Carson Can’t Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfield’s Non-Stop One-Liners (1974)

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LanceCampeau : Finally.... he's getting some respect.

EMONEY : Cocaine is a powerful drug. He cant stop moving

Swaggmire215 : He said i told my therapist i have suicidal tendencies he told him u have to pay in advance💀💀💀 dog

Arnz- Creicher : Proof that you don't have to be vulgar to be funny. CLASS!

Jason Bean : 44 years, both are gone, but humor remains.:)

Ken A : I miss quality comedians like him and Carson. Today, the late night shows are full of scumbags and worthless entertainers.

Gregory Hall : There are no more jokes; Rodney used them all!

Nova 2006 : The doctor slapped me and the nurse got a few hits in too. Funny as hell

Resident_Savage : What a lot of people don't know about Rodney, is that he was very insecure. and he suffered from depression and he dealt with it on stage. but one thing for sure there will never be another comic like him. he will be missed always greatly.

Tyrone Shoelaces : The coke in '74 must have been FIRE.

Kilo Cam : At 6:50 is my favorite part and this is why. He says “it’s a peculiar thought to see your son peeing with his leg up” then looks over to the two blondes and says “no offense” he called both of them bitches and it went over almost everyone’s head.

Honest Person : I don't care what anyone say, Rodney Dangerfield was one of the greatest comedians of all time!

Mike Baxter : He's the absolute master of timing and delivery.

Rob Burns : Look at them cocaine sweats. What a hero

Jack Jackson : "Siskel and Ebert saw my movie. They both gave me 1 finger up".

xs10tl1 : And now we have beta-boy propagandists kimmell, fallon and colbert.

David Mohr : He was so awesome in Caddy Shack still one of the funniest movies ever :-)

Ceo founder : Rodney Dangerfield was comedy awesomeness! Most hilarious one-liners without profanities nor racism. Pure comedic genius! God bless his soul. Lots of laughs in heaven!

Dr. Zoidberg : He never did loosen that tie.

Ty Kellerman : 446 thumbs down I wouldn’t want to meet those people no sense of humour

OneButton Dash : LOL that first joke applies even more today!

Jef Rey : I saw him perform at the Flamingo in Vegas around 1983ish. I know, I am old, but he was the best stand up comic I have ever seen and I have seen him, eddie murphy, Red Foxx, and George Carlin. Vegas was so much fun to live in back in the late 60s- mid 80s. Now it is just too much. I haven't been back to vegas in a few decades and dont want to. When it was mob owned it was far classier and they took care of customers so much better!

wil Dominion : The coke twitch... the 70s

4640jds : The other night there was a fire in my house. The kids were running around screaming. My wife said, “be quiet kids, you’ll wake your dad.” No respect.

crushingalldeceivers : When comedy was funny, when it wasn't about leftist agendas.

Gabriel Johannson : Rodney Dangerfield's eyes just make me laugh. Thanks for posting.

Gravis Munchnick : What he lacked in respect, he more than make up for in TALENT, because nobody will ever "do" Rodney, better than Rodney.

Jordan Little : 1974 and it's still funnier than anything Seth MacFarlane ever made, ever! EVER!

pschroeter1 : "My wife's cooking is so bad the flies got together and fixed the hole in the screen door."

Rhoan Campbell : A lot of comedias still not as good as this man😂😂😂

Damon 2A : Back when entertainment was just that and not political hate speech by a bunch of self proclaimed elitist that hate America.

doctorhugo : I saw him once at his old club over on the east side on Second Avenue in NYC. I was laughin' so damn much I thought I'd actually wet myself. Live, in his own place, he shot the lines out so quickly that you had to pay close attention. If you got half-bombed before he took the stage, fuggetaboutit! Seemed to me that many of the men patrons were .reacting like me and gagging on their drinks when his punchlines were delivered. The guy was a "piece of work" as we used to say. RIP Rodney

Jim Brown : I believe that all comics should start with a tribute to St. Rodney. Tell your best Rodney joke in your best Rodney voice.

NumptyDumpty : I'm sorry, I couldn't hear most of the jokes over Carson's jacket.

Deranged Tony Danza Zombie Clown Army : He’s outta his mind coked up

Greg Walker : Bernie Mac stole a lot of mannerisms and style from Rodney.

Gauss24 : besides the fact this guy is crazy funny, who is the beautiful blonde chick on the end, man she's gorgeous?

Christian Morlan : I’m fairly young (30yo) but I will tell anyone that today’s comedy and entertainment is crap compared to what it used to be. I love Jimmy Fallon but watching these old clips of Johnny makes me wish I was born a very long time ago.

Prototheria : I never realized how much 1974 Johnny Carson looks like 2001 George W. Bush.

Jimmy Watt : Today, any of these jokes would result in the end of a career, and shaming.

HardRockMiner : These days you're not allowed to tell the difference between boys and girls.

Charles Agnello : What the hell happened over the last 30 years? From Johnny Carson to a schmuck like Jimmy Kimmel. Sad.

Rick Jasper : Dangerfield was one of the greats! But it just occurred to me that I do believe that him touching his tie constantly was a nervous tick.

Chris Long : I checked into a hotel and tell the bellhop to grab the bag, he starts feeling up my wife!!! No respect at all!

Darkswordz : He gets no respect.

Ken B : When late night was king with one of the all time greatest comic geniuses ever. Now the comics aren’t funny and late night sucks.

Jimbo Morrison : Rodney always made me laugh! He was a good actor also.

Dan Vetor : Carson will remain the legendary host he was. The best comedians are gone too. Johnathon Winters, Rodney Dangerfield, Robin Williams. They were nonstopable.

Donald Denton : Eleven minutes, no profanity, no putdowns of anyone else. Real humor that keeps the crowd and Carson in stitches.

collins jones : The coke is strong with this one