The Ultimate Paper Airplane | WIRED

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The Spherical Earth : I don’t know what he would grab in a fire His wallet or his plane

MidgetBlaze : Now let's see if it flies!

Fire gamez X : The biggest part that surprises me is the landing gear it looks so cool!

Cam Good : That landing gear is just incomprehensibly amazing. How did he do that??

Zach D : Sadly, The seats don't recline. Seriously?

Ryan M. : he finds it calm and meditating... id find it infuriating and would smash it like 30 times

Autoscoot Gmail/Youtube : *When you and your friend are competing who can make better paper plane*

Yung Dexter : Imagine if someone spilled water on it

Nikhil Parikh : He should make a paper airport!

Mauz Shaikh : I am confused.....Wired or WEIRD? Weird sounds good for this channel.

Magical Brownie : I can't even do a normal paper plane.. ;-; Such a nice job. Gotta love the detail. ^^

Oshu Supreme : I can destroy your life project with one flamey boy.

Clemens Cave : Next video is "The Ultimate Paper World Trade Center"

Smoov Operata : The human mind is an incredible thing, sometimes a person just has a passion for something and has to get out of them. Instead of staring at a cell phone or laptop all day.. Wait, what am I doing with my life 😭

TWSTF 8 : Who says crystal meth doesn't have it's benefits!?!

Mahir Cave : Does it fly tho

Work Artist : Can you make a tutorial?....

Wolff : When you throw a paper aeroplane at an Asian...

XxLeafyGreenz : And for me legos are too hard..

RandomVidz : He kinda looks like Justin Timberlake

Daniel 22811 : Someone get this man a medal

Fly OBL : respect

EggEntertainmentEnterprises : what an intelligent handsome man

HappyHippoEaters : When you can say you made a paper airplane, and it only took you *10 years*

Roddy : He could’ve been a surgeon

Stockz_1- -Vainglory : Phineas and ferb did it better .

Luka Lukunic : And i cant make a "simple" one

THEORETICALLY MUSICAL : Everyone like this comment It does nothing bad to you. Just one click, that's it I want to see how many likes I can get

Cheerful chibi : Your notebook paper when the professor says "take notes"

stardude2006 : Some men see things and ask themselves Why ? I dream things that never were and say Why Not ? - Robert F Kennedy

sab sona : somebody please get this man a woman

reality check : That 'paper' has the texture and thickness of wood. I know that paper is made out of wood - but when I think of paper, I don't think of paper which is basically thinly cut sheets of wood. Point being - this is a plane made out of wood, and not of regular paper.

Destiny Wilson : but can it fly?

Marilyn Alvarez : This is amazing....I'm so impressed with the details and dedication....would love to see the wings added in a future video.

ord jk : Holy crap this video is insane!! 😱😱😱

Fun_fuji17 : He should put lego men In there and crash it and see it go *BOOM*

EnderWolfGaming : My patience is wearing THIN. Get it? Ha. No? Well.

carpo719 : Just amazing. No words besides that. Amazing

Savagecoolboy9 Talwar : Who can see the Singapore airline in the background

Squidward Tentacles : What an amazing talent 👍🏽

BannanaPlayz Roblox : It’s so cool

Bassam Siraj : What a time to be a live!

Trevor Tucker : This thing is SICK. Time to fall at the feet of the master!

Aggelos M : In a few years the paper kirozin, engine, hydraulics using liquid paper along with a paper A.I. pilot (operating system is actually a paper brain inside his head) and 300 A.I. passengers will make the plane completely autonomus and ready to fly paper people off and to paper airport, in paper nation.

Mobile- Killercat1928 : No wonder your homework isn't done yet😂

FrostGaming Time : I swear it’s made out of wood

Shreya Shresth : You are great bro

VAPASS : Imagine spending 3 years on this and then someone just sits on it

[DJ]MASTER GUARDIAN ELITE 1 : Don't even do anything stupid to that paper airplane.

rednax i62009 : you look like randy orton