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Translator Fails : THIS WAS SUCH A BLAST MY GOODNESS thank you to the wonderful producers for blowing my mind!!

Noa Lenora Art : Man that glitch stuff is super cool but it's so hard to bop to because I can't find a solid beat in there. I'm just frozen mesmerized.

Eian Velasquez : Time Stamps JVNA - 2:27 MR. Bill - 7:51 DYALLA - 11:40 ANDREW HUANG - 16:00

powerpuff4ever : Dyalla managed to completely change the genre of the song and still make it sound complete instead of like a simple remix. Kudos to her

SIESIE CHAMPION : Dyalla is so SUPPORTIVE and was my fav on reacting and making this entertaining

Dyalla : Thank you for including me in this!! This was sooo much fun!

Ruby Wants Friends : JVNA’s May have been more typical, but it was still fire! So fun and well made! Dyalla’s was so chill and fascinating, something I would never have expected, and also amazing. I think Andrew’s was very creative and calm too, pretty entrancing, but not quite as clean as I prefer. Mr. Bill’s....woah. The beats were crazy cool, but that glitch was too rampant for me. It was like every time I started to get into the rhythm it glitched away. But he’s got some definite skill. They were all really cool and thanks, YouTube for putting this in my recommended. ❤️

Promit Biswas : That guy Mr.Bill is not a musician. He's a fkin mad scientist 🔥🔥 Dayumm 💯💯

Sierra : Ok I accidentally clicked on this video, wanted to watch the vid under it Ended up subscribing

Giulliano Martini : Seriously guys, Mr. Bill is a misunderstood genius, his sound design is out of this world and super innovative and accurate . Joel is an accomplished talent scout for his label, he rarely make mistakes with new artists. Btw, Apophenia was one of the most incredible things i've heard lately! The coolest thing about this challenge was that Mr. Bill showed a side half the old Aphex Twin but with his own approach. Hands down for him!

kairinaminemix : Mr. Bill’s style is really distinctive. Like I can imagine his tract in some type of video game

Anna Czarnecka : Jvna: Pros: it has an amazing horn and it is very detailed Cons: it was just very usual Mr. Bill: Pros: it is absolutely amazing and it is our witch craft. Cons: it isn't very smooth Dyalla: Pros: it is very chill and warming Cons: the lyrics was kinda cut up making it glitchy when the whole song was meant to be happy Andrew: Pros:He only used that track and made it sound fantastic Cons: there was some glitches and the whole song was meant to be chill This is a personal opinion

Chamar Bright : Dyalla - Best Composition Mr.Bill - Most Intricate These 2 stole the episode

DJCJallday : Surprised to see Mr Bill on here... I think he's surprised to be on here... LOL... But I hope he gets a ton of new exposure for being so influential for so long

Hiighway_Chile : Dyalla's is my fav because of that bass

Eva Mayse : How did one sample lead to all these different sounds?? You guys are so talented!

Paolo Caso : the second one is a beat that blueface could rap to for once lol if you have heard bluefaces music you get this joke

64bdsmg : Glad to see Mr. Bill getting some love. I've been keeping my eye on him for years. He deserves so much more credit

DasVERMiT : 9:19 - Witchcraft? More like *_GLITCHCRAFT!_*

Pctellem BlackAce : Dyalla and JVNA are the best, the girls killed it

In Love With A Ghost : i love this series so much, so interesting to see how everyone chop things their way and bring their own personality while still having the heart of the sample

Fate : Mr. Bill is impressive

rockstarimotski : JVNA did the best job here, i liked it

Tyt Tak : Like 4 mr bill

MusicByDRIGUeZ : Andrew´s was the best! <3

Fish Smell Bad : Holy crap Dyalla's edit was insane!

Stefan Weiland : Please do this more often. It was an absolutely mindblowing experience.

Stonerbeats ZA : JVNA' sample is the dopest 🔥 🔥 🔥 MR BILL I WASN'T FEELING UR VIBE BRO👎

ConnorT : I honestly loved all of these but JVNA’s was way to generic like every other dubstep song. The point of a producer is to twist the original sample and the others did that pretty well (especially mr. Bill holy fudge was that Lit 🔥)

xlaythe : My vote goes to Andrew. 1. Sounds all from the sample 2. Personal taste for the chill and somewhat dark vibe, 3. Unexpected "drop" that was a more subtle building , adding complexity, but not your typical "amping up" 4. Best use of the actual lyrics. 5. Dat snare.

Swissbeatbox : wow this format is soooo great would you be keen to do something like this with some beatbox from our collection. I that could​ lead to some crazy songs 😳

David Smith : Andrew did it right. Props to them all but his rose above

ILOVETURTLES🐢 : That one girl😂😂 made the reaction segments so cringe 💀

Fries101Reviews : Please do one of these with BoyinaBand & Rob Scallon

Maria Manias : Thank you Andrew for having 2 girls and 2 guys :) Representation matters! Also, I though everyone did an amazing job with the sample!! it's so interesting to see the different ideas and perspectives of the same thing! Can we have more collabs like these, please? :)

sorry can'thelpit : Must say Dyalla is super expressive

MAANS : Mr Bill is a god

kylehansenmusic : jvna had the right idea but the mixing was just off in the drop. Almost like a mid range drone. Also the kick was too thin for my taste. Definitely could be fixed with some practice

Appreciator : Why that dude put airpods in his nose

Blueraspberry Cat : While all the mixes were really well done and sounded so friggin good, I have to say JVNA's was definitely my favourite! I really loved the fluttery sounding keyboard that lead up to the drop and continued after it, and the horn just fidjdjd I love it so much man!

Mo Music : JVNA killed it 😱🔥

FEAR LIFE : The last one was so good you should make that into a full song

ello mate : JVNA is so good

t3ddyRUXpn : Dyalla>Andrew>Mr. Bill >JVNA

_LinKittyxx : andrew created magic 🌌🌌🌌

AfterInfinity Music : Mr. Bill is actually god.

K Nicole : Heyo!! Dyalla and I have the same bass guitar!! 👍🏼🥳

MouthfulOfSpiders : *Mr Bills sounded like you're listening to a CD that's been sliding around on your cars floorboards for a week. Utter and complete trash after JVNA.*

TheFuckingGrandpa : You are all INCREDIBLE (sorry my english, i'm brazilian) I challenge you to discover the genres: (The Sample- 0:54 ) + Jvna - 2:30 : Like the CONTEMPORARY TRAP . Nothing very different from the existing works. A GOOD style. + Mr. Bill - 7:53 : Drumstep ? So distinct an inspiring and unique work. Makes me shiver and makes me insecure for being NEW to my tastes. AWESOME + Dyalla - 11:41: Like a CHILL Music. I really appreciate it, cute. With plangent voices, maybe resonance its correct i do know, but its BEAUTIFUL. + Andrew Huang - 15:59: Very short but lovely a muffled DEEP style. Brings an emotional balance, without exaggeration, a work that highlights what we are already feeling ... Praises the beauty of the work without UNDOing(differ). GENETICALLY ARTISTIC, POETIC... I WANT TALENT OF YOU GUYS d;_ ; b

Arnold Poluska : shoutout to Whose Line Is It Anyway