Every Tinder Ever

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Shaunak Deshpande : "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"

ragii : The accuracy is terrifying. Not that I have Tinder. I don't need to resort to online dating.

Ryan Smith : wayyyyy too accurate

MysticFellow : You forgot: "If I superliked you, it was probably an accident"

Derek Louis : "I'm actually 19 I don't know why it says 25."

Kyle Roy : Interests: -Adventures -Dogs -Food -Netflix -420 friendly -Being chill -Coffee -Being unbelievably predictable.

Tyromed : I got banned on tinder because I pretended to be a car looking for my truck boyfriend

Cbass Yokum : " Do you like music?" "Yeah." "Me too we have so much in common."

TierZoo : This is hilarious and would fit fine on your main channel

gmmg : Don't forget the "Not here to hookup!"

LaToya's Life : Hi my name is LaToya a ghetto black name spelled correctly... LMAO!!

ItsOrval : "I only date black guys" "You must be 6 feet tall" "If you support trump swipe left"

Tom Wong : "Which one am I hopefully not the fat one" It's always the fat one

Ique : I've legit had at least 100 *cough 1 cough* girls swipe right on my tinder because of my handsome dog

ratede91 : White girl quote #216 "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best" - Marilyn Monroe

Dan M : You missed the yoga obsession, wine, cheese and the fact that they’re always “down for an adventure”

Nick : newsflash: girls with interesting, magnetic personalities probably don't need hookup apps to get dicked down. So if the girls on tinder all seem like basic, boring, yet somehow self-absorbed carbon copies of each other, it's probably because they are.

JustNYC • : Tinder is a spot for desperate chicks advertising their Instagram to desperate guys they usually avoid

Umi : Or girls that make a Tinder when they already have a boyfriend. Like wtf LOL

Liam Davidson : Where is the "be 6"4' at least or don't bother"

Stagskull : you forgot "long walk on the beach"

HappiestSadGuy : I'm so lonely. I have nobody to call my own.

ej732 : Most women from tinder are a frappuccino away from dropping their panties. So remember boys, first date, Starbucks.

Chris Revillas : It’s sad how accurate this is.

Steven Seagal : Lets not forget the "I'm pansexual" usually it's the dumb 18 to 20 year old confused ones that have this in their bio ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reee Eee : *I don't message first*

Popparoks : you forgot "no hookups". and "sapiosexual"

Mitch Malone : "Venmo me $5 and see what happens"

Mejin : "Like to have fun - drama free no one night stand"

Alec Jordan : So much male frustration here...But I totally feel.

TheFreindlyWhiteBoy : What tinder white girl hurt this man?

Teddy5691 : You forgot "love to travel". Everyone loves to travel apparently!

Daniel Flores : Tinder and mobile phones have really changed the game. I noticed with the Advent of Internet dating and social media that women's sense of entitlement has sky rocketed. I'm no specimen but I have never had an issue meeting some one IRL. Recently due to relocation I've been forced to use tinder and let me tell you , women who I wouldn't even look twice at 5 and 6's are blowing me off. Fat women especially have gotten so cocky. Honestly going on tinder is like the dating twilight zone . Perception is distorted there and all women believe they are 10's and deserve only the top tier of males. The thing is they may get that guy for a night but that dudes already got 2 other women. Moral of the story get off tinder unless you're ripped, hung, and rich.. with perfect facial symmetry

metallicak5 : The amount of girls that genuinely think they're "unique" and oblivious to the fact they're so basic is laughable. #Travel #Coffee #Livelovelaugh #basic #unoriginal

ThundorKat : "No hookups"

Golden Boi : "Not superstitious just a little stitious." Makes me want to kms

PhatBoy210 : Been on tinder for 3 years. Never been swiped on. I know I can't convince anyone on the internet, but I'm not even an ugly guy. I'm like a,8/10. That app has really brought down my confidence lmao.

John Smith : The top 1% of males get 99% of the female swipes. If you aren't a male model or could be one then don't bother. Practice telling jokes, create social bonds, and build your career. Much better use of time.

Izzy Gee : Sheeet I made a Tinder. I tried to be specific on what I do. 1. I play fighting games. Online tournaments and shit. Street Fighter, Injustice, Mahvel. Yknow. 2. I still skateboard even though I'm 24. I hit empty parking lots around 12am - 4am so noone will judge me. 3. I enjoy comedy and knowledge. I spend alot of time learning and laughing. 4. I watch alot of cartoons and I'd be down for some anime so long as it doesn't attract the fbi. Then I put my dimensions: 145lb, 5'11" etc. I swiped right on everyone for two weeks. Got noone but ghetto black girls that didn't read my bio. They just saw a brown guy with long hair and a job and was like "uh i need to git me sum o' dat". A couple days ago I thought "Hey I was single from 1-16 I can make it from 24-death."

Cabbage : Now do one about black women.

Jon McCloud : Oh also forgot. Must be 6'4 or taller

ThePesmergia : Hi. I like to breathe oxygen in. And I especially love to use my eyes to look at things. I also LOVE to use my mouth to say words. And get mad for no reason, and scream loudly at random things. I like things that grow. Things that are different than the things around me. And I like to use money to buy things I don't need.

johnstir : You forgot the obsessed disneyland girls.

TheKingraptor724 : This is why women are the problem. They make men think they're the boring ones while they are basically all clones of each other.

French dollies : So.... Basically every girl in my school

SuperTommy47 : "I like to go on adventures"


Sir Brodacious : Or all the people that say "I don't know why I'm here". What. Did the app just download itself and set up its own account?

Paputsza : That's my profile. But you have to understand tinder is a mess and I've had to move to match. Basically you go on tinder as a woman and you can essentially date anyone of your race between the ages of 18-40. The guys there seem just as basic. Compared to on match where you actually see people based on your interests.

みさきめい : Eyyy you forgot "not looking for hookups" after posting 4 slutty pics