Live Mix Session with Jay Z/Beyoncé Engineer DJ Swivel

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Amrut Katigar : how many times dj svivel is coming to full sail university ??

babyumagic : this video should be seen by all those people who think Beyoncé is just an entertainer or a cute little face who can dance on stage. She is such a professional singer and a vocalist. People should recognize this from her.

John Joe Daly : If you are going to nudge and edit the live drums to be perfectly on time with the programmed drums ( and I understand the reasons, phase etc etc) why bother recording live drums at all? Does editing them down to the millisecond not defeat the whole purpose of having a live drummer play on the track in the first place?

TheRussianGenius : 8-12 layers of background vocals, I mean as long as it works I guess its fine.

Full Sail University : *Get an Exclusive Look at the Mixing of Beyonce's "I Care"* #Beyonce  

DutchPoetry : They mastered it after this. They had to. I only gonna say th word HIPASS

Kevin Campos : does anyone know if he mixes in stereo or mono? Thanks

Un Owen : Could you please let him finish talking and then ask.

Taylor Cope : 30:25, 31:17, 33:00, and 35:21

babyumagic : watching this makes me want to be a fly and secretly watch all Beyoncé's studio sessions. Am I the only one?

CHRISTI XX : Amazing vocals.

Cameron Bright : Why many pros use parametric eq over graphic eq?

owa sunday : very impressive lesson

Zar Yazachew : If your an engineer, Follow me on instagram @xarsworld and lets talk about working together.

Mr. Millions To billions : this sound so complex so complicated so difficult so hard to accomplish so there's no easy way to do this

Simo Love : You guys don't understand...when "4" came out, for a good year I could not get past this song "I Care." It was on repeat and I desperately wanted it to be a single. So to get to have this virtual master class with DJ Swivel is so astounding. Literally hearing those backgrounds and harmonies a capella made me feel like I had church for the day. I am so hungry. If there are any producers reading this and need a vocalist please hit me up. This is so inspiring, I feel like finally someone understands my obsession with this record.

Taye Ayers : That was my 1st vocal chain back in 2005. 737 into an 1176. Priceless!

JBIRD575 : Jeff bhasker is from my hometown in socorro new Mexico jbird575

Gil Orms : Pity we can't mute the guy with the mic. He keeps interrupting.

Jordan Williams : Oh wow, Ms Knowles did that!

88KeysMan : Great video! What does he mean by "spread"?

Cinco Sound : Lmao, "t dot t dot" haven't heard that term about Toronto since Drake first started the "6"

Marvillous Beats : OMG her mimicking the guitar solo at 30:00 floored me bruh

JBIRD575 : great video

Herbie Hancock : Got the chance to record a session for a female vocalist at Universal Music Publishing in Fulham... They also used an Avalon 737 and I was hand automation the gain input just like he mentioned at 27:40

ashrick718 : My favorite part is the entire bridge.. From 34:00 and the way she mimicked the guitar

Nikora #CantRememberWhoYouAre : BBC (BigBlackCock)

Tyrone Adams : "The vocal is always on point! She never uses autotune!" #beyhivecomfirmed

The Byrd : If I had a nickel for every good question...

Jeffrey Dorval : 3:27 Can't take black people no where man lmao

vernon d german : never mixed dilla......

Aaron A. Dubz Person : Beyonce is the TRUTH!!!!

Fresh : do u eq vocals????? lmao man ur blessed to be around literally a top dog in the industry and i hear that wow

The sweet Chris : Working with Beyoncé must be such a huge thing ! She knows what she wants and knows how to do it ! those harmonies are amazing ! Working with this kind of vocals with a big artist today is difficult !

Diana Riverjackson : People who say :Beyoncé can´t sing ...

jsk8et : Peter Gabriel

Saginaw Medial : Bro I dnt want hear about Beyonce, focus on explaining the mixing my dawg

Brian Keefe : the interviewer, what an ass

19Luke89 : "Vocal that mimics a guitar solo, I've never heard that before" This is obviously someone that's never listened to Jimi Hendrix that did this in the 60s doing both at the same time lol

Honey Bey : Mannnn her vocals can send me straight to heaven lol and I love the ending. ""Awe I was finna ask about Beyonce" lol

MHS Records : this s1 imager doesnt change the sound of mono?

borgtennis : "Somebody has the final call and with her (Beyoncé) it's usually not the producer" Ha ha ha priceless

TONAH : Host: "I think they writing down your settings" Swivel: "They can... is not going to help them" lol

E.Slick : Student: how is Beyonce so hot.  Guy with mic: "thats a good question"


Christian Zotta : If he were using Reaper he wouldn't have to wate all that time to get live drums aligned.

Eric Martin : 35:49 is crazyyyyyyyy!!

MG : 0:38

Jonny Gardner : THEM HARMONIES!!!

torontothegood : damn them vocals sound good!