Elephant Falls Asleep After Lullaby

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Even though Faamai is a big elephant, every time she hears the lullaby from Lek she still falls asleep at Elephant Nature Park. Learn More : http://www.saveelephant.org Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/elephantnewsonline

Comments from Youtube

Google User : I could DIE HAPPY if I was able to do this JUST ONCE!!

momthegreatest : Any lulaby to make my wife sleep?

Gander Stein : That lady seems like a wonderful person. I admire her very much.

SummerOf1115 : I LOVE how the elephant pulls the human towards her in the beginning with her trunk. They clearly have such a trusting relationship.

CA Catr : To new viewers, ENP, Elephant Nature Park, is a sanctuary for disabled and abused elephants. Rescued from horrific situations, they find a whole new life at ENP. There are never chains or bullhooks there. They roam as THEY choose, swim in the river, apply mud in the mudpit, play with toys or forage in the jungle acres as they choose, or socialize. They choose to make their own new substitute families: they adopt each other, eating, sleeping and roaming as a family unit. There is never any abuse or unkindness at ENP. It is a place of dear respect and loving-kindness. Much healing, both physical and emotional goes on there, because trust is honored and respect is shown. This big baby of now 7 years old, is a new generation born there, born into freedom. Her mom was rescued from harm, and brought to ENP. Faa Mai, not long ago, was a little baby: you can watch her baby videos on this channel. She is one of very few Asian elephants in the world that have not known abuse. That is why she wears a smile. There is nothing but contentment and peace, joy and happiness at this loving place. And the little woman in this video is the loving, dedicated founder of this ele heaven on earth. If you love elephants, learn about PHAJAAN, and the immense atrocities that captive elephants suffer and die because of, at the hands of mankind. Do not buy paintings made by elephants or go to ANY place that works elephants in ANY capacity. ALL working elephants were forced through PHAJAAN, and PHAJAAN, torture-training, kills HALF of ALL captive Asian elephant babies. Working elephants suffer IMMENSELY: they are chained when they're not working, they are stabbed a LOT with Bullhooks, which are sharp pointed steel hooks. They are forced to carry heavy weights that break their backs and maim them for life. Enslavers force the elephants to work with broken legs, broken backs, dislocated hips, that the owner caused. They are not allowed to eat enough (starved), and they are constantly beaten into an existence of hell. Enslavers even inject them with massive amounts of the addictive drug called Speed, to make them work on no food. Do not ride elephants, do not support the torturous elephant enslavement industry. All working elephants around the world are forced through PHAJAAN. Do not support PHAJAAN by giving your money to places that work elephants. Elephant work MEANS the elephants are tortured and killed by it. If you love elephants, support genuine elephant sanctuaries like the one in this video, ENP. They are the only hope for these elephants, and they're pouring out their lives and hearts daily to care for these precious honorable giant gray FRIENDS called Elephants. Support their loving work. They truly love them, and so do we. We salute and honor ENP and all sanctuaries that TRULY respect the elephants' safety, well-being, peace and freedom. With appreciative tears, Much Love to ENP.

Khandsuren Natsagdorj : Awww that curled up trunk !! 😍 so cute

Milton Hunter : What a sweetie! Pulls her in for a hug and goes to sleep. Elephants are a lot smarter than given credit for.

M D : I must say... has anyone ever stopped breathing due to excessive melting of the heart. what a beautiful video. love from Dublin city

Thud Thud : Hmmm...the elephant needed a hug before it would lay down. Nice.

Shaun Gordon : I almost teared up when the elephant grabbed her with its trunk and pulled her in for a hug. love them

ronald boreland : That was absolutely beautiful... πŸ’˜πŸ˜πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜ Thank you!

Lightblinder : Seriously, how can some people still poach for fun and abuse them? Heartless bastards

karan shukla : This elephant is luckier than me😒

Syasya Jee : Lek is an incredible strong independent woman. A true elephant whisperer.

Megan Naylor : How gorgeous the bond is between them. I wish all humans treated animals with respect like this.

