DJ Cummerbund - Shaxicula

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Jarrod Davis : Holy crap, this is brilliant. Two classics and a "bad girl" pop number combine to make something much more than the sum of their parts. It's like MUSICAL VOLTRON.

Imok2814 : You are a national treasure. Nick Cage should be hunting for you.

Thomas Sandelier : Dude you seriously are some kind of musical mad scientist genius. Please don't stop doing what you're doing

TEHCONIP .A : I always bring my juke box money🕺

TheRealSpiderMew : This is the music of the Dark Multiverse. Thumbs uP

Kyle Bixby-Légère : Now you am become death... the destroyer of worlds.

Spooky C : I give this one a resounding “YEAHHH!” out of 10

Gizmo Spaz : You may have just outdone yourself. I can't choose. Your mashmixes are so much fun. So intoxicating. Applause.

karakenio : Best Youtube channel of 2018 (so far).

B Ob Bob : You are some kind of mad genius to even consider doing this. Please never stop

wobedraggled : Best one yet...

Cod3Thr33 : Almost forgot to watch this today.

TheMullela : you deserve much more appreciation dude. You are a freaking genius. I'd love to see a link to the original songs in the description. Great work!

Grand Crusader : 1:07 Illuminati confirmed ! Also can you not have 100K subscribers yet?!? look people, we need to share this man's talent across the cosmos. do it now.

tz : If a B-52 dropped toxic bombs on everyone's shack, we'd all be zombies. This makes perfect sense.

Dan G : Your mashups make me burst out with uncontrollable laughter ! And the “Shaxicula” touch, ffs 😂😂😂 props on being a musically great and yet somewhat ironic mastermind 👌🏼👌🏼

Space Boss : Cummerbund, you absolute demented person! You've done it one more time!

Dennis Higgins : Now THAT"S how you make YouTube Great Again!!!

Mr. Toucan : beauty

crittersrock : you are my favorite DJ by far dude.. \m/

Trev The Goose : I dropped my phone in the toilet while watching this video and it just sat on top of the water.... God is good

Tony K : You deserve way more subscribers than you have.

UncleSiArtifacts : Damn, I really miss Randy Savage right now...

MrChumpus : I just noticed the thumbnail....I am nauseous, but yet slightly aroused

Alien Zombie : Yeeeaooow! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟you sir are a creative genious! This is blended very well, i just can't believe it!🖒🖒👏👂👑☺

#kanepoe ! : First dislike

DJ Schmolli : wicked!


The Dman 0310 : SHIMMY UP!

Jimtron : Perfection

Cory Rutherford : ANOTHER ONE :')

Ringo Juna : You never disappoint

Kraig Adkins : Thoughts on Death Grips?

dootnoot : I can't tell if the thumbnail is intimidating, threatening, or exciting

Michelle M : I can’t stand the B52s, but this is amazingly brilliant and I just... how? How did this happen and why does this just work so well??? Holy hell.

INGSOC : The best rob zombie song!! Has just gotten a lot better!!!

Fenrusbüller : Insanely good. Demands repeat listening.

only1utdanditsleeds : Britney. My guilty secret. Watching this is almost guilt free

Steve Goldman : Brilliant, absolutely brilliant 👍👍🎵🎶🎵

pianogigger : You sir are a god of DJ mixing. I'm a professional full time traveling piano player around the country and i always hear mixes from DJs everywhere and go so or that one's okay or pretty good....but most of these guys lack the ear to go beyond a couple of chord and note/beat mix ideas...not you....this is how DJing is actually a serious complex art and your ear goes deep into the complexity of it. Hats off, I spent hours after the gig tonight listening to you, big fan. I wish we had DJs of your caliber playing between our sets everywhere we played lol. Amazing work, keep it up.

KiddsockTV : OMG! 3 different types of songs meshed together like they are doing the Waltz.. Maybe you should try some Classical. :P

Stefan Kirby : Wow. You made all three songs better. Even Goku and Vegeta can't perform such an awesome fusion.

only1utdanditsleeds : DJ you're toxic, I'm slipping under

Kid Charlemagne : This track is on regular rotation in the afterlife.

Patrice St-Pierre-Plamondon : Mister DJ Cummerbund sir, I just wanted to tell you that I love you. You are doing great work.

Joe Ritchie : Toxic Love-shack

Dan Dalessio : This... is really amazing.

Dominic Deluca : I love this more than my love for all these songs combined.

J L : This is so freaking amazing. If I were to clean out the last three decades of my closet, this is what it would sound like! =D

Orion Ake : It works and it shouldn't