DJ Cummerbund - Shaxicula

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A. PINOCHET : I always bring my juke box money🕺

Imok2814 : You are a national treasure. Nick Cage should be hunting for you.

Jarrod Davis : Holy crap, this is brilliant. Two classics and a "bad girl" pop number combine to make something much more than the sum of their parts. It's like MUSICAL VOLTRON.

Thomas Sandelier : Dude you seriously are some kind of musical mad scientist genius. Please don't stop doing what you're doing

DJ Schmolli : wicked!

TheRealSpiderMew : This is the music of the Dark Multiverse. Thumbs uP

Gizmo Spaz : You may have just outdone yourself. I can't choose. Your mashmixes are so much fun. So intoxicating. Applause.

Kyle Bixby-Légère : Now you am become death... the destroyer of worlds.

karakenio : Best Youtube channel of 2018 (so far).

Spooky C : I give this one a resounding “YEAHHH!” out of 10

B Ob Bob : You are some kind of mad genius to even consider doing this. Please never stop

wobedraggled : Best one yet...

Kraig Adkins : Thoughts on Death Grips?

crittersrock : you are my favorite DJ by far dude.. \m/

Space Boss : Cummerbund, you absolute demented person! You've done it one more time!

MrChumpus : I just noticed the thumbnail....I am nauseous, but yet slightly aroused

Mr. Toucan : beauty

Jimtron : Perfection

Trev The Goose : I dropped my phone in the toilet while watching this video and it just sat on top of the water.... God is good

Ringo Juna : You never disappoint


Cory Rutherford : ANOTHER ONE :')

UncleSiArtifacts : Damn, I really miss Randy Savage right now...

TheMullela : you deserve much more appreciation dude. You are a freaking genius. I'd love to see a link to the original songs in the description. Great work!

BrainWady : my draguLAAAAAAaaaaa

The Dman 0310 : SHIMMY UP!

Tony Koch : You deserve way more subscribers than you have.

#kanepoe ! : First dislike

tz : If a B-52 dropped toxic bombs on everyone's shack, we'd all be zombies. This makes perfect sense.

Alien Zombie : Yeeeaooow! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟you sir are a creative genious! This is blended very well, i just can't believe it!🖒🖒👏👂👑☺

KiddsockTV : OMG! 3 different types of songs meshed together like they are doing the Waltz.. Maybe you should try some Classical. :P

Duncan D McGrath : The whole shack shimmeeeezzzzz!!

LeaderOfWagons : 93X Half-Assed Morning Show brought me here. Side note, saw Rob Zombie at Northern Invasion in 2016 and he was dressed up in full-on Macho Man Randy Savage WrestleMania VII-style regalia.

NOTENGOMSNYQUE : 😂😂😂 you're great!

Kevin Dudley : After the rough week that I had at work, this was the perfect remedy. Brilliant!

Cjand Shon whats up dont worry be happy : Sucks like an industrial vacuum cleaner on high

ThePluskota : I love this

Cod3Thr33 : Almost forgot to watch this today.

nickus2000 : Dope

niveK nija : oh my

Jay : Blown away, awesome!

Kenneth Jones : Out-freaking-standing

Orion Ake : It works and it shouldn't

J Thomas : Awesome!

Hijo de la Gran Bestia : Genial

Paul Flores : Best thing of 2018, death to all this unreasonable music of this emo present and future.... Who needs music cds like NOW! 26 and Monster Ballads? One stop shopping here! How can only one understand the concept of the remix? When is the national and international tour?

Matthew Martin : Fantastic as usual. I'm always amazed at how well the disparate elements work together. These mashups are never just novelties, they're earnestly great standalone songs. And it sounds like Fred Schneider is really saying "Dragula"!!!

Chip 410 : That's one serious flipping mashup. Kudos!

Maximilian Ximenez : Judging by the title I was hoping a mashup of Dragula and the soundtrack to Kazaam

Urameshii : I can definitely shimmy to this. Thank you.