The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep [FULL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Lloyd Nix : I wouldn't mind "The Clash at Demonhead" being a real band.

SeanStrife : So apparently the convergence point of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse and the DC Extended Universe... is Scott Pilgrim versus The World. ...let that sink in, people.

thebirdandthecricket : Been trying to recreate that hairstyle for the past 6 years. Still have yet to succeed.

Duck dumb smart ppl Im not bored f-off : one thing I remember from that film was the vegan.

Joseph Hernandez : can anyone safely say this is the best movie you've ever seen?

jess : Fuck, I love this movie

Big Pump : misa-misa 😍😍

Peachy Tony : I thought being a vegan really would give you powers when this first came out

NeonTime : Scott's not really the same guy in the movie as he is in the comics but I don't care. The movie and comics are so lovable for different reasons.

Rohml : It's Captain Marvel with Superman (or The Atom depending on what you're into) on bass.

LoOT NuKe'Em : I've kissed the lips that kissed U😲

joseph melchor : Brie Larson is so hot as a blonde.

Monterio Bruce : If this song was about him ITS so harsh lmao

fupa : I like her version more than the original

will19xx : los de estas peliculas deberian hacer live action de anime quedarian mejor que muchos recientes

Sparkler98 : Captain Marvel everybody!

Ibraheem Moosa : Anyone else felt sorry for Natalie?

Jonathan Nyborg : pretty good for a girl named after a soft cheese

Babar Khan Javed : Captain Marvel and Ray Palmer in the same band.

samundra tsm : Here are a few ways to add some contacts to get started:

Draganox Plays : She should have been misa in netfix death note

Samantha Steen : Someone make this a real band. dammiy

Dark Lotus : This movie totally kick ass! Never knew metric was the band in the film. First got into them in the late-mid 2000s

Rillust : It doesn't sound like the singer from Metric in the movie though.. Does someone else perform it for the movie version?

TheMuzikTrail : Can they make the animated film already.

E3kTheCat : Ba Ba black sheep

Roberto aqui : EU AMEI

Nagato Hunter : lyrics pls

Daniel Lowery : Still watching in 2017

asian cunt : that guitar player is really good for someone who doesn't exist

Youngyellowchild : I want a girlfriend who looks like her honestly

dashnyam khurelbaatar : I envy Michael Cera so much. He dated Captain Marvel, outsmarted Captain America and headbutted Superman to explode into coins

Gloomy Pen : And theeen It was tiiime for tomorrow to drown in the sweet sorrow of the claaash aaat deeeemonheeeeaaddd

Angela Gardella : Brie Larson sounds better singing this song than the original singer from metric.

Zhandos Timabay : i cant understand how this movie could failed

Sug4rx Nø Høpe Føund : Kill me, but i think this version its best than te original. PD: love this movie

Ra TA : better version

Hope Banta : The editing in this is actually really well done! Good work!

TheDoormat2u : I wouldn't mind getting stomped on by the chick with blue hair pink hair. She can stand right on my head. LOL

keggs73 : Why didn't anybody on EARTH tell me this full version was here...:@ love it, absolutely love it 💝.

Steve E : First time I watched the video! Perfect :)

Yes Yup : fuk this movie is good, im gonna go watch it again

Mieya Young : This soundtrack was so good

Sam Gonzalez : I really want to date Ramona or Envy.. either one.

Mijo Cee : people.said superman(i dont know the real name) was in this movie. who is he in here???? all I see I just cap america and supergirl

Adrian Alan : why is she so hot..

&Jacket& ¡ņêľń ņêľń! : I love this song <3

wolf wolf : I fell in love with brie larson at 2:32 - 2:33

Walleska Ornelas : <3

BIG DADDY CHOCO : Damn Scott dated captain marvel And Ramona dated superman