outcomes. I think they were all successful at their goals which is the real metric: JVNA clearly wanted to preserve the tone and feel of the original track but put a spin on it which for many is a very nice listen. Some people want the style of the artist to be front and center, some seek out a different listening experience, her goal seemed to me at least "What if this artist had made this track in the style of EDM or Trap how might it be constructed?" Mr. Bill Clearly wanted to push the boundaries and wanted to break down the track into a thousand fragments and basically create something from the ground up. It was easily the most dense sound and complicated in structure but in creating that the side effect was it didnt preserve any of the original tracks intent or feel-- Not an issue just a totally different goal from the previous producer. Dyalla seemed like she went out of her way to challenge her self and to reinterpret the original track. The original is in a minor key and is clearly a more sad spin and swapping it into a major key and bringing brighter sounds gives a totally different message even with the same lyrics. She had totally different goals to the previous two producers and made a very nice track with that goal. Andrew was very upfront with his goals but to state it another way he wanted each of the sources of the samples to be self evident, its easy to destroy the source with enough distortion but he intentionally preserved those elements as like a trail of breadcrumbs, a puzzle of where they were sourced from the sample. Also different than the previous 3 producers, and also successful. I think the most important thing about evaluating art is to try and understand the artists intent and to judge for your self if they succeeded on their goals or if the medium was appropriate. Obviously I don't know for sure any of their intentions but they seemed to be somewhat evident in the results of their efforts. I think each producer wanted to create something specific with the sample, and set themselves a goal and I think each accomplished what they set out to do. The whole point of this project is to get different artists to get this very result, namely different approaches to the same basic premise "here is a sample, make something out of it" If each of them produced the same track the experiment would be a failure.

Aleksander Golawski : Mr. Bill = Master. Really intense production, similar to "machinedrum" from human energy.

Paul Lee : Dyalla seemed so happy throughout the entire thing

Blueraspberry Cat : While all the mixes were really well done and sounded so friggin good, I have to say JVNA's was definitely my favourite! I really loved the fluttery sounding keyboard that lead up to the drop and continued after it, and the horn just fidjdjd I love it so much man!

xlaythe : My vote goes to Andrew. 1. Sounds all from the sample 2. Personal taste for the chill and somewhat dark vibe, 3. Unexpected "drop" that was a more subtle building , adding complexity, but not your typical "amping up" 4. Best use of the actual lyrics. 5. Dat snare.

reculture : Damn, i know that horn in JVNA's part is gold but boy do i love that synth arpeggio!

hayner700 : DYALLA reminds me of ODESZA so much

asarapi : I can see Miss Delia Derbyshire proudly smiling at this brilliant sonic witchcrafting. Fell in love with each of these mixes, you guys are doing what inspired me to dive into electronic music in back in the early 70s. What an inspiration to get one to keep making music, thank you very very much!!! Blessings, aloha.

Gavin Mendonza : Rip to all those who didn't use earphones/headphones

Translator Fails : THIS WAS SUCH A BLAST MY GOODNESS thank you to the wonderful producers for blowing my mind!!

Paella Grande : never thought you would get mr. bill, who is next, ATTLAS, deadmau5? probs

Kyu : Mr. Bill is not an earth guy he is not from earth planet

Chelsea Cropper : Number 3 won this time 😍👌

Ge Emily : The #3 positive vibe one is my personal favorite. Huang's one is really nicetoo.

Sabrina Geraff : For people dissing Mr Bill, he literally started of saying that he wanted it to be as glitchy & trippy as possible. Usually glitchy songs aren’t supposed to sound “right” like JVNA’s which follows the usual EDM sound. His song was super detailed & good, why do you think the other producers were so speechless for?

Charlie Kidd : Did anyone else catch what he said in the beginning?? Who's line is it anyways?

Bad Brother : Mr. bill is an introvert who expresses his feelings through music (i think)

Ruthless : JVNA should full on remix the entire song it was so good

Nicholas Day : I want more of this! Inspirational stuff.

Chandler Tipton : Everyone: "Omg, this is nuts!" Mr. Bill: *scratches armpit with indifference*

Linkabella Wisdomalian : How does get the vocals that he uses?

soundD:sine : This series is so cool. Just my cup 'o tea! Well done all! Also im amazed that most young producers seem to all se Ableton?!!!! discuss!!!! word X

Silas Hild : Really like this type of videos. Gives you an insight of how remixing/ sampling works for different genres. I was wondering if you could invite a dubstep-producer next time? Maybe even Poseidon? He really knows how to use samples and I'm wondering what he would come up with

Tyt Tak : Like 4 mr bill

Dyalla : Thank you for including me in this!! This was sooo much fun!

Vshram Music : It's like giving me chills. It did. But Dyalla's is <3

oof : I love how in JVNA's sample there's a sizeable moment of silence to emphasize on the impact of the drop.

Henri Danger : Everybody: Mr.Bill is so unique and good. Me: Mr.Bill reminds me of Danny Phantom ._.

DissLikeYouTakeMyPiss 1 : 4:23 I was thinking the same thing as Miranda 😂 Like a chasing prison scene from teen wolf specifically

DerthManter : a suggestion for a future video: play the telephone game with a sample and some number of producers. to explain further, start with the original sample, give to the first producer, then take what they made and give it to the next producer with out sharing the first sample, and repeat until you've gotten through all your guests, then see how completely twisted it gets.