Link's Final Form

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Watch Link take on his most powerful form! Follow light roast comics on twitter for more comics and dumb jokes: Music: Mushrooms by Komiku


RaZe_Fish_Sticko_Mode 3 : This is a light roast comic u made

Silly Shib : Yo, I first found you through Reddit at the start of the little archer series. I love the art style and the work you come out with; I really think you should promo your YouTube and social links after posting your comics on the relevant subs cos you would get an exponentially higher viewership since your posts hit the tens of thousands in updoots let alone views (that's just my 2¢ as a comics consumer that has followed a lot of their fave creators around after finding them that way). Anyhow keep up the good work. I feel like you could follow TheOdd1sOut in terms of breadth and depth of success. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RaZe_Fish_Sticko_Mode 3 : For the views

Jet Piper : That’s a spicy a meat a ball