The Ultimate Paper Airplane | WIRED

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carpo719 : Just amazing. No words besides that. Amazing

sleight of happy : But does it speak French?

subnormalbark : Can I be the one to throw it

MidgetBlaze : Now let's see if it flies!

Mauz Shaikh : I am confused.....Wired or WEIRD? Weird sounds good for this channel.

Cheerful chibi : Your notebook paper when the professor says "take notes"

dragonborn2709 : This is making me want to play rainbow six for some reason...

Cam Good : That landing gear is just incomprehensibly amazing. How did he do that??

Senthil Venkat : It should in a art Museum my friend !👍

Max G : well done sir, can't wait to smoke a joint rolled by you.

Spooky Skeleton : This is insanely detailed and amazing. Hopefully nothing bad happens!

Bruwer van Vrede : needs to be in a museum, just wow

Shahat Alam : who sold this kid aderall

RandomVidz : He kinda looks like Justin Timberlake

eShank : What is this, a plane for ants?

Trevor Tucker : This thing is SICK. Time to fall at the feet of the master!

Oshu Supreme : I can destroy your life project with one flamey boy.

jhon bernerson : Remember Phineas and Ferb were the first ones.

Osotot A : He should make a diarama of a plane crash with his "plane crash" box

Kriste Isopahkala : I hate to sound like Indiana Jones, but these things belong in a museum.

The Spherical Earth : I don’t know what he would grab in a fire His wallet or his plane

Michael Botello : I drop of water and its gone

KGB russia : Came on I'm also trying !!!

Justin Plays : now just imagine the bill on the paper

XXXTENTACION's Hat : Imagine if his house went on fire.

İSMAİL KAR NANOKUNG : extremely good

Stockz_1- -Vainglory : Phineas and ferb did it better .

Destiny Wilson : but can it fly?

Random Studio : imagine a fatman sat on it !!!!! and oh it was just a dream !!!

Eleven and Eggos : Nice airplane would be a shame if something happens to it.............

AdityaTD : As a designer, this is just amazing but my only concern is, will it be available at a museum for people to look? :O

Andrew Y : This guy needs to get laid. BIG TIME


reality check : That 'paper' has the texture and thickness of wood. I know that paper is made out of wood - but when I think of paper, I don't think of paper which is basically thinly cut sheets of wood. Point being - this is a plane made out of wood, and not of regular paper.

Florenda Watson : thats balsa wood 😤

Yung Dexter : Imagine if someone spilled water on it

Mmm : I've got a life.

Patel Janki : Udtahai kya men it's fly

shubham beniwal and designs : He could have make a real one!

Scouting Inc. : 😱

Master AliefKhan : did you think about water?

smitty jenkins : kind of

ChimoMochi TM : But does it fly?

violet paul : calm and meditation?? I could use my mind doing this!

Tijn Vos : Pff it can't even fly

Trollin Charlie : 7 words. Way too much time on your hands.

Northpoledude 121 : Set them on fire

DANIELSMEDIAS : what an intelligent handsome man

VAPASS : Imagine spending 3 years on this and then someone just sits on it

Cars Cars : But can it safely land in water?