Mom cat talking to her kittens
Momma cat talks to kittens

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Bu videoyu YouTube Video Düzenleyici ile oluşturdum ( Mother Cat talking to her Funny Meowing Kittens , mama cat calling for her kittens


TrapHouse Jutsu : What kind of psychopath dislikes a video about kittens

TheAnnouncer : Mom: now you stay there and think about what you’ve done Other kitten: 0:17 haha

Reyner Esteban B.H : 3965 dislikes . Some people literally is dead inside.

Sorrow Maker C : mother cat: why you don't look like me

Dounce : I would just stay there and watch them the whole day.

*kawai unicorn* : Be sure to pit the volume down before 1:02 That a loud roar 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Mizhidor : "Mom why are you black?" "You're grounded" 0:18 "HA you got grounded!"

[C.D] Rhoji : This video kills my cancer

Evil always finds a way. : Who needs human babies when you can have these?

Marissa Davis : Need subtitles

The only Palestine : 3.9k dislikes like WTF, some humans are HEARTLESS

Kevin Eontrainer : The kitten is too scared to jump down Mom: "It's okay, jump!" Kitten: "No it's too high" Mom: "it's only 10 cm" Mom : "See? It's short" Kitten: "Still too high" Mom: "Alright I'm picking you up" Kitten: "Anything taller than 5 cm is too high for me.."

White Shadow : Black cats are so pretty!!

Ëmirī Wølf : "make sure to eat your fish!" "Drink lots of milk!" "Sharpen your claws twice a day!" "Remember to clean your fur!" "Stare at your human creepily!"

Curt Christensen : Kittens are a little piece of heaven left down here for us

ボンゴレーノ : 外国人コメしかニャーい💧 そしてキョーレツに可愛い😍😍😍 (=^ェ^=)

Steve G : If evil aliens invade Earth disguised as cute little kittens humanity is doomed


Q8Duelist : Cat mom: hi kids mommy is back did you miss me? Kitten: yes i missed you🐱❤

BlakeB YT : The kittens eyes are like *im staring into your soul*

Raymesis : 4.5K Dislikes...... Some people don't know what cute is


No Saints : Sometimes I really wonder where dislikes on these types of videos come from lol

•Atamın Yolunda• : Baby cat: mriEw The other bb cat: mİiİw Mom:mİiYEW

John Collins : Cat: Now stay where I can see you, kids. No running off! Kittens: But why? Cat: Because I'm the Mom & I said so, that's why! This was simply adorable.🤗

ImAWeird Stickman : Hold on, lemme translate Mom: i'm leaving you son, you're adopted

Eireee17 : All of them are cute

1-800 no one cares : I love cats. Dogs too. Beautiful creatures.

Arti : I'm a simple human. I see cats, I like

KoruKinshi : I guess 3900 people are destined to go to the SHADOW REALM...

noobs_ 4life : Mom: *Think what have you done.* Kitten: ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ *what have I done?*

Janice : God bless all the kitties out there.... may humans and nature treat them kindly... love them❤️❤️❤️

K B : Mom is gorgeous with shiny black hair and bright green eyes.

Hexa Swift : Huh, first video that gave me heart attack in 1 minute and 17 seconds... Somebody, please call an ambulance....

Tea Gardner : I've always loved to hear female cats calling their kittens! That meow is so cute!

Patricia Le Dez : Oh !!!!!!quelle adorable et magnifique petite famille 😻😻😽💕💕💕

Mark Alvarez : Most people from this comment: People who disliked this video are heartless! Reasons why the person disliked this video: -Probably disliked it by accident -A dog lover -They have opinions

Peter Play : "Mom: meoow Kittie: miaaauw"😊♥🐈

Punk Rock100 : Who disliked the video? What's wrong with it?

Cheetah1985 : The mama cats meow at 0:52. Mmmrrrrrraaaa

Beata Spiewak : So cute and a beautiful mom 😻

smol bean : I love how kittens always have that wide-eye baby stare... it's like all babies are amazed at what people do. 😁

Cinder the fox : How does YouTube know I was just thinking about kittens?? 0-0

Ashley Bradley : Awww this is too darn cute.

DANKFriends : She’s telling the kittens a story

Kangaroo 4279 : My new favorite vid 🥰🥰🥰

kuroi usagi : when the kitten behind the box popped up and meowed, my heart tingled from such cuteness 😍

Silverstar The Nightwing : I stopped at one minute. I can't take the cuteness! Arrgh!

Danny B. : 0:18 "hi"