Elephant Falls Asleep After Lullaby

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Megan Naylor : How gorgeous the bond is between them. I wish all humans treated animals with respect like this.

Warren Ripley : How awesome would that be to get a hug from an elephant eh. :)

Vane C : this is so pure , im crying

QuantumBraced : He started flapping his ear in rhythm with the song, elephants are really smart, and also fun. My favorite animals.

DaleJay! : Probably the best thing i've seen all year. Amazing. Beautiful.

Touya Dono : to make something clear: no she's not hitting the elephant out of malice or abuse. it mimics how elephants interact with each other with their trunks. elephants do this to display affection and interest.

momthegreatest : Any lulaby to make my wife sleep?

Renewed Gal : hehehe what a big baby literally . so cute

cros99 : Having worked with elephants as a younger man, I can easily say, you have never been loved 'till you have been loved by an elephant.

jxdef25 : who the hell would down vote something so adorable

amsablan : Holy.....her singing had a calming effect on me as well! Woman has something powerful there. Doesn't get more harmonious than this video.

Dani Carven : 1:34 ear flapping , and the elephant smiled

FRESHBRU : This makes me so happy.

James Vignale II : Wow. This makes me happy sad. Like I wanna cry a good cry.

Google User : I could DIE HAPPY if I was able to do this JUST ONCE!!

Kit Kat : This brings a tear to my eye and makes me so happy, to see that Elephant bring her in for a hug was the cherry on the top. The women sung beautifully as well.

BULLY MOTTO : when you see things like this always make me ask myself why are destroying all this beautiful animals and their habitats. animals are so pure in heart if you ever take care of any animal since a baby you would understand what I'm saying it doesn't matter if is a dog a horse or a elephant they all create a bond with you and you can really see the love the have for us. PLEASE TREAT ALL ANIMALS AND NATURE WITH LOVE AND RESPECT.

SiberShami : да я сам чуть не уснул )

Carol Kempen : Longer elephant lullaby videos, please. I will be happy to sing a lullaby to all the elephants there and give each one of them kisses.

Trabucox : this cheered me up, thanks for sharing.

JeffWatersRules : Here we see an elephant brutally beaten to death with a towel.

Ariya Skunvogn : When i am a child my mother usually waving a towel or any piece of clothes when she sing a lullaby for me. Usually to keep the insect( Fly and mosquito) away. I think that is a habit of Thai mothers usually do when they sing a lullaby for their children. Maybe you don't see it un the big city but in the rural area that is often. Maybe they see from their ancestor to do like this for very long time. So when they sing a lullaby they usually waving the towel to keep insect away.

McKenna Kolbasinski : beautiful

Wendy Fotre : Finally, some kindness and respect for elephants. Beautiful. Needed that this week.

Shaun Gordon : I almost teared up when the elephant grabbed her with its trunk and pulled her in for a hug. love them

stayedfaded : Am I high or is the melody the same as the itsy bitsy spider?

Kanon Rs : I almost slept like the elephant...

Gabriel Tait : Elephant NAture Park! Thanks for all that you guys do!

Eric : If that elephant had a thumb, it would be sucking it.... VERY cute!

Khandsuren Natsagdorj : Awww that curled up trunk !! 😍 so cute

mamita75 : Beautiful


Devika Raju : So precious.

Kelly Conway : I could watch this a million times...There is still beauty and kindness in the world.

Diana Viengvilay : Awww so cute! I love you Lek, your awesome. Thank you for your work.

rydstrom Decarolis : Such a precious video

M D : I must say... has anyone ever stopped breathing due to excessive melting of the heart. what a beautiful video. love from Dublin city

AJsVIEW : she did some voodoo shit with that towel I KNOW IT! 01:32 the sound of its ears flapping reminds me of missionary humping lol

George Roumeliotis : What a beautiful interaction !! We know so very little about animals and nature ! And yet we go and destroy them for our shortsighted benefits. Total respect to this lady !! I am astonished that there are 12 thumbs down on this video. They must be total morons !!!

dsamh : Why did i just watch this 15x in a row....

kunkubutta : I am sleepy too. Love this video.

Wanda Burgess : I would *LOVE* to sit there and nap with the elephants.. So *BEAUTIFUL*

David Gonzalez : how lovely, stunning and beautiful scene!... The song is itsy bitsy spider in Thai.


Ёкарныйбабай : Какие трогательные отношения!

Heather Gall : I agree with you. This is a wonderful video. Usually I am crying over elephants like Raju but THIS is the way it should be.

Corinne REMY : I love it .........

Elizabeth : omg D: so beautiful

CroatianExTc : Best thing I have seen on yt in a while,. thank YOU for this :)

Everett James : Wish I could like this a million times.