The man behind the smallest V-12 engine in the world (English subtitles)

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Nthefastlane : Seem's Like a great guy with a incredible talent.. somebody give this man his dream and let him combine 4 engines to 2 shafts and then to a propeller like he said at the end.He was spot on how mechanics these days have ready parts and never care to examine why the part broke in the first place. "The greatest people are those you seldom hear about".

Chevy 454 : my dream is to meet this man and shake his hand

Alex Jones : Saddest words: I have plenty of projects, but i'm 72 and... but its too late now.. OH DAMMIT, will someone out there please go assist this Master Mechanic build that 4 motor transatlantic engine room please...

Simon Heaney : The human race has some gems ,you just watched one . Beautiful person

Dexxter : 6:04 this is a lovely still shot of a really nice guy.  I love this type of "good news" stories. Thanks for sharing.

jiggermast : What a very sad note to finish on, but WHAT an engineer! and a true gentle man! This world needs more like him!

Andra Utd : I can see tears behind his glass.... Deep sadness that he just try to hidding behind his smile....

Skreamies : End end is sad. Great man and a great talent at that! Someone needs to get him a transatlantic ship so he can build an engine room!

maverickthebastard : What a talented and lovely man. Bravo!!

peterson Florial : He is not too old. He's got time and he doesn't have to do it alone. Amazing work. This is a 1 in a million type of guy.


Wabefuhon : The number of true skilled people is dwindling. People who have a perfection talent that so few can truly be called masters of such professions. The market for such skills is very small, but the quality and length of use that these masters build will have a more lasting impression.

Moon Hitsearth : It's never too late. I bet you could design a great gold dredge, build it, and see it used. Or just scale it down to an engine room for a smaller boat. I like working on boats. For about $1000 you can get a cabin cruiser, take it out on the rough water, and you'll be right at home.

Scott Connors : haters need not apply,   beyond great, its the passion the PASSION i say, what a man!!!! my hero

Jeffrey Bottoms : Absolutely beautiful. That kind of craftsmanship is very rare indeed!

Milan Stefanovic : Great man, from some other planet. And, he should go for his dream. It's not late. My deepest respect.

Ssorc Werdna : I don't think these engines are running, I think they are being driven by compressed air

Bryan Geonzon : What I would do to be this man student for a year... 

Dave knaus : Simply amazing.

Thamir Ifthiqar : Reminded me of My Uncle.. Brought a tear and a load of memories now i know why he just didn't stop working on Old cars.. He always skipped meals didn't stop at anything, guess he just wanted to see it run. Love you loads and miss you. Thank you for this video.

dingdingdingdiiiiing : he's realistic about his situation, it's very unlikely someone will commission him for an ocean liner engine, but he enjoys his engineering the way a sculptor enjoys chiseling marble

Mikael Soltaniha : What really amazed me about the V12 is the vibration. For it to be that tiny, actually produce power and be so sturdy is just awesome

David Peralta : I have to disagree, as amazing as it is... It may be the smallest model, or replica of an engine. If it doesn´t generate its own power and motion it´s not an engine.

potorontono : I almost cried with the ending

James Parmenter : This guy is one in a million.A special person.Words can't describe him.

borjaevo : Una persona admirable.

william otto : And this is exactly the man I would want as an engine man at sea. Every thing he said is very true . He comes from a very different time .I wish I could of known his mentors

David Drake : Thank you for making another video of your smallest V-12 engine.I finally got to see it run. The other video froze. Wow no vibration! Congratulations I admire your skill patience and professionalism.

Carlos : He is spaniard what did you expect? the best¡

Benjamin Steinbach : This video broke my heart. Wish I could help him...

chfar072281 : You are a blessing to humanity Mr. Patelo.

Ricci Garduño : He is now one of my inspirations, I always wanted to be a mechanic since my childhood

Jojo Estanero : This guy is a genius and a wizard

SovereignSoul : Amazing gentleman. I would ask him to build the engine room of my trans-atlantic ship, when I buy one, after I win this week's 50 million dollar jackpot!

skidd0 : It's not too late. You can do it. Someone in spain with a passion like him, please find this genius and be his apprentice. Don't let this art die out.

CAPT captainvirk : I started watching this for the engineering aspect, but the man that makes the engines is the heart of this piece. I don't understand... Who would dislike this??

Joel M. Pasaraba : Amazing,,,,,, great talent & skill,GENIUS

Dennis Franz : I wish it   would run on fel instead  of compressed air. It is a work of art

Jersey Tom : Thank you for the English subtitles, great video.

Alejandro Torres : Masterpieces from a proper artist. Take a look at their eyes: passion about he does.

CyborgeBolt : This is a man who is a rarity among engineers. Nowadays people try to please each other, try to meet deadlines, try to make something this way because "It is efficient". Nobody designing cars (and I mean the guys up in the big leagues) thinks about what THEY want. They can't afford to do what they want. This is a man who did it for him and others with nothing about trying to sell something. It is an achievement that is supposed to define the human spirit in how the mechanical can be from our hands to physical being. Every part is his child. There are no numbers that bind these creations into mere constraints of the market. Sometimes we all forget amongst the hustle, the judgemental, the anxiety, that a car can be so much more than a method of locomotion. It is an art that is defined by the creator. A music only it can sing. A dance only it can make. A light only it can shine. A feeling only it can bring. We drive the car, but have we ever thought what drives us to do so?

lil walrus : Respect :)

melvin milton : pretty sure engine making it's all precisely automated by laser guided machines now, like a 3d printer, put in the plans and boom it does all the hard work 5000 times in like a week, heck now even machines do the planning and checking as they are more efficient. the machines have surpassed us, a sombre contemplation on the self-defeating nature of engineering

Samuel estrada : I have plenty of project, but I'm 72 .... but it's too late now. In the eyes of the Lord saw reflected the sadness of not fulfilling his dream , and feel that time is over.

Trevor Gross : I wish I had the passion this man had. He is so happy doing what he does, that's the way more people should be. And he's right, "fixing" things just isn't the same anymore. I wish I had a need for a transatlantic ship that I could ask him to build.

Miguel Canal : Por favor, agradezcanle de mi parte al señor José Manuel Hermo, sus creaciones son inspiradoras. ¿Saben si tiene alguna académia o alguna forma de contactarle? Ah, por cierto, su vídeo también estuvo genial. Saludos desde Colombia.

lautaro lombardi : No queda mas que felicitarle por la habilidad que tiene espero alguna ves llegar a ser habilidoso como usted, porque es un sueño llegar a igualar sus trabajo y espero llegar a hacer su sala de maquinas y sus proyectos de motores porque son espectaculares.

Josh Bailey : Not too old man!!! Someone give this man his dream..There is someone out there who can make money and at the same time give this man his dream of that I have no doubt. Truly skilled people like this should be exalted by human kind and put on a pedestal for kids to look up to.

Fred196407 : I would have liked to have known him. I can tell he's a Grand bloke. He'll keep his marbles to the very end bless him.

alex gelvez : señor quisiera aprender de usted toda esa sabiduría  es un genio