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Framed : This game was just a watered down Pokémon let’s go Eevee

HighTide : Thank god I spent my money on a quality game like Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and not this absolute waste of storage.

LightningBolt : Let's go evee metacritic: 80 Pikachu: 79 sounds about right

Tiller : “ The combat is bad” *misses a pokeball*

Midget & Co. : Dunkey has a knack for video game critiquing.

nathaniel martinez : Bruh this game is just a knock off copy of let's go eevee, Microsoft isn't even trying anymore HELLLO!!

ultrix soma : "Pokemon is the Madden of Videogames" I mean, he is not wrong.

Daryl Talks Games : Thought this was a re-upload, bamboozled again

Rookie Cookie : Honestly I was so disgusted by this game for completely ripping off Let's Go Eevee. I mean, they even stole the first two words of the title. How is no one talking about this???

ZDY : When viewers who disliked the video has no idea about the joke because they didn't view the other video

Melkimolk : This is how assasins creeds fans think Dunkey reviews games.

Joe-king : after watching the eevee vid I knew exactly what he was gonna do with this video XD

irvanCrocs : Good lord, what happen to pokemon since Pokemon Let's Go Eevee....

sixty syxti : Pokemon lets go badoof!

Miller Paule : Dunkey spent an extra 60 dollars to make this joke

Lord_OnionKnight : Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu may be bad, but LEGO Star Wars isn't. It's about time to add it to Moist Meter, Videogameduck

Coy Frisk : "Make no mistake" You really nailed the reviewer persona. Bravo dunk.

Ryan : At least 2.4k people got woooshed by this video

trollbreeder : Two contradicting pieces. One good, one bad. It's like the Ying Yang of video game reviews

juggalohunter100 : All these people in the comments who think hes serious.

ALEX HIRSCH : ...this game was still a seven out of ten before factoring in Weedle

Stefan Lim : It's a shame this was release at the same time as Let's Go Eevee. It never stood a chance!

xartecmana : I was hoping this would be literally the exact same video as Pokémon eevee but with any reference to eevee replaced with pikachu I was not disappointed

randomness928 : Little known fact: pikachu was originally a black woman

uberboat45 : This game makes you really feel like pikachu

Ikaheka The Snake : Obviously this is just a ripoff of Pokémon let’s go eevee


Jhon Lewis : This game makes you really feel like pokemon

Russell Murray : All the dislikes are from the 4 year old fortniters

Youngster Joey : The casual audience: I will play Let's Go Pikachu. Me, a hardcore fan and an intellectual. r/humblebrag: I will play Let's Go Eevee.

TheDarkSoul97 : A knock-off company trying to copy Nintendo’s Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee masterpiece

Swuddlez : "Pokémon Is The Madden Of Video Games..."

Mitsuyoshi : I think your review is somewhat lacking an empirical research foundation. I am also critizing the lack of a prober power point presentation which makes this really difficult to fornite.

Jelly Splash : I actually can't tell if he's being sarcastic or what

zachwbc : Perfectly balanced as all things should be

hackz : Trash like this make me miss when Nintendo made good games like the classic forgotten gem Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee

Chris Mountain : Pikachu go jump off a bridge

Mudig : Let's be honest these games are a scam. $60 for this? THIS?!!

fretbeast : I cant be the only one who reads all comments to dunkeys videos in dunkey’s voice. You know it, I know it

GECKO : Me: *nods* *nods* Can't really argue with that....he's not wrong tbh "The game is a 0/10" Me: No, it's good.

JJ Brawn : This is why I love dunkee’s reviews, he’s so consistent.

Blake McNinch : If this was Pokémon Let's Go Badoof, then we would be talking right now, but instead, we aren't. *video continues for another minute*😂😂😂

John Tucker : Yeah, I stopped listening to this guy after he said Bubsy 3D was bad.

golden tortle : It’s basically Pokémon go but Nintendo switch And made for babies

Alx 3001 : *Pokemon let's go Shuckle*

Ryan Luster : Wow Nintendo really fell off after Pokemon let's go Eevee

That Anime Creep _ : This game was actually fine, until I saw the ANIME

Logan Legrett : 0/10 not enough knack