Spongebob Squarepants in China full episode

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Yoshimaniac : I remember showing this to my class in 1st grade and getting in trouble. Good times.

Lo Vincent : When you grow up and understand the jokes in this

John Motherfuckin' Coltrane : When I was a little kid, I remember watching this video and being scared by it because I was so weirded out because I didn't understand any of it.

Doodle Toons is my life : Only true YouTube OG's remember this :')

Katie Logue : Now that I’m no longer 7 and actually understand the political jokes this video is so much funnier

Melanie Salas : Back when I was like 6 I thought this actually aired in china

Weston Sutherland : when i was young, i never understood the things in this video, years and years later, i now understand

Chris Kogos : oh the memories

Kugee : With BoomChicago's official upload of this video having been struck down by Viacom at a time like this, we now see how stealing works of parody benefits the entire YouTube community.

oovoo javer : I just realized now after 5 years that this was fake

Random Commenter : Stealing videos is only good when the original is taken down... This time it’s good.

gumballguy34 : i rated 5 stars give me iphone please

Nathan Dumesnil : More like SpongeBob in North Korea

UserMCSkull FormerlyknownasPowerofL : I used to think this was actually animated.


emerald : Isn’t more like north Korea

Killer Queen : What happened to the original video?

q q : I'm Chinese and me and my brother used to watch this everyday lol. We loved it

Rick Hoover : Good morning tanks Good morning great wall Good morning more tanks

John Doe : I frown upon the sjw comments. It's called satire. You could say and show more stuff back in the 2000s without having a bunch of wusses get offended.



Optic Allusion : I actually watched this video when it came out I was like 9 and I was confused I had made my way to this side of YouTube

Erica Pan : I swear this is so racist

M.O. : I don't even

Midnight Bat : I remember watching this when I was 7 and not understanding it at all and thinking this was actually real

Lin Edison : i think my brother will laugh later

Brileyplaysroblox : Patrick looks different

walkin91 : who watching this on lunar new year?

Kumori Cloud : matt chapman?

BROSS Gaming : I hate china

danica dc : I remember that i actually saw this on Netflix

Freezy Pop : 3 years ago I never got the jokes in here But now I can understand every joke and it’s hilarious

Kaden Rodgers : Copied

JangsterJ : you can see its just voiced over and Photoshopped badly

Obvious Troll. Yet you still got baited. Congrats : Quality 4:3 aesthetic.

LIBERTY PRIME : I think I was 10 when I first watched this. I looked up Chinese Google to see if it actually existed and typed 'ching chang chong' to see if any results would come up, and found a music video by that exact name, which is how I found out about Rucka Rucka Ali's music.

Dakota Stein : am i the only one who sees the humor in the fact that american flags are made in china?

Eatenribs : People may get angry but. Is the truth. You do not want to live in China.

Red : ei ei

no reason. : This is for Adult


ToyotaMan1992 : I only watched this when I was a kid because it was funny when spongebob became wider and scared when the military guy got mad, but you grow up watch it again and understand this 8 year old video

LifeWithGrace : MORE than WORSE :C

• Kylie Kyz • : Omg.....um.......I have no word's

jeramiah ellerbe : What????????????

ItzPretzel : Good morning tanks, good morning Great Wall, good morning more tanks ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

LifeWithGrace : this is worse that the real one

jeramiah ellerbe : When u see this when u r 7 😃😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮???????

Krip gaming : 2018?