Gerard Butler Teaches You Scottish Slang | Vanity Fair

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dlbstl : I'm recommitting my love for Gerard Butler. Definitely down to earth and humble and adorable.

soulcornflake1 : Nice to hear him speak with his native accent again.

Amalli Beckham : The best accent period.


eon001 : I really hope Gerard gets to play a Scottish character in his next film.

Nashib Farooqi : One of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.

Arnooj de Arnooj : Honestly we should all just raise our children with Scottish accents.

Rebecca Vocal Athlete : What a hunk.

Tibbs142 : One of the coolest least comprehensible accents along with irish.

Jorge B. : Was he drunk during this? Lol

I am Jacks' angry left testicle : You big hunky stud muffin yoo.

G Art : Keep in mind Scotland is a country so some of these slang words are more associated with different parts of the country - as there are different Scottish accents.

Rachel Buchan : I'm Scottish, why am I watching this.

Ella A : I repeat, please do this with John boyega and London slang it would be hilarious

marcelano ryadi : after this video, im convinced 80% of Scottish people, young + old, are alcoholics

BEAST WOLF : *I'm killing my career one moment at a time yes you r sir* 😂😂😂

FearlessAstridHofferson : STOICK THE VAST!!! 🍻🍺🛶🐲

Tony Stark : I always love hearing Scottish accent. It sounds unique.

I Do Monologues : Gerard is an American playing the long con, I'm convinced.

Sophia Perez : Now I understand outlander way much better

Abby Brustad : I’d love to see the phantom teach Christine this 😂

Kathleen5429 : OMG! I can't believe he introduced himself as Gerr-ard! I've heard him say that people call him that, but that Ger-id, is the correct way to say his adorable name. Just look at that adorable smile. 🙋

revenlusker : Start choosing better scripts for your movies!! 🙏🙏

Rosy Cavalier : He has a voice of angel. His songs in the Phantom Of The Opera had me goosebumps!

Ahly J : *The hottest Scotsman ever!*

Mnd0vrMnky : I'm so proud of my little nation. 😂

NEZ IO : I think that this man shags 50% with his voice and wit.

Ailish Daly : I’m in love with him 😂😂❤️

The Real Jebus : I wouldn’t worry about this ruining your career, all those terrible films you’ve been in recently have already done that😂😂😂😂

Sarge Mumar : He deffinitley could have played a dwarf in LOTR or Hobbit.

Alejandra Franco : What a beautiful accent, I want it

wnnlou : Yes. Everything about this is yessssss. 😍🤤

Júelz Lōrén : he seems a little buzzed all the time. like he's had a few beers or shots... but i love me some Gerard Butler. also He and James McAvoy should play brothers in a movie.

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street : Seriously true about (Gaun Yirsel).. Nobody wants to see anybody doing well... That's the TRUTH.

Ras Putin : He's a lawyer right?

allmyjm : He seems like such a cool dude!

Micky Baeza : This video ended too soon. I need more.

Sharkey Knows : Such a babe.

J : ok i truly wanted to dislike this person, but he's endearing - don't tell anyone

Adalicce Lopez : Great sense of humor big fan here

Dennis Staughton : Now do it a kilt with your shirt off.

S Mayo : I missed Stoick’s voice. 😞

BasedGod YD : Ahhhh potatoes, carrots and turpentine a traditional Scottish meal

Herbert Kitchener : Some of these are used all over Britain

Nick S : Rank is scottish? Really? I've been hearing that forever in western Canada, seems like a common synonym for "putrid"

Gretchen : Don't get me wrong because I love Gerard Butler, but half of his face looks swollen. I wonder if he's okay?

MusicRose 91 : I want to do a love scene in a movie with him... <3

Adventure Monkey : He is a Beefer

Niamh Dougall : a actual love this and don’t know why am watching this am Scottish 😂