The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep [FULL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Null : The Metric version is raw and visceral This version is sexy and flirtatious I like both versions depending on my mood

Alfredo Marcelo : A lot of people think she looks like Gwen Stefani, but I think she looks like Misa Misa from Death Note.

Eazy E : her face at 2:23 is the hottest thing I've ever seen

RusCus : You should hear them live. They're much better live.

Sophie Davidson : prefer this version to the original

Javan Aleman : The only thing keeping me and her apart is the 2 minutes its gonna take to kick your ass! - Lucas Lee

Bobjuniorman : It's funny how Todd wears a Punisher shirt when later the Punisher is the Vegan Cop who takes away his powers.

Yoshiki : Hello again, friend of a friend I knew you when Our common goal was waiting for the world to end Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend You crack the whip Shape-shift and trick The past again I'll send you my love on a wire Lift you up every time Everyone, ooh Pulls away, ooh From you Got balls of steel Got an automobile for a minimum wage Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outer space Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend You crack the whip Shape-shift and trick The past again I'll send you my love on a wire Lit you up every time Everyone, ooh Pulls away, ooh It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone Everyone wants a ride Pulls away, ooh From you

lou Bucha : Five years and still my favorite movie.

Kate Pleiades : Oh my god, Envy looks just like Misa!

Squishy Productions : For those who haven't read the comic, she's blatantly singing about Scott. It doesn't go into it much, if at all, about this in the movie. Scott is a perpetually jobless loser who thinks he's this pure saint but is just actively ignoring his own flaws and mistakes. (Spoiler incoming!) A big part of the comic's plot is Scott confronting the fact that he's actually an ass hole so that he can become a better person. This is where the movie fell short. It had all the fighting but little of the character development.

Atticus Dean Arsenault : can we agree brandon routh was better in this than he was in superman

Mijail Castillo : The Oscar winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samuel Tan : This movie made Brie Larson sooo hot.

Karsten Binkley : Proof Marvel & DC can work together

Starblax : "OH YEAAAAAH!" "OH NO."

Duck dumb smart ppl Im not bored f-off : one thing I remember from that film was the vegan.

Joseph Hernandez : can anyone safely say this is the best movie you've ever seen?

Justin Carr : I wish they were a real band

Spaz : And then she won an oscar

Saitama hero for hobby : does anyone else get a misa vibe from her?

Fer Silva : I always come back to this!

LEOXGAMER 13 : you punched the highlights out of her hair

happyhellday3 : Todd Ingram is the best antagonist of the movie in my opinion. Anyone else agree?

PuffyBooks : am I the only one excited for scott pilgrim funko pop vinyls? :)

Roxanne Torres : Captain Marvel ROCKS!

virusmaker506 : Is envy the girl from 21 jump street that jonah liked??

Javier Luna : It would've been cool if we saw lynette punch knives instead of todd

Michelle Vitória : Ladies and gentlemen, the Oscar winner Envy Adams

dorsal 2008 : The fangirl behind Scott and Ramona is awesome.

Ninja-Boy Shoji : I love the irony of this. Envy Adams was based of the lead singer of metric. In this video she is singing a metric song and doing a better job

Hentanimanga : It was when this scene began, and the spotlight turned to her, that you knew shit just got real in the movie.

Zhandos Timabay : i cant understand how this movie could failed

Yuki Yuki : Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Misa Amane?????

Diana M : I really wish Brie Larson would start singing again

bgxbsz : Cant believe it's been 5 Years!! :')

Luis Alejandro Corona Villaseñor : When we realize than this is the only version in the Multiverse of Captain Marvel than can sing pretty well

Ricardo Milanez : so superman/the atom playing guitar for captain marvel...

Salinas Marcela 96 : Brie Larson... She really can be a fucking amazing superstar! she rocks!

MoeMents : call the vegan-police!

Kyle Rio : This is like a Death Note Band. Misa on vocals and Light on bass.

ZReiCe : this movie is better than any big budget movie just a shame it didn't make that much money. my favorite movie.

Ricardo Pérez : I want a Scott pilgrim 2 I don't know how but I want one

Jordy Alfaro : Does this remind anyone else of where is my mind by the pixies?

Joel Zelaya : I've watched this movie so many times I lost count. It's my go to on a bad day, always makes me feel better.

Emrys Telvanni : I'm in lesbians with Envy and Ramona.

leonard aquino : Aren't they gonna have a part 2 of this movie?

Argobus : Man, Scott sure was lucky that the battle of bands wasn't against The Clash at Demonhead.

SadisticSevenGaming : For anyone who didn't know, Chaos Theater is from Mother A.K.A. EarthBound, Who features the character Ness, Who also stars in the hit game Super Smash Bro's. Just thought i'd share that :)

Brandon Gray : I love how Scott and Ramona stick out in the crowd.