NBA 2k15 Horrible (and Hilarious) Voice Acting Compilation
NBA 2K15 Horrible Voice Acting Compilation

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NBA 2k15 made the decision to have real NBA players do voice acting for the MyCareer mode. Most of the players did fine, but this video highlights the players that should not have been hired. Twitter- @JMacNBA_yt Instagram- All clips belong to 2k.


Ryan : Can dion read? Seems like he's really struggling to say his lines

KarlTheJester : This reminds me of highschool where everyone was assigned a character in the literature textbook short stories and we would all lifelessly read their lines.

bigbdizzle2 : 2K: have you ever had a normal human conversation? Players: No 2K: good

Broke Frog : Dion sounds like he just got his wisdom teeth pulled😂😂

Frank Hoodie : Dion talks just how his 2k model looks 😂💀

Govinda Sinclair : Eric Gordon sounds like Dave Chappell doing a white guy impression

Project Mayhem : You can tell they did all these in one take lmao

Rayne Ozier : 😂😂😂Wtf how did 2K let this in the final game?

Drew : 2:38 Gordan sounds like the weatherman, and being really white about it lmfao

ramses perez : 0:47 Dion Waiters sounds like a great value 50 cent

Abeezer : 2:22 Shaquille O’Neal: *Literally screaming in his face* Morris: *whispering at -500 db* “get out my face with that”

Stone Harper : Dion Waters sounds like a special needs 50 cent

FNM_ Jayquan : Dion so bad they had to make the player cut him off while he was talking

ShadowShade19 : Teacher: now dion, do you want to read the next 5 lines please? Its ok dion, no one will laugh. Just sound it out. Take your time dion. Its ok. Dion: ....who have thought!

Sa'ad Khan : you can see the soul leave Eric Gordon's body after finishing those lines

wyatt seaton : Eric Gordon sounds fruity af in the last clip 😂☠️

Jerome Fuerte : Now I can see why the NBA wants these guys to stay in school longer before they get drafted.

Kiokn : When the teacher called on that one student in class who couldn’t read 😂.

Melly Mel : Why Eric Gordon sound like a itsreal85 parody?😂

RM Lorenz : Dion can’t read. 2k devs got mad so they made his face like that in 2k15 😂

Ben Don’t Cook : Al Jefferson have to read with his finger 😂

Kulvir Kang : Dion waiters mad slow lmao. Couldnt even finish his line while the response already happening

WiZ : “Homeboy was raining threes down on these fools...BAM...BAM...BAM”

The Clincher : Professional voice actors: hey, did you guys record your lines for the game coming out tomorrow? NBA guys: that’s coming out tomorrow!?

Bob Ross : They all sound like they sipped lean before trying to read the script 🤣

Adam Boyd : Why Dion Waters have marbles in his mouth fam?

The Libtard : Someone on twitter said it’s a popcorn reading session 😂.

Ger Yang : "Who have thought?" -Dion Waiters

Mcauley Holmes : 2:00 The myPlayer “man Whatchu talkin bout” was the appropriate response to whatever tf that was

Robert T : Eric gordon sounds like he’d say the phrase “rooting-tooting”

Matt M : Eric Gordon sounds like somebody’s dad doing an impression of Obama on TikTok

Quinn Tarrant : 1:26 “All gonna reserve *deep breath”... JUDGEMENT”

NBA Fanatic : I hope dion waiters stars in space jam 2

Shawn F : They’ll lose track of you and boom! Another one! That was sweets to see!” 😂😂😂

1,000 subscribers with no videos ? : Floyd Mayweather taught dion waiters to read thats why he couldn't pronounce his words 💀

Raymond Lopez III : mom: are you high? me: 0:51

God : It's like the 2k devs were scared to tell them to retry

Ya Boi Matthew : For some reason, my favorite parts are when the captions says one thing and the players say a completely different thing.

Supermariohoops24 : Bro I remember Markieff Morris being my teammate buddy. Dude talked like he had a mouthful of syrup.

meankrandel : eric gordon’s voice acting was so damn funny

Juan Acevedo : My YouTube's autocaptions flat out gave up after Dion Waiter's first sentence. Jesus 🤦🏽‍♂️...

Ryan Henry Dean : This video was sweets to see

Shinobi Shark : Al Jefferson: Gives a long, heartfelt, dragged put speech. MyPlayer: *Yeah*

Alex Collins : Dion and Floyd should 1v1 each other. First one to read a Dr. Sues book has to donate to the winners charity of choice

JayJayGamez : 1:01 Dion Waiters looks like an Asian dude that ate a lemon 😂😂

Jacob Coombs : 2K: "Hey Dion, you just lost a game right? Come record these clips real quick." Dion: "I love lamp."

Opi FiD : 2k15 putting nba players on blast for not being able to read... tragic.

Tha Stepdad : That Dion Waiters part got me dead ion know how many times I hit rewind😂😂😂😂

BRONNYWOOD HOOPS : Markieff Morris Wasn't That Bad But DION Was Baaaaaad