Warcraft (2016) - Lothar vs Blackhand Mak'gora [4K]

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I waited this film for decades... I cant say, that I'm satisfied. Can't say I'm dissapointed. It was a good show, but I was expecting a bit more, after so many years of waiting. But I'm glad that they made the movie. And I'm waiting for the next one! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0803096/ Credits goes to: Atlas Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment. Monetized by owner/s.


TheGuyWhoCantFly : Lothar riding away: "Phew I am so glad this zone allows flying"

Merik Malhads : I still think that Arthas's story really woulda been the best one to bring to normies.

beardyrage 92 : Activision is to Blizzard is what Guldan was to the Orcs

Eric Naylor : Lothar: *Brutally kills an orc warchief who's not only bigger and stronger but who's been enhanced by fel magic, and does so in mere seconds.* Orcs: ....I ain't even mad. That's impressive!

Alexander Jones : For a movie that is almost completely CGI, the CGI is pretty impressive

Derek J.R. : 2:40 kratos behind guldan

Citizen Wayne : Meanwhile in the Warhammer universe "Oi boyz, dat 'umie just krumped da boss! ZOG HIM, LADZ"

Thabooka : I thought it was super badass when the orcs gave hime warrior props

Da d : 0:40 *Quietly loots him*

Zhello : [3.Local Defense]: Dark Portal is Under Attack! [5.Global]: crithealsqt: Gold Pls it 4s mount! [5.Global]: orctastic: Anyone doing kara?

haoyang zhang : It was at that moment, Blackhand realized he forgot to equip a weapon, all his skill hotkeys are black lol.

AngryKhan : Leather armor, one handed weapon, 1 shot macro, finishing backstab. Yep, Lothar is definitely a rogue.

Andrei Musca : I have seen Ragnar Lothbrok kill an orc and i am not dissapointed

Spyrit2011 : When is Blizzard going to make a TV series of Warcraft, movies don't go deep enough into the lore.

SERVENT OF GOD, CREATOR OF LIFE : Ragnar Lothbrok vs Shrek

Exceed Studio : That moment when a tiny human kills an orc in pvp

yiledute : Ragnar will always be Ragnar

wrexx : I’m surprised movie bombed here. It could have been better in some aspects, but it sure as hell could have been a lot worse. Too bad we probably won’t see a sequel.

Robofist 05 : Imagine what a proto drake mount would do!!!

Exceed Studio : 3:26 when you let ur brother play and he cant beat a boss

Little Delicious : Why did a bare foot Jesus fly into battle on an armored griffin and mercilessly bushwhack a bunch of ripped green men?

darkranger116 : I'm really big on physics and anatomy of mythology and fantasy. And like what the actual fuck They made the Orcs the size of Tauren.. Why the hell did they do that..

Erdem K. : 3:18 HELLSCREAM !!!!

Sabitais Islam : 1:24 can we just appreciate how amazing the cgi is in this movie? blackhand looks soo REAL, its very uncanny valley, there are moments in the movie were the orc just seem like real life creatures, huge props to the guys at ILM and art department, for making such amazing looking visuals

DigitalVei : I can't find the ground slide in my keybinding option.

Navi ivaN : *Lothar - Edge* Grants invisibility and increases movement speed by 20% for 9 seconds & add xtra Damage

LesioJunior1 : Aaaand This is how Ragnar Lodbrog became an earl of kattegat

sinisterhomicide 36 : Is that ragnar lothbrok I'm seeing??????

Magnus K Larsson : Very cool film, tremendous potential, hope there is a sequel! :) Also I want to see Ragnar bang the Orc chick!!! :)

Johnny Utah : Esse filme é foda, gostei muito..

Dularr : I was hoping the sequel would have two storylines. The Paladins vs. the Death Knights. This a Thrall spartcus-like storyline.

Farmer Maggot : tbh, i liked the movie and I would like to watch a sequal if they make one.

Gabethefucker : No matter what anyone sais, I was really hyped to watch this movie, and when i finally saw it i was weeping of excitment. I think it is a pure masterpiece and very well executed.

Wade : That gryphon was like early WoW when you smacked the gryphon master.

Kesh Nightcore : Yeah cutting his balls

Scott Waldheim : 3:18 "Hey remember that Grom and Kargath are in this movie? We didn't till the end!"

Dev : Holy shit i never realized that was Ragnar!!

Hữu Phúc Đào : Is that ? The sword that can make it's owners invisible and bonus 150dmg.

Aniello Aprea : 0:54 wtf?! my griffin never did that shit, lol ..greatest game ever made ;)

Paulo Ricardo : 2:33 Gimli: that still only counts as one

macrons593 : These orcs, i Can respect, unlike the dumb dishonorable brutes they are in wow.

Cellistrae : Fun fact : even if he has been changed into a brainless monstruosity by Gul'Dan, Blackhand's sense of honor made him respect Lothar.

Alex Freetime : This movie deserved so much more recognition, I still hope they'll make a sequel.

Sebastian Rożkiewicz : When you bored of plundering and being Viking...

Kul Pink : Lothar needs to be nerfed.. That was a two crit hit stun combo kill, for the boss of the horde..

vikram Das : Chieftain offered a fair fight to Guldan,was killed and guldan walked away alive hahahahaha

Redknight li : For the longest time, I thought that was Shia Labeouf

Rildo Alves : Queria q fizesse o filme de continuação

macrons593 : They should've just sent like 15 gryphons against the orcs. Would've wiped them out within a day