Every Tinder Ever

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TierZoo : This is hilarious and would fit fine on your main channel

ragii : The accuracy is terrifying. Not that I have Tinder. I don't need to resort to online dating.

Shaunak Deshpande : "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"

Ryan Smith : wayyyyy too accurate

MysticFellow : You forgot: "If I superliked you, it was probably an accident"

Derek Louis : "I'm actually 19 I don't know why it says 25."

Kyle Roy : Interests: -Adventures -Dogs -Food -Netflix -420 friendly -Being chill -Coffee -Being unbelievably predictable.

Tyromed : I got banned on tinder because I pretended to be a car looking for my truck boyfriend

Tom Wong : "Which one am I hopefully not the fat one" It's always the fat one

LaToya's Life : Hi my name is LaToya a ghetto black name spelled correctly... LMAO!!

gmmg : Don't forget the "Not here to hookup!"

Dan M : You missed the yoga obsession, wine, cheese and the fact that they’re always “down for an adventure”

Nick : newsflash: girls with interesting, magnetic personalities probably don't need hookup apps to get dicked down. So if the girls on tinder all seem like basic, boring, yet somehow self-absorbed carbon copies of each other, it's probably because they are.

Ique : I've legit had at least 100 *cough 1 cough* girls swipe right on my tinder because of my handsome dog

Dazai Gaming : Or girls that make a Tinder when they already have a boyfriend. Like wtf LOL

ItsOrval : "I only date black guys" "You must be 6 feet tall" "If you support trump swipe left"

JustNYC • : Tinder is a spot for desperate chicks advertising their Instagram to desperate guys they usually avoid

HappiestSadGuy : I'm so lonely. I have nobody to call my own.

Stagskull : you forgot "long walk on the beach"

Liam Davidson : Where is the "be 6"4' at least or don't bother"

ej732 : Most women from tinder are a frappuccino away from dropping their panties. So remember boys, first date, Starbucks.

Popparoks : you forgot "no hookups". and "sapiosexual"

Steven Seagal : Lets not forget the "I'm pansexual" usually it's the dumb 18 to 20 year old confused ones that have this in their bio ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

metallicak5 : The amount of girls that genuinely think they're "unique" and oblivious to the fact they're so basic is laughable. #Travel #Coffee #Livelovelaugh #basic #unoriginal

Mitch Malone : "Venmo me $5 and see what happens"

John Smith : The top 1% of males get 99% of the female swipes. If you aren't a male model or could be one then don't bother. Practice telling jokes, create social bonds, and build your career. Much better use of time.

ThePesmergia : Hi. I like to breathe oxygen in. And I especially love to use my eyes to look at things. I also LOVE to use my mouth to say words. And get mad for no reason, and scream loudly at random things. I like things that grow. Things that are different than the things around me. And I like to use money to buy things I don't need.

Alec Jordan : So much male frustration here...But I totally feel.

CJR : It’s sad how accurate this is.

Reee Eee : *I don't message first*

Golden Boi : "Not superstitious just a little stitious." Makes me want to kms

Cabbage : Now do one about black women.

Daniel Flores : Tinder and mobile phones have really changed the game. I noticed with the Advent of Internet dating and social media that women's sense of entitlement has sky rocketed. I'm no specimen but I have never had an issue meeting some one IRL. Recently due to relocation I've been forced to use tinder and let me tell you , women who I wouldn't even look twice at 5 and 6's are blowing me off. Fat women especially have gotten so cocky. Honestly going on tinder is like the dating twilight zone . Perception is distorted there and all women believe they are 10's and deserve only the top tier of males. The thing is they may get that guy for a night but that dudes already got 2 other women. Moral of the story get off tinder unless you're ripped, hung, and rich.. with perfect facial symmetry

Teddy5691 : You forgot "love to travel". Everyone loves to travel apparently!

Izzy Gee : Sheeet I made a Tinder. I tried to be specific on what I do. 1. I play fighting games. Online tournaments and shit. Street Fighter, Injustice, Mahvel. Yknow. 2. I still skateboard even though I'm 24. I hit empty parking lots around 12am - 4am so noone will judge me. 3. I enjoy comedy and knowledge. I spend alot of time learning and laughing. 4. I watch alot of cartoons and I'd be down for some anime so long as it doesn't attract the fbi. Then I put my dimensions: 145lb, 5'11" etc. I swiped right on everyone for two weeks. Got noone but ghetto black girls that didn't read my bio. They just saw a brown guy with long hair and a job and was like "uh i need to git me sum o' dat". A couple days ago I thought "Hey I was single from 1-16 I can make it from 24-death."

TheKingraptor724 : This is why women are the problem. They make men think they're the boring ones while they are basically all clones of each other.

みさきめい : Eyyy you forgot "not looking for hookups" after posting 4 slutty pics

SuperTommy47 : "I like to go on adventures"

Jon McCloud : Oh also forgot. Must be 6'4 or taller

johnstir : You forgot the obsessed disneyland girls.

French dollies : So.... Basically every girl in my school

convxid : forgot the "420 friendly"

Sir Brodacious : Or all the people that say "I don't know why I'm here". What. Did the app just download itself and set up its own account?

DeityPerpetrator : f women


Eric Chipman : This accuracy leads me to think we all live in the same place. What's scarier is my assumption that basicness permeates all cities and locales evenly. Likewise, there's an endless supply of girls that are the exact same; expendable as it were

GirtheAlienGoldfish : I used to use Tindr, thinking it would be a great place to meet a guy for a committed relationship. I was a fool.

Cbass Yokum : " Do you like music?" "Yeah." "Me too we have so much in common."

B.E.St. : "only god can judge me"

Wooden House : "my parents live in ____ i live in the moment"