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www.GPcarAudio.com : Paint it back stock, Slap an uber sign on it and get to work. (Dont forget the hidden cameras)

Rich Farfugnuven : How much fun would you have pulling up next to Ferraris or corvettes and just blowing their doors off. Too funny. Ultimate sleeper.

LexusReyes : Prius is very aerodynamic...

Peter Davidson : So why is everyone trying to rip out 10lbs worth of weight and then have a 300lb dude jump behind wheel. This has always confused me. Why not find an 80lb driver like they do in horse racing.

Wabefuhon : You've created the Ultra Sleeper.

GtaMaster : Is Trump riding shotgun in the beginning?

Mark G : Paint it white and hit the streets!

zroreaper : but does it still get 50 miles per gallon lol

Soft Raccoon : is that stock

GearJammer : Too funny watching a Prius blow away other cars. Bad ass!

Ben Reid : Too wierd, its like watching a 90 yr old box and knock everyone out

Eastwood007x : He made it look pretty stupid but I like that horsepower.

Ricer Garage : If that blue challenger was a hellcat, I bet he was thinking, "how'd the hell did I just lose to a Prius if we have the same engine??!" Umm I believe weight may be the answer lol.

James Golen : 1:17, trust me

Cassette Walkman : What's with the music over the engines?

Matt Grizzle : But it's still a Prius... 😕

Jared Bryan : I have a Prius, and still think this is hilarious :D that's an impressive swap you guys did

EvHexRC 1 : All we need now, is a diesel Prius!

Ravioli Ravioli Give me the Formuoli : 26 people are environmentalists

android 95203 : You should name it the contradiction

Rubicon 4x4er : That's the way the prius should have sounded

just saying : Why won't you show trumps face, you should be proud to have him as our president...

Luis Alvarez : That magnum tho🔥

Ryan McKee : Imagine what the charger/challenger hellcat/demon could do if it wasn't a 4400-4600 lb pig. Dodge should be ashamed. There's absolutely no reason that a 2 door coupe should weigh as much as a body on frame 4Runner

demogorilla : That's very impressive get a painter to paint it not a 4 year old refrigerator art lol would love to see in person

james0611847 : Does it use regenerative braking at the end of it's run?

Brandon Russell : I drive a Prius daily and have a muscle car for the weekends. I love this video

shawn h. : Nice launch on that last pass!

Jason Wong : Do a 2jz Prius!

Rocky Dennis MVP : Should have painted pink with kittens all over it.

D.A.P Tuning : Nice nick, you shoulda put a 3UR in it, but either way, love you guys. ARH all the way

Terence Johnson : I’ve never ever seen a 4 cylinder car go so fast! 😮😮😮😮😮👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Martin Mendiola : This is like the only prius I would ever get in lol

Timothy Pavlidis : 🎶deadly combination🎶

1spunkymonkey2 : This is THE ONLY Prius I would ever drive. Sick build.

Richard Jones : Pretty impressive run/numbers without even power shifting. Nice work my friend.

John Sigler : I just can't get behind a Prius no matter what is done to it

Brandon Kelly : We all love our dodge chally's, chargers, and or anything with a Srt bag!😎😎😎 But why hasn't dodge just look how much faster it could be with just having a lighter platform. By no means am I suggesting any of the existing models because we like our big boi's! But something new with a 1000lbs lighter. Maybe a viper come back with hellcat power. Or something all new together. And last but not least stop being stingy with the Awd only being limited to the jeep or v6 chally!

Zilla04 : That was amazing 👍👍

potatocubes 30875 : D'you know what i like more than a hellcat prius? A car that has a character rather than saves the environments...

mike gager : why would broken valve springs be a concern on a stock hellcat motor?

Sean O : I have a Prius. It sounds like a sewing machine.

Juan F : Putting anything American on one of the ugliest imports is just sacrilegious

Nuce : Just saying "prius" makes me feel gay

Natalie Deyton : If y’all ever get a chance to see this car run it was amazing!!!!! Great guy to talk with and the car hauls ass. Well done 👍

davidsirmons : Prius weighs 3000lbs curb weight. The big battery is 300lbs. The original engine is likely 380 or so. Swapping the stock engine/transmission for this setup, it's likely this car is only 3100lbs or around there.

Nick Filippides : This car was built to make Tesla's irrelevant. Period, paragraph.

Nick Filippides : Please share this video where you can. There's literally millions that would enjoy seeing the PriuSRT8 in action. Thanks.

H&G HQ : its not prius srt 8 its priusrt8

America: Bumper to Bumper : I'm trying to convince my daughter to do this with her Prius, But I don't see it happening.