Gerard Butler Teaches You Scottish Slang | Vanity Fair

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dlbstl : I'm recommitting my love for Gerard Butler. Definitely down to earth and humble and adorable.

Rebecca Vocal Athlete : What a hunk.

allmyjm : He seems like such a cool dude!

Tony Stark : I always love hearing Scottish accent. It sounds unique.

NEZ IO : I think that this man shags 50% with his voice and wit.

Rachel Buchan : I'm Scottish, why am I watching this.

Gergana Margaritova : Ah, the Scottish accent...I'm melting 😍

Volatile Supernova : love Gerard Butler

Lou Ann Schafer : Perfect speciman of a man. Good Lord.

Spaghet Boi : Gerard Butler for Shrek 5!! Make him Shrek’s long lost brother or his cousin

Amalli Beckham : The best accent period.

Effy and Koda : He seems like a fun guy to have a beer with

Toree Laura : Gerard Butler just 🤤😍

Ruizu : Gerard Butler, Phantom 😘 You age so fine. 👌🏻

Yamin Thein : I thoroughly enjoyed this! Love this man!

Ponyyish : Leonidas sounds rare...

soulcornflake1 : Nice to hear him speak with his native accent again.

Ras Putin : He's a lawyer right?

A.M Lash : Amazing accent

wnnlou : Yes. Everything about this is yessssss. 😍🤤

Kat Domenech : You have no idea how many times I've watched this.

LGCY Virius : Loved this, made me homesick.. Well done Gerard.

Keara Harkin : Awh I love him so much 😂 this video made my day

I Do Monologues : Gerard is an American playing the long con, I'm convinced.

man in chair : I read Trainspotting but never understood what "biscuit-ersed" means.

Moanhi : When I lived in Scotland, I was too sarcastic for them. Maybe we Finns don't make it so obvious, go figure...

Hackney Gyal : I repeat, please do this with John boyega and London slang it would be hilarious

Judy Fraley : Wonder what he thinks of Outlander.

revenlusker : Start choosing better scripts for your movies!! 🙏🙏

Tibbs142 : One of the coolest least comprehensible accents along with irish.

Melissa Scoggins : Jobby...will use that one now...haha


D Roberts : Complete fannybaws.

Heaven Leigh : He's such a big man-

Lucy Tustian : Ahhh, the delightful Mr Butler... I could happily listen to him reading out the entire telephone directory all day and night... Sigh...


HeathenGeek : You big hunky stud muffin yoo.

Herbert Kitchener : Some of these are used all over Britain

Aviva Peltz : Exactly why I cant stand it when he has to put on an american accent.

G Art : Keep in mind Scotland is a country so some of these slang words are more associated with different parts of the country - as there are different Scottish accents.

Melanie Shepherd : lol funny

Nashib Farooqi : One of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.

Alejandra Franco : What a beautiful accent, I want it

Susan Burris : That is one hot Scott.

andres96tejeiro : This was great, like really really great

emma Woods : Such weird weird words haha! Where does these slang words get made up. Lol. Scottish and irish is so great.

STAG162 : I have Scottish ancestry, and I don't talk like him, but I wish I did. I couldn't stop laughing through that whole vid. Scottish has to be one of the most jolly accents on earth.

Vincent Mileto : loved him in 300, rock n rolla. Very likeable dude!

Danclyro Gaming : He got these right. Shame about his accent though.

Sophia Perez : Now I understand outlander way much better