Carson Can’t Keep Up with Rodney Dangerfield’s Non-Stop One-Liners (1974)

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Jason Bean : 44 years, both are gone, but humor remains.:)

H-Town Swangin-N-Bangin Andrew : I swear legends like him are underrated!!

Set Qesu : Rodney, the king!

oxKnightxo OW : Rodney one of The greatest.

Jim Brown : I believe that all comics should start with a tribute to St. Rodney. Tell your best Rodney joke in your best Rodney voice.

LanceCampeau : Finally.... he's getting some respect.

Ty Kellerman : 446 thumbs down I wouldn’t want to meet those people no sense of humour

santanawhite : This man was a national treasure

Tyrone Shoelaces : The coke in '74 must have been FIRE.

Avalon Justin : That self-depreciating humor he had just resonates with people. He knew the human condition and encouraged us to find the humor in it. A true legend of comedy!

4640jds : The other night there was a fire in my house. The kids were running around screaming. My wife said, “be quiet kids, you’ll wake your dad.” No respect.

Leon Taylor : not one curse word. WHAT A CLASSY GUY! I MISS HIM.

J McClain : Who are the 255 idiots who don't find this funny?

Gene Burnett : Johnny always knew when to lay back and play straight man. You gotta let Rodney roll and he knew it. RIP both of them.

Erik Hertzer : The twitching, the sweating and face wiping...classic Rodney

Gabriel Johannson : Rodney Dangerfield's eyes just make me laugh. Thanks for posting.

Gauss24 : besides the fact this guy is crazy funny, who is the beautiful blonde chick on the end, man she's gorgeous?

Ken A : I miss quality comedians like him and Carson. Today, the late night shows are full of scumbags and worthless entertainers.

George Vreeland Hill : Rodney Dangerfield ... The best comic ever.

Poon Hunter Since 83 : FCKIN NON STOP HAYMAKERS!!! That's why the man is a LEGEND

Arnz- Creicher : Proof that you don't have to be vulgar to be funny. CLASS!

uoqɐɹ uoslǝu ǝʌǝʇs : Watching him makes me wonder if Andrew Dice Clay was related to him.

ohlea : He seems more satisfied making Johnny Carson laugh, rather than making the crowd laugh. lol.

Jordan Little : 1974 and it's still funnier than anything Seth MacFarlane ever made, ever! EVER!

Kawy Thowy : Gotta love Rodney.

Ray : He’s sweating from all the Coke & Alcohol

Greg Walker : Bernie Mac stole a lot of mannerisms and style from Rodney.

Dr. Zoidberg : He never did loosen that tie.

Tyler H : as a youngster I never got to witness Rodney in his prime.. but my God is this amazing. no comedian today comes close to his level of improvisation and quick witted comebacks

Dan Taylor : Humor without the need for a “boost” with curse words. Awesome!

Darkswordz : He gets no respect.

Chairman Meow : He was one of a kind for sure. A treasure sorely missed

B Caldwell : Rodney was straight tripping when Carson called him over. A rare privilege and on this night Rodney got some.... RESPECT! Johnny Carson was a real class act to the right guys. "Growing them" Simply amazing!

xs10tl1 : And now we have beta-boy propagandists kimmell, fallon and colbert.

David Mohr : He was so awesome in Caddy Shack still one of the funniest movies ever :-)

Gregory Hall : There are no more jokes; Rodney used them all!

Jimbo Morrison : Rodney always made me laugh! He was a good actor also.

SuperJumpReviews : I love the way he walks out, fixes his tie, does a hand gesture, etc. For lack of a better word, it just looks so cool and smooth.

Buskieboy : "....when I was born the doctor smacked me? I found out the nurse got a few in too!" About Las Vegas: "Last time I was there I met a lovely girl, her name was Valerie Dubois. Lovely girl, Valerie Dubois, in fact she told me to call her VD for short!" Priceless!

Resident_Savage : What a lot of people don't know about Rodney, is that he was very insecure. and he suffered from depression and he dealt with it on stage. but one thing for sure there will never be another comic like him. he will be missed always greatly.

Charles Agnello : What the hell happened over the last 30 years? From Johnny Carson to a schmuck like Jimmy Kimmel. Sad.

SixSentSoldiers : Oh the good old days. Carson was such a comfort zone. Every night...Carson Show. He made fun of all political figures. Not to much, not to little. Things are just fucked now a days.

Damon 2A : Back when entertainment was just that and not political hate speech by a bunch of self proclaimed elitist that hate America.


Mike Baxter : He's the absolute master of timing and delivery.

Eddy Breton : Anyone else see that fine lady on left at 2:51? +_-

shafta99 : when i was born the doctor smacked me. the nurse, she got a few in too, lmaoooo

Zbriu : No respect

Matt Holt : Pure genuis, but now we have SJW'S and PC culture for comedy, seriously it's not funny. People crying during the opening monologue, comics who do late night and their writers getting all the jokes from the CIA, CFR, TRILATERAL COMMISION AND THE NEW WAVE OF COMMUNIST PARTIES..... Seriously ..... Comedy is dead

crushingalldeceivers : When comedy was funny, when it wasn't about leftist agendas.