Live Mix Session with Jay Z/Beyoncé Engineer DJ Swivel

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i. Am Hymn : Bey's vox guitar emulation on the bridge @ 30:25 is simply marvelous...WOW...good Lord she knocked it...GONE! George Benson typeness on a pop/gospel/grunge/operatic tip...well done! I dig Swiv's engineering techniques...good stuff here all throughout. Hymn

Cameron Phillips : I still can't believe that beyonce can get applause when she isnt even in the room! now THAT is what I call a true virtuoso vocalist

Keize Montoya : Great interview! Much better than the Rhiana session engineer. This have me confirmation I'm doing a lot of things right.

Tyrone Adams : "The vocal is always on point! She never uses autotune!" #beyhivecomfirmed

Jeffrey Dorval : 3:27 Can't take black people no where man lmao

Jonny Gardner : THEM HARMONIES!!!

The sweet Chris : Working with Beyoncé must be such a huge thing ! She knows what she wants and knows how to do it ! those harmonies are amazing ! Working with this kind of vocals with a big artist today is difficult !

E.Slick : Student: how is Beyonce so hot.  Guy with mic: "thats a good question"


Nick Joyce : What a blessing from God running the sessions for Beyoncé. 

babyumagic : this video should be seen by all those people who think Beyoncé is just an entertainer or a cute little face who can dance on stage. She is such a professional singer and a vocalist. People should recognize this from her.

Quetta : Mannnn her vocals can send me straight to heaven lol and I love the ending. ""Awe I was finna ask about Beyonce" lol

Gredran : I like how he's like, "She's never using auto tune, never using Melodyne," Technology has made us lazy... She's frickin amazing and pure talent. We've lost that a little bit in this day in age. These hour long lectures with producers are excellent! Keep em going!

Great One : 35:56 - that was fire on both Beyoncé and the engineer's part.

Eric Martin : 35:49 is crazyyyyyyyy!!

DLPRVA : Good gosh dude what she did with that guitar solo was ssssssiiiiiiccccccckk

link11341 : Vocal Goddess!!!+ Her work ethic is amazing. She's a true legend.

Orange : Beyoncé is just amazing

Beuys Dorminvil : Those Harmonies!! lord have mercy. Those are straight from God

babyumagic : watching this makes me want to be a fly and secretly watch all Beyoncé's studio sessions. Am I the only one?

Mikal G. : That Countermelody @35:50 tho!!!

Jordan Williams : Oh wow, Ms Knowles did that!

borgtennis : "Somebody has the final call and with her (Beyoncé) it's usually not the producer" Ha ha ha priceless

ashrick718 : My favorite part is the entire bridge.. From 34:00 and the way she mimicked the guitar

BlackSaturnRecords : Every time I watch this I HAVE to go listen to "I Care"!! lol

BPM Supreme : great mix!!

CHRISTI XX : Amazing vocals.

19Luke89 : "Vocal that mimics a guitar solo, I've never heard that before" This is obviously someone that's never listened to Jimi Hendrix that did this in the 60s doing both at the same time lol

Marvillous Beats : OMG her mimicking the guitar solo at 30:00 floored me bruh

Da'Vaughn Ray : Lol That was me that was finna ask about Beyonce Sexy Self… LMAO  #FullSailU #MyFullSail

torontothegood : damn them vocals sound good!

Corleone CEO Beygency : Queen harmonies

JBarber3d : 49:56 - girl with the green glasses tryin' not to crack up 

Body Therepy : oh my god, that's a lot of background vocals. i used to be scared of doing too much. it doesn make sense not to pan the background vocals 100%. it irritates the ears. that guitar imitation is a bomb.  the background was a super mix but her lead vocal has too much echo and reverb on it, again it depends on the overall output of the project.

Jupiter209 : @25:07 "I don't really listen to jazz music..." Le sigh......

Mark Hanson : ''That's a good question''

Simo Love : You guys don't understand...when "4" came out, for a good year I could not get past this song "I Care." It was on repeat and I desperately wanted it to be a single. So to get to have this virtual master class with DJ Swivel is so astounding. Literally hearing those backgrounds and harmonies a capella made me feel like I had church for the day. I am so hungry. If there are any producers reading this and need a vocalist please hit me up. This is so inspiring, I feel like finally someone understands my obsession with this record.

R. Bruno : YAS, BEY!

benja303 : Learn your plugins kids 4-5 lead vocals and then comp -8 hours trying to find the right bass tone. my god. -he does alot of vocal volume automation on her vox -throw delays -4 part harmony with 4 different parts

Zeke Lopez : 49:56

JBarber3d : Come to think of it, what a misleading title this is...."Live Mix Session"??? Not even close...that's straight up click bait and I completely fell for it. That's messed up! You're better than that Full Sail....orrrrrr maybe not lol

Ricky Peace : I was there! Im loving this 

borgtennis : "I don't know if this is interresting" Dah !!!!! I could listen to this all day and do music after

hydrostudios611 : this is a GREAT video for taking notes on how to record a mix down r&b vocals

MONTIQUE WILLIS : killed that @ 30:11 

D.C. Bright : wtf is that 49:56

Antonio Jjohnson : Her background vocals are so complicated and they have this Arabic infused sound. She is brilliant

Ariel Egon : Check out this guy Raz Klinghoffer's mixes... Pretty loud and clear

goddamn zordan : he didnt listen pink floyd....

Youssef Mansour : if this guy mixed Beyonce - Halo would be a genius