Mom cat talking to her kittens

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Dounce : I would just stay there and watch them the whole day.

Marissa Davis : Need subtitles

Blakebro12 455 : The kittens eyes are like *im staring into your soul*

Reyner Esteban B.H : 3965 dislikes . Some people literally is dead inside.

Curt Christensen : Kittens are a little piece of heaven left down here for us

Superion247 : Awwwwww so cute, especially when they talk to each other.

Sinker Dude : Cats don't meow to each other, they meow to humans to manipulate them to do their bidding. Their meows are attempts at recreating a human infant's cry.

Luv Honey : 3.9k dislikes like WTF, some humans are HEARTLESS

amina mahdid : a video of cats being cute gets 3.3k dislikes wtf is wrong with these people -_-

Kaliforniabeatnik : Super cute but please fix the mamma so she doesn't have any more kittens. There are too many unwanted cats/kittens sitting in shelters waiting for a home.

Sphinx Money : Animals are the BEST. 🤤😢😍😍😍🤗🤗😙

Marisol Ibarra : Only cat haters put thumbs down

Natasha Semrau : The cutest kitten, untill l see another one!!!

[C.D] Rhoji : This video kills my cancer

Northoak : The mama cat mews sound funny.

V J : Thanks mom



meh : a wonderful mother!! we love her!!

U face : So cute... cute....😭😻

Tommy, Gracie & Leo : So cute! <3

KoruKinshi : I guess 3900 people are destined to go to the SHADOW REALM...

Anna Barbara : so sweet!❤️❤️

Patrick Dumas : A wonderful thing in life.

Elise Milstead : I love cats and dogs 😻😺🐶🐱🐕🐈🐩 Like if u agree that u guys love cats and dogs

Salex Wolf : 0:01 that looks exactly like my new kitten

Lochrine -8 : Mow mow mow- mow mow, mow mow mow mow mew~ mrow meow mow mow mow mow... Translated: “go to bed”

Bianka Jankowska : It's so cute😻😻😺😺

Elhami Musliu : I like the part when the mother cat talked to her baby cat.

I don't deserve subs : That cat is a good mom

Punk Rock100 : Who disliked the video? What's wrong with it?

Chloe Flitton : At first I thought it was just the one kitten...and then boom, another ones jumps up 😂

Sam Nasam : Sweet cats!!!❤️❤️❤️

Reigning Womban : I swear watching mama cats with their kittens 🐱 is like the sweetest sound and thing.

Fuck it up Kenneth : Watch out for the *ROAR* at 1:02, the power!! ;)

Blanca Rodríguez Martínez : OMG... they're so cute!😍❤

Thunderbolt : The mom cat looks like exactly my cat

Max Smith : It’s too cute.

Scarydave 724 : What a cute little fella

Arti : I'm a simple human. I see cats, I like


I am Lime : It’s so cute 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vajar Sanderiawan : my black cat was died :'( .. i miss her after seeing this....

Candace Alleyne : I just fell like hugging them for the whole day

Nehema1000 : Is it just me, or does that black cat have a weird accent?

Athira RS : I was soooo surprised to see the cats , because i have a black cat just like that and it had 2 grey babies just like this last month . I love mine and all the cats !!!😍😍😍

EddiTV : I wanna a kitten like that 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Nicola Vaselli : She is speaking english: I don't understand ! 😊

Thetrucky69 : Cute cats 😊❤

smol bean : I love how kittens always have that wide-eye baby stare... it's like all babies are amazed at what people do. 😁