The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep [FULL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Null : The Metric version is raw and visceral This version is sexy and flirtatious I like both versions depending on my mood

Alfredo Marcelo : A lot of people think she looks like Gwen Stefani, but I think she looks like Misa Misa from Death Note.

Sophie Davidson : prefer this version to the original

Eazy E : her face at 2:23 is the hottest thing I've ever seen

Park ChimChim for life : Envy reminds me of Misa Amane in Death Note with that style

Javan Aleman : The only thing keeping me and her apart is the 2 minutes its gonna take to kick your ass! - Lucas Lee

GeekyKaze : Holy shit. I read the comic, then I come and see this video, then I read the comic again, then I come again to this video, and I end up wanting to cry so fucking much.

Daniel Lee : ...evil. But this may still be my favourite song from the film.

Bobjuniorman : It's funny how Todd wears a Punisher shirt when later the Punisher is the Vegan Cop who takes away his powers.

Simon Eats Salad : Oh my god, Envy looks just like Misa!

Yoshiki : Hello again, friend of a friend I knew you when Our common goal was waiting for the world to end Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend You crack the whip Shape-shift and trick The past again I'll send you my love on a wire Lift you up every time Everyone, ooh Pulls away, ooh From you Got balls of steel Got an automobile for a minimum wage Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outer space Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend You crack the whip Shape-shift and trick The past again I'll send you my love on a wire Lit you up every time Everyone, ooh Pulls away, ooh It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone Everyone wants a ride Pulls away, ooh From you

lou Bucha : Five years and still my favorite movie.

SeanStrife : So apparently the convergence point of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse and the DC Extended Universe... is Scott Pilgrim versus The World. ...let that sink in, people.

Nancy Lee : I wish The Clash at Demonhead was a real band :(

Zhandos Timabay : i cant understand how this movie could failed

Gabriel Munoz : This iz my fav movie!!!! Anybody else?

Atticus Dean Arsenault : can we agree brandon routh was better in this than he was in superman

Kyle Rio : This is like a Death Note Band. Misa on vocals and Light on bass.

thebirdandthecricket : Been trying to recreate that hairstyle for the past 6 years. Still have yet to succeed.

Graviton1066 : Superman & Captain Marvel and George Michael ...

Eivind Flores : Ramona Flowers... Every man's dream woman.

RusCus : You should hear them live. They're much better live.

Joseph Hernandez : can anyone safely say this is the best movie you've ever seen?

Mijail Castillo : The Oscar winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karsten Binkley : Proof Marvel & DC can work together

Chris Bonnell : 2:19 am i right guys

Starblax : "OH YEAAAAAH!" "OH NO."

Justin Carr : I wish they were a real band

happyhellday3 : Todd Ingram is the best antagonist of the movie in my opinion. Anyone else agree?

Saitama hero for hobby : does anyone else get a misa vibe from her?

Lizzy Negrete : I'm in lesbian with this song 😊

Fer Silva : I always come back to this!

virusmaker506 : Is envy the girl from 21 jump street that jonah liked??

Roxanne Torres : Captain Marvel ROCKS!

PuffyBooks : am I the only one excited for scott pilgrim funko pop vinyls? :)

Samuel Gaona : Who thought Brie Larson would go so far 5 years later .....

Ilas Ramirez : Wish that they made an animated series just like the adult swim ad they did

Peter Petrelli 15467809 : I think Ramona is hotter than Knives

Javier Luna : It would've been cool if we saw lynette punch knives instead of todd

Bobby West : Envy is so fucking hot... Ramona is hotter though in my opinion

Spaz : And then she won an oscar

Flora Gosling : anyone know where to buy this song? I don't know where to get it, this version is much better than Metric.

Michelle Vitória : Ladies and gentlemen, the Oscar winner Envy Adams

dormghost : So Captain Marvel once dated Superman not long time ago...

dorsal 2008 : The fangirl behind Scott and Ramona is awesome.

LEOXGAMER 13 : you punched the highlights out of her hair

fligglebobbin : No offense to Metric, but I like this version better!

inutonmoms : I wanna do horrible things to her

DeVaughn Dobbins : Todd makes me want to try going vegan. But then Bacon....

Hentanimanga : It was when this scene began, and the spotlight turned to her, that you knew shit just got real in the movie.