The Ultimate Paper Airplane | WIRED

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The Spherical Earth : I don’t know what he would grab in a fire His wallet or his plane

Lukas Sobolewski : Imagine throwing that at your teacher during class.

ZfrycookZ Gaming : *three year old comes in his room and destroys it*

Elias Caballero : Dad! Yeas son? Can you teach me how to make a paper airplane? Why sure son... 26 years later...

Stick Animations : Man this must’ve took years to make. And all it needs to be destroyed is a cup of water.

Mahir Cave : Does it fly tho

Kenneth Adagala : he sounds so dead on the inside

Jared Tweed : The idea seemed to make sense on paper, but...

I am an artist but can’t draw : did you get the guiness world record for the most detailed and beautiful paper plane ✈️ ever

Byron Leachman : And I'm struggling to draw a straight line

Ryan M. : he finds it calm and meditating... id find it infuriating and would smash it like 30 times

jacuriosity d : Unfortunetly, the 16:20 flight to moscow has been cancelled due to light rain. The service is expected to go under way after the weather.

Micah Wilson : 2k people disliked this?!

Vince Marquez : He seems as depressed as I am.

Gavin and Classmates : Retractable Landing gears! Dude thats insane

Magical Brownie : I can't even do a normal paper plane.. ;-; Such a nice job. Gotta love the detail. ^^

DeadMistake : The true meaning of *_Paper Airplane_*

Mage - : Being in the same classroom as him xd 6 hours later throws a boeing 777.

Lost Soul : A plane for ants..

1mespud : All jokes aside. This is "crazy genius". Here is someone who loves being inside his own head that respects and goes beyond creativity and detail. Whereas I struggle to make morning toast. Our life challenges and passions are definitely not equal..

Masked Blaze : Now let's see if it flies!

RED ZONE ⭲ : 0:57 - He has a fantastic God Given talent/ability :)

Mr. Goldentortle : Wind *exists* ITS FREE REALESTATE

Ben Webb : Truly brilliant- I admire that talent and dedication like this, which could be utilised in the 'real' world to make a lot of money, is used for his own goals, and pleasure- total respect

Monkeee : 1950:I bet there will be flying cars in the future 2019:

Cheerful chibi : Your notebook paper when the professor says "take notes"

VanillaVibe : I bet it's gonna be paper-view.

Daniel Pontow : *Excuse me how is that 1/60 of an actual Boeing? It looks much smaller than that*

Homer Simpson : make it into a rc plane.

can i get 1000 subscribers without videos? : No worries, the plane is a paid actor

Cam Good : That landing gear is just incomprehensibly amazing. How did he do that??

Darsh Amin : Why its almost impossible to build a paper airplane

Sam Powers : You should invest in a laser cutter

M&C Gamers : This is for why airplane security don't want water

CalMack0 : Once he completes the normal paper airplane he should make the crashed version using the parts at 4:17

Fire gamez X : The biggest part that surprises me is the landing gear it looks so cool!

Spartak Muho : Japanese hobbies are slowly creeping in the western world... Or the western world has reached a point that it resembles Japan's stage of civilization.

HitmarkBlaz3r : *Top 10 hardest levels in minecraft*

Sparsh Vatsyayan’s idevice : You would be named in one of the world records if you showed this video to world record judges

Ashwin Gokhale : Wouldn't be surprised if it suddenly starts flying

carpo719 : Just amazing. No words besides that. Amazing

Speed _ : Does it fly tho?

ZNTG Gamer : Imagine burning that :)

MaffiaThug : This guy needs a girlfriend

dougdapug123 : We all had that one kid in our school who was the master at paper airplane construction.

Trevor Tucker : This thing is SICK. Time to fall at the feet of the master!

jAAkey rEnnDle : This guy has WAY too much time on his hands

Arsalan Alghizzawi : Бляха..я тоже делаю самолёты...но до такого уровня мне ещё лет так тысяч нужно..

José Grajales Hernández : This guy is amazing.

IconicKween : *but can it fly?*