Carson Can’t Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfield’s Non-Stop One-Liners (1974)

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Jason Bean : 44 years, both are gone, but humor remains.:)

B Caldwell : Rodney was straight tripping when Carson called him over. A rare privilege and on this night Rodney got some.... RESPECT! Johnny Carson was a real class act to the right guys. "Growing them" Simply amazing!

Gene Burnett : Johnny always knew when to lay back and play straight man. You gotta let Rodney roll and he knew it. RIP both of them.

Dr. Zoidberg : He never did loosen that tie.

shafta99 : when i was born the doctor smacked me. the nurse, she got a few in too, lmaoooo

Set Qesu : Rodney, the king!

SuperJumpReviews : I love the way he walks out, fixes his tie, does a hand gesture, etc. For lack of a better word, it just looks so cool and smooth.

D Tomasky : I used to drive Rodney in my taxi when he lived in Westport. Really nice down to earth guy. He was much more reserved out of character. RIP.

Andrew : I swear legends like him are underrated!!

Taylor Aguilar : The suicidal tendencies joke was hilarious.

24 Million Views : Genius Comedy.

jetfan glo : R.I.P ,Rodney. 😊

Kenton Nigrelli : He predicted the future with that opening bit!

Ken D : My favorite comedian! Rest In Peace Rodney

Curtis The Mentalist : The arsenal of jokes this man had...amazing stuff. Hilarious. Always wondering what he was going to say next.

Gregory Kosins : Rodney is almost superhuman in his professionalism.

pschroeter1 : "My wife's cooking is so bad the flies got together and fixed the hole in the screen door."

Behindthefog : How could anyone down vote This? Classless individuals

Simple Human : A buddy of mine was a Vegas musician way back in the day, and was lucky enough to have dinner with him during a break where he played on one of his shows. He told me Rodney can pull funny out of ANYTHING AT ANYTIME, and had the whole table laughing ‘til they were almost choking on their meals!

tim gong : Old school from forgotten time did n have to used profanity every 3 sec9nd

LR Hall : Carol Wayne... YOWZA!

scootscootriot1020 : Johnny Carson stole someone’s table cloth.

George V : Rodney the greatest compared to the fools of today!

Paul West : Dangerfield was like george burns on steroids. Loved him in caddyshack, back to school 1, 2 easy money and little niicky... Can hear him now saying, "Even in hell I get no respect!!!" Skip back to last gen, we got nothing left in this one, all the greats are now gone or dying off....

snowmchristv2 : My wife is cold, her side of the waterbed is frozen LMAO!!!!

oxKnightxo OW : Rodney one of The greatest.

Cynthia Lindsey : Johnny was a great host. He treated his guests with respect.

Gaming Review Clan : They just don't make them like this anymore.

John Booth : This is the Carson where Doris Day distracted Johnny to no end with her ensemble.Check her out.A true American beauty ,even at 50! Just spectacular!

Rachel Kent : love him.

William Moser : What class, esp. compared to sanctimonious clowns like kimmel, meyers, colbert. Ain't nobody funny now, just self-important, triumphalistic insults...

George Vreeland Hill : Rodney Dangerfield ... The best comic ever.

Kobain : I can imagine this guy telling jokes to the mafia...

carlorocky : I remember a joke Rodney once told: “I’ll never forget the first time I smoked a joint..i smoked half a joint..I got so hungry, I ate the other half!” I think he might have liked to dabble in more than just weed, he was going a million miles an hour and sweating like a pig in the butcher shop.

Rufo Barriga : rest in peace both of those 2 guys

J Lo : How many guys did their stand up routine, then sit down and keep a routine. Two guys here that will never have equals.

skankhunt42 : I really miss this show. I also really miss 70's porn...

Jesus Loves You : what a hell of memory he had

Keltlady : Wish you were back again....Luv you and miss you Rodney

David Taylor : Rodney is so cool

Epok97 : What with these dislikes? You Uncultured Swine.

Jordan Rios : Sweatin' bullets.

cpnhowdy : I love Johnny's jacket, that rocks

Distant light : When comedy had class!

Glen M : Laugh out loud, Rodney was awesome.

Apocyl Doomer : Most of his humor is from real time life experiences, his Mother was an ahole and his Father was a bum, just watch Rodney talking about his family, he was an aluminum siding salesman until,his late 40's when he started his comedic routine, whenever I am in a bad mood, I just watch Rodney and he lifts my spirits, like the Bourbon I am drinking, haha. His childhood was not easy, just like mine but he was tough and pulled thru just like I did, life is a bitch sometimes, it's all good. RIP Rodney, you were the greatest!!

Viva Freedom : What was his joke at 4:46? I couldn’t catch all the words!

Glenn Hoddle : Rodney adjusted his tie 777 times......

toby semler : "I don't know, kid. There's so many places they could hide." First time I've ever seen Dangerfield doing stand-up. I didn't know what all the fuss was about. Now I do. Thanks so much for uploading. This is SO good!

Martin Hightower : 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