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Dyalla : Thank you for including me in this!! This was sooo much fun!

kairinaminemix : Mr. Bill’s style is really distinctive. Like I can imagine his tract in some type of video game

Mo Music : JVNA killed it 😱🔥

Peyton Walker : *JVNA & ANDREW's remixes were beautiful af!😍*

TwoBars Gh : JVNA killed it for me.... like if you agree

Asip : 1. remix 2. acid 3. levitate 4. drop

Saniel : The Sample- 0:54 Jvna- 2:30 Mr. Bill- 7:53 Dyalla- 11:41 Andrew Huang- 15:59 Don't mind me just reposting comment ;)

picachufan2000 : Wow Youtube you actually recommended me a good video

kamikazemelon787 : no wonder Mr. Bill wasn't super into the generic dubstep mix, that dude is clearly on another level. I like his style infusing glitch into more dance-y structures.

In Love With A Ghost : i love this series so much, so interesting to see how everyone chop things their way and bring their own personality while still having the heart of the sample

Linden Nelson : Why am I out of breath, I didn't even do anything

James Conway : Never loved a horn so much in my life. *JVNA FTW.*

BASchannel : I’ve never followed four artists so fast on Spotify.

Brandon Shaffer : All of these were so different and so cool. JVNA with a go-to EDM song, Mr. Bill's was super unique and different, Dyalla's was pumped up and so different from the sample, and Andrew's being slow with a pop vibe to it. I loved all these so much super good job to all the producers

Translator Fails : THIS WAS SUCH A BLAST MY GOODNESS thank you to the wonderful producers for blowing my mind!!

Michael Jin : I'm getting lots of ODESZA vibes from Dyalla's remix. Big Fan!

Peerless Records : who else has the feeling mr bill doesn't like JVNA at all? xD

unknowndeoxys00 : Idk how to explain this, but there's something very late 90s'/2000s about Mr. Bill's spin. Going off purely on songs and sounds from old DDR. Anyone remember who BT is (Nsync's Pop?) Love that rapid future-y syncopation.

Winona Daphne : OMFG andrew using the "cl" in "clouds" to make a snare WAS SO FKN COOL WTFFFF

Eva Mayse : How did one sample lead to all these different sounds?? You guys are so talented!

TripTree : Mr. Bill is the most normal person, rest are like bunch of over reacting kids

Bhakti Wb : mr bill and dyalla definately smacked me the most

Shayleen Lopez : i love their reactions, they’re all so supportive of each other 😍❤️

Not Santa : Mr. Bills version is very abstract indeed. It's art.

AfterInfinity Music : Mr. Bill is actually god.

Android Force : Mr bill makes me insecure

Jayden Kouli : I am in love with JVNA's Remix OMG

Tim Reinhardt : They are all great mixes for different reasons. You wouldn’t go comparing the Mona Lisa to Michaelangelo’s David as to who creates better art.

Sarah Bi : I loved andrews actually lol

Fish Smell Bad : Holy crap Dyalla's edit was insane!

Re Emi : i didn't like much the second producer, it sounded off the beat for me but ig that's essentially what he was going for, i'm not really a professional, it just comes down to my taste, he did work hard on it you can see, he put so much detail in it

Nikko Spar : 10:36 I forget her name but she did that little vocal chopping perfectly!!

Rubén Laranjo : yo I like you very much Andrés Juan

Martin Sokol : I caught myself smiling during the whole video. So much creativity and happiness in one video... Please more of these !

Swissbeatbox : wow this format is soooo great would you be keen to do something like this with some beatbox from our collection. I that could​ lead to some crazy songs 😳

Gabriel DS : Oh man hahaha this is the best series ever. Next time i wanna hear some jazz samples.

Muratcan Topuz : I like Dyalla's the most the third one :d

Falalongkornz : _Mr Bill is low-key cute, tho_

T.U.C.K : Andrew could really make some good money from his version. Good job!

sorry can'thelpit : Must say Dyalla is super expressive

BenIsLife : The girls were better here I think specifically dyalla was my favourite

THE BRITISH BLINK : JVNA version was da bomb............and i love this format..

Austin B : I liked Andrew’s smooth transition at 16:34

Dawvid : i give like because of third (3) producer!

Pesterenan : I Love the idea of this being a show here on your channel, a nice way of giving a shout out to other artists while also making incredible and interesting music!

Quinlan Hogan : I've never heard a better transition than in Andrew's track

SaXfReAk2k4 : the reversing swells and whatnot you sampled in your explanation gave me chills bro.

Tracy Mandiangu : Andrew's beat was flamessss 🔥

Life With V : ooooh I love yours Andrew!

Matthew Keller : Not to diminish the huge amount of work that this took to create, but... MORE PLEASE! These are some of your best videos! If you continue to find good samples and interesting, diverse producers, this could be the coolest show on YouTube.