Helvio Pacifico : ELEFANTES Tem sim uma diferenΓ§a πŸΈπŸ’œπŸ’₯ BRASIL

Derek Thompson : *Lek* has the best job in the world amongst these gentle giants My attitude is _death by public hanging_ for anyone who abuses these beautiful creatures.

Nancy Desch : What a loving, intelligent sweetheart this elephant is.Β  This brought tears to my eyes.

*Heretic : at 1:35 , is this a smile from the elephant ? ;-)

kjh lk : I am volunteering in February and I can't wait. It was because of her and her point of view and love that I choose this park. She has a genuine love for them. I have volunteered at an animal shelter and whenever I would play brazilian music the dogs would stop barking and suddenly relax. Not to this extent but it would calm them down.

bea kittelscherz : Itsy bitsy Spider seems to be an international Hit... :-D

Popcorn Moonshine : That lady has to be a beautiful beautiful person, bless her heart.

k0chana : @thedodo should do a video on this if they haven't already

Touya Dono : to make something clear: no she's not hitting the elephant out of malice or abuse. it mimics how elephants interact with each other with their trunks. elephants do this to display affection and interest.

lynx den : love between animals and human :)

Rock 'n' Loom 247 : So Cute! I wish you guys made this into a mp3 song so that I can listen to it forever.🐘

Ayana Benjamin : Recently an elephant in India accidentally killed its carer when he obeyed the instruction to sit down, but didn't realise that the carer just fell down behind him. He sat on the man, crushing him to death. I wonder how upset the elephant was when he found out what happened. Made me scared for the lady when the elephant was lying down.

no one : We truly see , mankind lay with the beast ........

cros99 : Having worked with elephants as a younger man, I can easily say, you have never been loved 'till you have been loved by an elephant.

Mike Becket : Wonder would that work on my sister ??

John Chisholm : All Poachers should be hunted & killed for sport for hurting these beautiful animals.

Cindy Lynnette Dela Cruz : I thought the flapping sound was the towel, I was like, wow that’s loud, but it turns out it was the 🐘 ears lol no wonder πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚


QuantumBraced : He started flapping his ear in rhythm with the song, elephants are really smart, and also fun. My favorite animals.

FMFvideos : I'm fat and I got sleepy.

Avoidance Technologies : "They love each other forever".

Mary Lawson : Love elephants they can be so docile and loving when treated good. The other ones come over to see what's going on. Beautiful.

Rowsofsha Flower : What a BEAUTIFUL scene, most living beings are suceptable to an emotional reaction to KINDNESS! "This woman has my heart, she is (literally), UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and, I LOVE HER for it." These are beautiful beings, the elephants and lady! This revives my confidence in humanity, despite the horrors of human participation in history. I realize, there are MANY GOOD UNDOCUMENTED DEEDS that need to come to light, if not to boost our morale, EDUCATE people about FINDING or CULTIVATING THEIR VIRTUOUS SELVES! Thanks for reading (Feb 2, 2019).

leslie loong : every living thing has a soul which needs comforting.....I cry watching this.

daniel kirk : A fila cresceu todos querem durmi kkk parabΓ©ns !

Avoidance Technologies : "Were babysitting serial and abusive recycled bagged up relations / killers... over here"!

I Miss Biggie PAC : I want a elephant instead of a dog now

Dean Morrow : Elephants are such beautiful creatures. 🐘❀

smacky lee : I wanna be one of Lek's elephants

Michael Mendillo : Oh no !!!! He is snoring !!!! Hahaha, so beautiful! I love elephants,,, gentle, loving souls,,,πŸ˜βœŒπŸ–’πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

turmat01 : I've recently started to really appreciate elephants. They are such awesome animals, so big, yet so gentle. I would love to get to interact with one! They are fascinating!

amsablan : Holy.....her singing had a calming effect on me as well! Woman has something powerful there. Doesn't get more harmonious than this video.

drServitis : ELEPHANTS ARE JUST BIG WRINKLY BABIES. Her gentle lullaby even made my eyes droopy.

C C : Beautiful voice. Listening to that makes me sleepy.